Mr. Dock’s Colorado Quilt

You may remember, not so long ago, that my dear sweet husband made a quilt of his very own- his Commonwealth Quilt paying homage to his roots in Virginia.  His intention at the time was, I think, just to humor me, to give this old quilting deal a whirl, and so once he came upon an idea that he was excited about- patchwork in the shape of Virginia- he was off to the races. He rarely asked for help (really only when the machine came unthreaded), and plugging away with his plan at a record pace.

Well, his quilt turned out amazing, and he adores it, but I wasn’t sure if he’d made another. After all, he’d gone above and beyond by just making one quilt, right? He’d decided that was all the quilting he needed to do……until another idea struck.  Oh, sweet inspiration, you are a tricky trickster!  Yes, another idea hit- he wanted to make a patchwork Colorado flag.  This was his initial, and really only sketch.  Just a quick general shape, with a couple of scribbled dimensions, and then all of the sudden I started to find random piles of fabrics that I didn’t remember pulling.  I just love that he didn’t even ask my opinion on the fabrics, and that he really dug to find what he was looking for…some 1930s repro’s from a neat stack in the closet, a navy that I actually had tucked away up on the top shelf, practically out of view, and a whole lot of reds that I’d forgotten I even had.

Colorado Quilt 1

Then one day, I walked downstairs and came upon the project starting to take shape- cutting had begun.  I love the process that he instinctually came up with- cutting strips, of different lengths but all the same width- then stitching them end to end to make a super long strip, and then sub-cutting it into even lengths to create his rows.

Colorado Quilt 2

The next day, when I returned home from the grocery store, I walked in the door to find this progress had been made- 8 lovely strips had been cut and things were really starting to happen with this quilt!  After that, it wasn’t long at all- he was on a roll and had his background pieced, and the C foundation pieced and appliqued on within hours.  We were laughing about how quickly he got it done actually, compared to my painstakingly slow pace, and I’m certain I need to take lessons from him.  Typical guy quilting.  No agonizing over a design or debating over fabrics for hours.  No shoppping.  No talking about the plan, no dwelling on the plan, no asking anyone how they felt about it.  Nope.  Just grab the fabric, cut it, stitch it. BOOM!

Colorado Quilt 3

So here it is- standard flag size, and inevitably attracting the attention of the neighbors as we huddled around to photograph it on the fence.  People called out, “Love it, Amy!”, to which I replied- “Russell made it!”  I think they were stunned.  Now we are officially the crazy quilting family on the block.

Colorado Quilt 4

He’s thinking about asymmetrically bordering it with a crisp white, so that the quilt floats toward the bottom left of a large rectangular quilt…leaving oodles of negative space for some really fun quilting. I love how his first reaction after getting this stitched up was “Oooh, how should I quilt it?!?”

Colorado Quilt 5

Colorado Quilt 6

And there it is!  Quilt #2 for Mr. Dock.  He never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve asked him if there will be a 3rd and he said probably not, “because I don’t have any more ideas.”  Yeah, I’m pretty sure it won’t stay that way for long.  When the inspiration bug bites, there’s nothing you can do but stitch.


Before the First Leaf Falls

What can I say?  It’s summer, and I don’t think life has been any richer than it is right now.  So much glorious weather, glorious food, glorious play. Behind the scenes I’m a crazy woman, working day and night on something really exciting, really consuming, but right now on the main stage it’s still summer through and through.  And enjoying it with these little munchkins is objective #1.

In Full Swing 01

This summer seems to be an equal mixture of 2 types of days around here- 1) warm, sunny blue-skied days that demand burgers on the grill and icy margaritas, and 2) dark, stormy days that rain absolute buckets.  Tough to decide which I like more, but I’m pretty sure it’s the rainy days.  I don’t doubt that we’ve set a rainfall record this year, and as far as I’m concerned, the more, the better.  It has a way of feeding my soul.

In Full Swing 03

And is there anything better, on those blustery, rumbly days, than a good old fashioned puppet show?  I think not.  We enjoyed an especially fun one this week.

In Full Swing 05

In Full Swing 11

In Full Swing 13

In Full Swing 12

What else on a rainy day?  Why sew of course.  Rain pitter pattering on the leaves outside my sewing room window is nothing short of heavenly.  Unless of course, it means halting whatever treehouse decorating project is underway (that apparently involves slathering one’s self in school glue).  Then we’re inside again and there’s no shortage of things to do.

In Full Swing 10

In Full Swing 06

The kids are definitely growing like weeds, but you know who else is growing?  Ranger boy!  Our little fuzzball is practically a full grown pup now and it’s officially hard to remember life without him in it.

In Full Swing 08

In Full Swing 09

So here’s to summer.  Here’s to climbing and swinging, dancing and eating and growing.  May we soak in every precious moment of it before the first leaf falls.

In Full Swing 02


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