High Chair Heist

Woohoo!  The Dritz Mystery Box Challenge train is making a stop on my blog today!  My sweet friend, Jennifer, over at Ellison Lane is hosting a super fun week of challenges and giveaways to help our friends over at Dritz celebrate their fantastic new website, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Dritz Mystery Box Challenge Graphics

So…the challenge…Dritz sent me a big box filled with oodles of goodies to play with, and all I had to do was have fun and come up with a project that used at least 5 of the items.  Score!  Best challenge ever!  The box was absolutely packed with fabulous notions to work with, so I knew this challenge was going to be seriously fun.  (PS- If you’re drooling over this loot like I was, be sure to hop over to Jennifer’s blog for a chance to win your own Dritz Mystery Box full of awesomeness!  She’s giving away 3 of them!)

High Chair 05

SO, what did I make?  I’ve been wanting to tackle this project for pretty much a year now, and as soon as I heard about this challenge, I knew this was what I’d be making.  Didn’t matter if they sent me clips, clamps, needles or bleu cheese- I’M MAKING HIGHCHAIR COVERS IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!  (luckily they didn’t send bleu cheese, and my nose thanks them).  I was psyched to see tons of great items, perfect for the high chair cover I’ve been dreaming of.

High Chair 01

I love IKEA.  I really do.  And I love these IKEA BLÅMES highchairs- in fact, my twin toddler boys eat in them 3 times a day.  They’re sturdy and they match my kitchen, but something tells me that the person who designed them probably isn’t a parent…or at least a parent of twin toddler boys with exuberant eating habits.

High Chair 02

That’s right- these things leak food like water through a sieve.  Front, back, sides…doesn’t matter how you slice it- an enormous amount of food WILL end up on the floor, and the majority of that food is coming from inside the seat (not over the top of the tray).

What else do I love about them?  Well, for starters, the wood surface is about as easy to clean as white silk.  I wipe, I spray, I scrub, I scrape, and it still looks like it’s been through Iwo Jima.

High Chair 03

There’s no doubt about it- if I’m going to preserve any sliver of my sanity, these chairs need covers that eliminate the holes, and hide the horror that they’ve endured.  And as much as I wanted to shop my stash for some darling designer fabrics , I knew this puppy needed to be more durable than any quilting cotton could ever dream to be.  Towels.  Thick, sturdy, indestructible towels are just the ticket.

My plan?  Improvise.

Step 1:  Drape the towel over the chair.

High Chair 07

Step 2: Randomly start pinning things.

High Chair 08

3: Randomly start cutting things.

High Chair 10

High Chair 09

Step 4:  Serge. Sew.  Repeat.

Notice all of my fabulous Dritz products??  Ah!  My favorites were these awesome “Getta Grip” sewing clips!  These are going to come in handy for so many projects!  What else did I use?  The mat, the cutter, the elastic (yes, it was sparkly), the needles, and the Ezy-Pull Bodkin (ps- that’s your new nickname, BODKIN).

High Chair 11

Voila!  One totally improvised I-hope-I-can-replicate-it terry cloth high chair cover that I can shake out into the yard, and throw in the washing machine after a big messy meal!

High Chair 12

The leg holes are little elastic openings…no food shall pass!

High Chair 13

And there’s even a cute pocket on the back for bibs, utensils, toys, vodka…

High Chair 14

Now, on to make another before I forget how I made the first one!  If all goes smoothly, I’ll snap some pics and post a little tutorial for all you BLÅMES victims owners out there.

High Chair 15

And that’s it for my Dritz Mystery Challenge project!  I think it was a success, and my floors are already thanking me.  What will you make with all of your Dritz notions???  Don’t forget to hop on over to Ellison Lane to enter for a chance to win your own mystery box of goodies!


School House Dock

Top of the morning to ya!  Coming to you today from the Gibson School of ADVENTURE!  Yes, we’re up to our necks in learning, and having so much fun figuring out what school looks like for us.  We’re still in process, as I suspect we always will be, but right now it looks a lot like this…

Homeschool Update 07

The weather’s been great so we’ve been trying to take advantage of of it….snails, grasshoppers, cacti, oh my!  Seriously though- this terrarium has really seen it’s fair share of friends.

Homeschool Update 08

We’ve got curriculum piled to the sky, but I love the organic, spontaneous teaching moments most.  After this little nature hike, we decided to find out a little more about what we saw, and all of the sudden we’re learning what an index is and how to use it and figuring out how alphabetical order works.

Homeschool Update 09

Homeschool Update 11

Our little men are having fun too!  Quite the challenge keeping them busy while teaching the girls, but we’re making it work, thanks to Play-Doh, finger paint, and a brand new guest room turned toddler playroom that we’re just putting the finishing touches on this week.

Homeschool Update 04

Reading our textbooks and doing our worksheets is fun, but there’s nothing quite like deciding- you know what- let’s write a book about frogs.  Yup, I say we do it.

Homeschool Update 01

Homeschool Update 02

We have our math, our language arts, our history, our geography…but how fun is art class at home??  Who knew?  I spent so much time researching core subject curriculum, but it wasn’t until we actually started our school year, that I discovered how much fun the other subjects would be.  For art, we’re following along with this dvd series called Atelier, and we’re learning all about lines, color, shape.  Maaaaaybe I’m taking notes too. :)

Homeschool Update 10

The other fun aspect that I didn’t anticipate, was how lovely it would be to see Dad teaching on his days home from work.  I take a back seat, hanging with the younger kids, and it’s indescribably special to see these two interact.  He’ll be explaining something…the hour hand vs. the minute hand, or adjectives…and all of the sudden- ding ding!  You can just see the light go on in her head and they’re both excited- it’s precious.

Homeschool Update 03
Homeschool Update 05
She read her first chapter from a real “chapter book” to him last week- very intense- and she might as well have been landing on the moon.  Capturing moments like this makes me forget all of my lesson planning stress and dried Play-Doh woes, and I remember why we decided to homeschool in the first place.

Homeschool Update 06


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