2014 Sugar Block Club Is Here!

I can hardly believe that  2013 is nearly at an end, and it’s already time to launch the 2014 Sugar Block Club!  In fact, I’ve SO enjoyed this year (and I hope you all have as well), that I’ve decided to keep many aspects of the club the same in the coming year, with just one exciting addition.

SBC 2014 Large Button

Just as with this year, 2014′s blocks will all be 12″ (finished), and will be kept a mystery.  I know some of you prefer to see your blocks before joining a quilt-along or a BOM, but I’ve decided that the mystery portion is just too much fun to mess with.  I LOVE to see the excitement and suspense each month…to me, this element is so much fun, so I’m going to keep going with that :)  The other element that I’ve decided not to change is the classic, traditionally-rooted design of the blocks.  Ya’ll (and you know I’m not even from the south!), I just love ‘em!  And I love that you can mix and match them, sprinkling in blocks as you like, so you can expect more pretty, refreshed, classic blocks.

SBC 2014 Flyer

2014 Join Button

And how about fabrics???  I know you guys are dying to hear about fabric!  I’ll be making my blocks from varied fabrics from my stash, so no more solids (I love you solids, but it’s time for a change)…however, I won’t be revealing my fabrics ahead of time (unlike this year).  Why?  2 reasons:  First and foremost, when I put a focus on the collection or specific fabrics that I’m using, I think it makes it more difficult for you to hear your own inner creative voice, and to select the fabrics that YOU love…it’s so easy to get swept up in what everyone ELSE is doing, and I want to do all I can to help us get out of that cycle.  The other reason is simply so that I have more freedom as well. I won’t be sticking with a single fabric collection this year, and I’m excited to throw in new prints that my suit my tastes, as the year progresses. So simmer on what fabrics YOU want to use, and we’ll see what each other are stitching up as we go along. :)

Lastly, I want to share about an extra feature that has been on my heart, and that I am really, really excited about.  In 2014, yes, we’ll be stitching up fabulous quilt blocks and baking tasty desserts, but beyond that, we’ll also be digging a little deeper, and going “beyond the block” in a personal and empowering way. Each month, in conjunction with the blocks and recipes, I’ll be bringing some personal challenges….discussion starters, goal sparkers…to my blog.

It’s all about BE. Be a servant. Be silly. Be present. BE…. I’m excited to challenge us all, myself heavily included, to rethink our habits and perspectives, looking beyond the block, and sewing something amazing not only into our quilts, but into our homes and communities.


Yes, quilting has brought us together, and I’m eternally grateful for that, because I know that our growth and inspiration stretches way passed the eye of the needle.  Why not use this precious, and rare connection we all have with one another, this kindred spirit that we share over quilting, and tap into it in an even more powerful way?  I want more than a stack of beautiful quilts.  I want to be a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, a better neighbor, a better human being, and I want this year to be the year that I actually challenge myself in a real way, to make some changes toward that goal.  So I’m excited to share that journey with you, and hopefully offer you some encouragement and motivation to do the same.

Well, that’s just about it!  SO excited for this year!  Hope you’ll sign up, and grab a button!  Don’t forget to consider a subscription for a friend this Christmas as well.


  1. I’m signing right away !!! Having so much fun making blocks with you that I don’t want the fun to end !!! I will BE there in 2014 !!!

  2. Hi Amy. I am happy that I found your blog. I have made your BOM 2012 and it is done completely by me. I have enjoyed your lessons very much and learned a lot even as I am not a beginner at all.
    After made the blocks I have quilted them following Leah´s class and I am so happy with the outcome of the quilt. I have signed up for your Sugar Block Club, it seems so fun to join a mystery again. I have been busy participating in Sew We Quilt blog hops, very fun and I will continue with that, but there will be time playing with your blocks too, as I am retired and have lot of time to sew.
    I will try to spread the information of the Club to some of my quilting friends here in Sweden.
    Have a great weekend
    Britt-Inger in Malmö, Sweden

  3. Amy will we have the yardage for fabrics if we want to buy for the whole year’s worth of blocks in January? Thanks

    • Hi Kim-
      Yardage will be very similar to this year’s quilt- 1 1/2 yards of background fabric, and a minimum of 4 yards total of whatever prints you like (this doesn’t include sashing, borders, backing, or binding).

      hope this helps! :)


  4. Signed up. Excited already!
    I’ve enjoyed the 2013 club so much, and can’t wait to finish it. <3

  5. Theresa Clarke says:

    Me too! Looks like fun.

  6. Just signed up for it. Is it January yet?

  7. Yay! I signed up too! I am a bit nervous about the “mystery” part and you’re not even telling us what fabrics you’re choosing – yikes! And yet it sort of goes along with the “Be” theme, I think. Be more in the moment. Don’t worry so much about the end product. Be present. If we are mindful, it will come together beautifully. This is how I “quilt” my family too – Sorry for being a bit hokey- it happens to me especially at this time of the year.

    • Hi Dani! Thanks for your honesty about the mystery part. :) Think of it this way…your 2013 SBC quilt can serve as your preview since 2014′s blocks will be along be same vein- classic feel. As far as fabrics go, I’m not sharing these primarily because I’d rather folks choose whatever they want, instead of feeling pressured to use what I’m using. After all, we all want a unique quilt, yes? Just as the 2013 blocks work great in just about any fabrics, so next year’s will too. I hope this won’t be a source of fear for anyone, but rather more freedom! :) I’m going to be using favorites from my stash, and I hope you all will do the same! SO glad you’ll be joining in!!! xo

  8. I like your New Year’s addition. It is always good to get a positive reinforcement.

  9. Meghan Heslin says:

    I’m there! I’ve enjoyed SBC 2013 so much—-can’t wait to start the 2014 version! So excited!!!!

  10. Colette DeGroot says:

    Loved doing the 2013 SBOM that 2014 was just purchased for another year of fun! At least I think I did it right!

  11. Colette DeGroot says:

    Nope, I didn’t do it right. I purchased the 2013 (again) instead of the new 2014. Ugh…Amy, HELP!

  12. I am excited about the new year BOM. And I really think I need that extra little push to be something extra. Thanks Amy. I have had so much fun and have learned a lot this year.

  13. I am in! And excited! :-)

  14. Signed up, can’t wait. Sounds real fun.

  15. Deborah French says:

    Thanks for doing this again Amy – I cannot wait to get started!! I joined last year, and although I printed every pattern (and GREAT recipe) due to health reasons I didn’t get to participate. I am so looking forward to following along. I really enjoy your style of teaching.

  16. Jennifer Nunnery says:

    I’m signed on for another year!!! Very excited and now that I’m moved in to the new house with a “craft/sewing room” I have been very productive in trying to finish all my projects including SBC 2013. Looking forward to more fun with you Amy!!!

  17. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this and I’m happy to be making another quilt with you in 2014. But like another poster asked, will we get a complete yardage to purchase up front or will it be month by month? I’m not very good with matching colors or patterns and it’s better for me to make one trip to the quilt store and get professional help with shading and styles. This year’s will be a yellow & blue quilt of some type so purchasing a total number of fat quarters and background fabric up front will keep it all uniform – which I need. Winging it always turns into a disaster for me so I need structure for a happy outcome.

    • The yardage will be similar to that of this year’s sampler, as it will have the same number and size of blocks. 1 1/2 yards of your background, plus 4 yards total of a variety of focal fabrics- not including sashing, borders, backing, or binding.

  18. Brilliant Amy! I only started following your blog earlier this year and had missed so much I didn’t join. And so, I’m very excited to start this in the New Year :) All good wishes.

  19. Heck ya!!!!

  20. I’m just wondering if the blocks are pieced blocks? I don’t really want to do paper pieced blocks. thanks!

    • It definitely won’t revolve around a paper piecing theme, but I can’t gurantee that there won’t be any paper pieced elements throughout the course of the 12 blocks. :) Some have adopted the idea of subing in a different block if one comes up that they really just don’t want to make….which is one of the great things about classic samplers- they are so easy to customize.

      hope you’ll join in! xo

  21. I will be joining you for the 2014 BOM! I’ve so enjoyed the course and have learned sooooo much! I wouldn’t want to make a whole quilt with paper piecing (I don’t think) but I have actually enjoyed the challenge and the results of those blocks. I just now found your blog so have been going back and reading from the first of the year. Guess I was too busy the first of the year to explore and now I am retired and have the time!! I made your 2012 BOM and have almost finished the quilting with Leah Day. I’m very pleased and am anxious to see how this 2013 quilt will go together.

  22. I’m signed up and ready to go! Looking forward, Amy!

  23. Amy, I LOVE THIS!!! I’m so, so glad you’re doing the SBC again in 2014 and I LOVE that you’re keeping things the same and still giving us even more inspiration with the “Be” portion of the program. Great idea to get some people out of their comfort zone with fabric selection and keeping the mystery in it. I think it is important to develop one’s individual style when it comes to music, fashion, food and yes, quilt making. Quilts can be like fingerprints if we let them, unique to the Maker! So, congratulations on another year and I hope this wonderful thing called THE SUGAR BLOCK CLUB grows and grows. Let’s make beautiful things and learn in 2014! XOXO-Lady K

  24. Janet Green says:

    Well ssooo excited signed up as soon as I saw it!!!! Amy I am so looking forward to this again!!!!! I will be better about taking pictures this time. Great inspiration and even though I am probably WAY older than you I want to say thank you for taking the time to be a teacher not many have the patience.

  25. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m definitely in! :)

  26. Totally love the theme. Looking forward to a wonderful new year of quilting!

  27. Thank you, thank you! I signed up right away!! I can’t wait to spend the next year quilting with you!

  28. Nancy Altizer says:

    I am so excited you are doing another Sugar Block Club. I love the “BE” theme. One thing I learned from the Craftsy BOM club… is be brave. I never quilted modern themes with quilts before and it was so fun to just let go and be creative. It is just fabric, no harm, no foul. To just have fun jand let the creative juices flow. It is so freeing to let go of a little bit of control. I can’t wait to start in January!! :)

  29. Amy, I signed up on November 28, 2013 as soon as I was able to! I’m really excited to once again be a part of your Sugar Block Club like last year; however, I pray that my back holds up all year so I can stay caught up each month!!! You’re a great teacher, and I also can’t wait to hear about your new Craftsy Class you’ll be doing! I hope to be able to join it also!! Love ya, Teri

  30. Amy L Appleton says:

    OH yes sooo excited can’t wait I just love the fact you do all you do and still find time to be a loving caring mommy very inspiring. I have done the Craftys classes and your Sugar block as well never let down always a pleasure.

  31. Mary Pachter says:

    OK. what an I doing wrong? The only option I am getting to sign up for 2014 is the sign up for 2013. Where is the sign up option for 2014?

  32. Sign me up! :D Love it.

  33. Yipee!! I am excited to see a new sewing challenge from you. I look forward to the personal monthly challenge, as well.

  34. peggy toomey says:

    I just signed up, and I signed up for me and my friend who’s been helping me to learn more about quilting. Will I receive an email on how to give you her email address too? Or how does the friend get the BOM? Thank you and so excited about BE!

  35. I am joining up again!! I can wait to BE…..I am working on BEing the BEst I can BE!! It takes thought, determination, and definitely help from above….just like quilting!!

  36. This will be year two. I just love the blocks and recipes we received. The new addition sounds exciting. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with us. Have a blessed day, Hugs!

  37. Andrea Teal says:

    Is this good for beginning quilters?

    • Kathy Fair says:

      I had never even done a quilt block until I took Amy’s 2013 Sugar Block of the Month class. I learned so much. Yes, I had to take some out and re-sew to match up seams, but I think that is part of the process. I really enjoyed the class and seeing what fabrics everyone else was using. If something isn’t clear, the discussions on FLICKR were really helpful too. Just ask. Kathy

  38. Hi Amy, I just “stumbled” onto you through Pinterest.com! Please sign me up for the 2014 Sugar Block Club. Thank you!

  39. Thankyou for doing this Amy. I have joined up again. I am glad that you are keeping the mystery part. I am not a modern quilter & I think that had I seen all the 2013 blocks done in the solids I might not have joined but I have gone ahead & have enjoyed what I have done very much even if I have stuck to my favourite fabrics :) Sometimes you need to be forced out of the Box you inhabit !! for me that is paper piecing :) still hate it but giving it a good go Look forward to what 2014 brings Hope you & your family have a beautiful happy healthy Christmas . PS: the “being” part sounds interesting I think we could all do with looking outside our own little world

  40. Hi. I am going to sign up for this. I’ve never done a quilt along but I think I’m ready. How do we know how much fabric to buy? Do most people buy it all in the beginning or do you buy as you go along? Thanks Amy…I’ve made several things from your website. You are a great teacher! Love the blog. : )

  41. Hmm…I have the same question as Kathleen. How will we know how much fabric to buy? I’m really looking forward to trying a block club for the first time. I looked longingly at your postings last year and I’m glad to have a chance to try it this year!

  42. Trying to sign in for this along! This is my first and I look forward to 2014

  43. signing up now, thanks

  44. I’ve been looking for a BOM and was glad to find this one. It sounds like it will be fun…and interesting. I’m all signed up for 2014!!!

  45. How do I give this as a gift to a friend? When I click join it takes me straight to paypal. I have a cousin I would love to do this with! I’ve already signed up.

  46. I’ve been quilting for a very long time, but this is my very first BOM and my very first group quilting thing. Very excited. Can’t wait to begin.

  47. Will you still have the 2013 blocks and recipes on your blog? I was not able to complete last year’s blocks, but still want to copy them when my printer gets back in commission. Thankyou.

  48. Amy, I’ve signed up to join in the 2014 Sugar Block Club, but I had to use my husband’s PayPal account. How do I go about changing his email address to mine in your records so I am sure to receive all of your communication?

    I am SO looking forward to participating in this quilting activity! Thank you!!

    • Hi Jalene! Just pop me an email noting the email address you’d like me to use, and I’ll be sure to make the change. Cheers!! :)

  49. Well I think I’m going to be brave & sign up :) May not be able to keep up completely as I have Fibromyalgia which can and does ( :( ) put me out of commission at times but if the blocks stay accessible afterwards I should be ok – quite like the ‘mystery’ idea and definitely the ‘be’ theme – curious about which fabric I’ll use though ……

  50. So excited! I must have missed your original post…I was just flipping through blogs looking for a QAL to join now that the Sugar Block Club was over! So happy to hear you are doing it again this year! All signed up and ready to go!

  51. Hi Amy, if someone wants to gift a subscription to the 2014 SBC, how do we notify you of the email address of the person who should receive the subscription if the email address is not the same as the person giving the gift.

  52. Sandee [aka Fuzzy] says:

    Well the first block arrived what a surprise I didn’t realise your religious I was no longer am but that’s ok You asked for thought on Goal for 2014 …but first I really like the first block so refreshing after 2013 I use to ‘set goals’ never got to them then got defeated by setting them etc then gave up… then I found an article that said don’t set goals but use the system of them what I mean is for example ‘today im choosing to eat healthy drink water and go for a walk and do that instead of saying in 2014 im going to get healthy Even tho you end up in the same place ie get to the goal Im no longer defeated if I miss a day here and there Im not sure if you understand what I mean but no longer do I have the pressure of trying to attain the goal im just enjoying the trip to get there much easier if you’d like a copy of the article [its free to pass around] I can send it to you very interesting take on goal setting
    Thankyou for your great bom’s

  53. Jenna Demarest says:

    Signed up and could not be more excited!

  54. So a fat quarter bundle containing at least 20 fat quarters will be enough for the focus fabrics and then yardage for the background, sashing, borders etc.?
    Last year by the time I got the fabric, life got in the way and I couldn’t participate either. This year I want to get my fabric now and try to keep up, plus make last year’s blocks. I see that I am already behind as many of you already have your January block complete and posted.

  55. Sounds like fun! I just signed up!

  56. I just signed up for 2014 , i’m half way through the BOM 2012 on Craftsy and so, so love it! I am totally hooked thanks to you Amy, although quilting supplies are not easy to find here in France ! can’t wait to get my first e-mail block. I had tried English patchwork many years ago, gave up and was delighted to be told by my sister about rotary cutters, etc etc…. many £ and Eur spent so far this year on new stash and tools.

  57. Terri chichester says:

    Very excited I signed up a week ago and am waiting patiently for my first e-mail back! I went through the craftsy 2012 BOM and you were great energetic and fun to watch and sew along with.

  58. I love mystery block quilts, I joined on the 2014 page and paid. Hope I did it right.

  59. I am trying to log into the 2014 BOM, I joined but can’t seem to log in…help…thanks


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