September Beyond the Block: BE…An Encourager

Be An Encourager

As I’ve said before, this series is a bit of a glimpse into the journey that I’m on- hopefully it may speak to your heart in some way wherever you are.  I’m always such a work in progress (and always will be), and it’s so interesting to me to see the ways that God teaches me, and reveals to me the things that I need to work on in myself.

A couple of months ago on my blog, I shared about our family’s choice to homeschool our 1st grader this year, and what an unbelievable response I’ve gotten to that post.  Even months after the post, folks continue to write me about it.  Most have been utterly encouraging- what support, what affirmation!  Even from people who admit that they wouldn’t necessarily make the same choice, or who don’t necessarily understand what homeschooling looks like, have still come out of the woodwork with encouragement for my husband and I follow our hearts, and to continue making choices that we feel are best for our family- even if they aren’t the most popular choice.  Simple words like “You’re a great mom.”, “Awesome job!”, “You can do it!” – what encouragement for any parent!

I did receive a few emails of a different nature as well.  I suppose I expected it.  The internet can have such a vast reach, that a mixed response was inevitable, but what a tangible effect that negativity can have.  I really had to work to tune it out and to keep my focus on what I know I am called to do for my family.  Just a couple of weeks ago I received a lengthy email from someone I’ve never met, but who reads my blog, and who decided to share with me that she “feels so sorry”  for my children, that I am “ruining them”, that I’m “a bad mother.”

I don’t share this with you to elicit sympathy or outrage.  I’m on solid ground and I know better.  I share this to make the point that our words matter.  And just because we may write them somewhat anonymously, hidden behind the glow of our screens, doesn’t mean they don’t have an impact that’s just as powerful as if we were standing face to face.  Our words can be seeds that plant deep in the hearts and minds of others.  Our words can lift someone up, and give them that hug or high five that they might just need that day.  They can be gifts- fuel in our tanks to help keep us going, day in and day out, or they can do the opposite.  Our words can tear someone down.  They can make someone feel immeasurable doubt, failure, judgement, confusion- and perhaps at just the time that they’re most vulnerable.  Our words can literally become that nagging voice in the back of someone’s mind, whispering lies of defeat and ruin.

I shared about this one particularly negative email with a friend, and she had some really great words for me.  She said, you know, we’re all in this, and we’re all trying to do what we think is best for our kids, wherever we are in our journey.  Perhaps this person had forgotten…parenting is HARD.  There’s no magical recipe, no easy 1-2-3 guide to perfect kids, and a perfect family.  There just isn’t.  We have to rely on our own judgement and faith, staying as true to those as we possibly can, in the hopes of raising children with solid core values, who make good choices, and who are a light in what is so often such a dark world.  It’s a huge, huge responsibility, and the deeper I am in it, the more I see just how much encouragement matters.  I need it.  You need it.  I think we all just need a little bit of a grace, a pat on the back, and some loving kindness.  We will make mistakes, and we will have triumphs, and we will inevitably make different choices from one another.  I don’t think they key lies in choosing the most high-tech sippy cups or sending our kids to the most expensive or highly ranked schools, but to just love them and do our best.

I’m feeling really convicted, and want to take this month to put more focus on the words that I’m sending out to others.  Goodness knows I have a mouth on me (my husband will attest to that!), so my prayer this month is that I might put a stronger filter on it.  Think first.  Speak second.  Before I write an email, before I send a text, before I say something, to consider a few things:

  • Will these words encourage this person?
  • Will these words show love?
  • Will these words set an example for my children?
  • Are these words that I’m proud of, and can stand behind?
  • Are these words likely to stir up joy, peace, strength?  Or the opposite?

I realise that you may not share my Christian faith, but please allow me to share a few scriptures that I think really get to the heart of this idea, and that I find inspiring and helpful:

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.  Ephesians 4:29

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.  Proverbs 12:25

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.  Philippians 4:8

praying hands
What a big challenge this month!  I’m excited to dive into this in my quiet time and to stay prayerful and open about how I can grow in this area.  I hope you’ll join me!  If you have a comment, idea, or story, please share it (um, as long as it’s encouraging- ha!).


On My Bookshelf: Imagine Quilts

A month of quilty goodness continues here on my blog, where I’m spotlighting some of the awesome new quilt books coming out right now.  Today I want to highlight a book called Imagine Quilts, by my good friend, Dana Bolyard.  Let’s take a look at a few of the fabulous quilts in this book, and don’t forget to enter the SWEET GIVEAWAY at the bottom of the post, for your chance to win a copy of Dana’s new book AND a big fat stack of Tula Pink’s new fabric line, Moon Shine!


This book features 11 quilts, all inspired by everyday things- a walk through the garden, a favorite whimsical shape, a tile design, or even something as simple as a zipper.  I really love that Dana played with this concept of everyday inspiration, because this is the predominant way that I design my quilts as well- by just keeping my eyes peeled to the world around me and noticing the shapes, the lines, and the colors of the little things I encounter every day.

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Patchwork Whale

I really love how Dana’s designs are so out of the box and varied- some of her quilts are block shaped, while others are very minimalistic with tons of negative space, like the Zip It! quilt and Three Wheeling quilts below.  Her creativity really gets my mind thinking about how limitless the possibilities really are!

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Three Wheeling

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Zip It!

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Princess Crowns

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Kite Strings

Arent’ these fun??  And there are 5 more great quilts included in the book as well.  So let’s have a little giveaway!  Dana is generously providing the lucky winner with an e-copy of her new book, as well as this fat stack of Tula Pink fabric, to celebrate this exciting new book.

Moon Shine Bundle Prize

To enter the giveaway, please answer the question in the giveaway box below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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