Treasured Maps

What do you get when you pair quilting with fun educational materials?  Why, map quilts of course!

Quilt Maps 01

Isn’t it the best when God seems to drop a little extra manna on your plate?  A totally unexpected treat?  That’s what these fabulous map quilts were for us.  A dear and longtime follower of my blog, Karen, is a talented quilter with an impressive Etsy shop.  Karen emailed me to let me know she had a couple of map quilts she was wanting to put to good use and thought they’d find a good home with our family.  What an incredibly thoughtful gift!

Quilt Maps 02

What family wouldn’t love these fabulous quilts?!?  They are wonderful!  Perfect for a bedroom, playroom, schoolroom…I’d have big colorful maps on every wall if I could!  And the fact that these are quilted, so we can totally spread them out on the floor and crawl around on them while we look up where Grandma & Grandpa live…is just so stinking fun.  Karen, you have made our month (as you can tell from my exuberant preschooler’s face during our photo session)!

Quilt Maps 04

Quilt Maps 03

Ahh!  And a world map!  Isn’t this just so perfect for a homeschooling family, or really any family with kiddos?

Quilt Maps 05

Karen quilted these whole-top map panels with a gorgeous meandering stitch, and bound them with pretty piped bindings.

Quilt Maps 06

Quilt Maps 07

And handy sleeves for hanging!  Ah!  I’m just so thrilled to have received these fabulous quilts, and I know we’ll get so much use from them through our schooling adventures.  Want a map quilt of your own?  Looks like Karen has more of them in her darling Etsy shop, pearl25, along with loads of other stunning quilts.  Definitely pop over to give her shop a browse, and snag one of these fun quilts for your own little learners!

Quilt Maps 08

Now, the quilts were enough, truly, to blow my mind.  So generous and thoughtful of this sweet friend to have thought of our family, but she didn’t stop there.  No, another box arrived…a heavy box…that absolutely took this wonderful gift to the next level of awesome.  If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you might have noticed that I really have a deep-rooted love for all things vintage- quilts, decor, toys, and yes, BOOKS!  Well, as it turns out, Karen had a whole load of vintage children’s books that she wanted to pass to a loving home….sweet manna from heaven!

Quilt Maps 09

Quilt Maps 10

There are no words to describe how much these stacks of old books bring joy to my soul.  I was such a bookworm as a child…nose always in a book.  And these were the types of books that filled the shelves of the big old bookcase in the hallway outside our rooms as children.  We’d lay on our stomachs in the hallway on hot summer nights to cool off under the big attic fan, and pour over stacks and stacks of books for hours…always falling asleep amidst the pages of a National Geographic animal encyclopedia or beloved Richard Scarry picture book.  These were the books of my childhood, so to receive a gift like this, that I know my children will enjoy for years and years to come, is just, well, delightful.

Quilt Maps 11

Quilt Maps 12

Karen, I’m so incredibly grateful!  Thank you for blessing our family with your generosity.  We will most definitely put these precious goodies to good use!

That’s all for now!  I’ll be back later this week to share more about how our first year of homeschooling has been going, and I also have a big fat giveaway to share!  Until next time…


Little Lady Liberty Blog Hop

Sew Pretty banner

When Alice Caroline emailed me to ask if my girls and I might be interested in taking a peek at her new book, Sew Pretty for Little Girls, I knew these projects would be right up our alley, but I had no idea, until I received a copy of this beautiful book, just how very much we would LOVE it!  So I was so thrilled when she asked if I’d participate in the Little Lady Liberty blog hop to launch the book…I feel like this book was written just for us!

Little Lady Liberty 01

Featuring Liberty of London art fabrics?????  Um, yes please!  These sweet, simple projects are just so lovely and vintage-feeling.  I really did fall in love, and decided to let my girls browse the book and each pick out 3 favorite projects to add to our gotta-make-it list.  Here’s what they had to say…

Nora’s #1)  She was instantly taken by this sweet little doll quilt!  So classic and just plain pretty.  I don’t blame her.

Little Lady Liberty 08

Nora’s #2:  Rosie Floor Cushion.  How fun is this?  My girl loves the idea of a big, fat sitting pillow for her room.

Little Lady Liberty 07

Little Lady Liberty 05

Nora’s #3) The butterfly wall decals.  The little Miss wants a whole room of these, and I think it would be a lovely sight.

Little Lady Liberty 06

Char’s #1)  This Libby Ra-ra Skirt is SO our style.  I know both girls would wear this literally everywhere (and I mean, everywhere), so it was no shock when Char told me this was her top pick.


Little Lady Liberty 02

Char’s #2)  She surprised me with choosing this simple, fresh duvet and sham combo.  Very functional and lovely!  I must say, good taste, M’lady!

Little Lady Liberty 03

Char’s #3)  I love how she insisted throughout our entire browse, FOR SURE the scrunchies (even though she has very thin, very short hair that couldn’t hold a scrunchie if it’s life depended on it…awww, little sweetie.  We can dream).  So yes, we must include these scrunchies on the bottom right!
Little Lady Liberty 04
20 projects in all- these were just a few of our favs.  And all 20 of them are sweet and simple…nothing complicated or fussy…perfect projects for my little ladies and I to work on together.  Will definitely post pics when we get some of this cuteness stitched up!

Thanks for stopping by- what a treat to share about Alice’s new book with you!  I hope you’re feeling as inspired as we are!  You can purchase a print copy of the book here, or an e-version here.


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