A Happy Quilt Finish!

WARNING:  You are about to enter an excessive downpour of quilt n’ kiddie pics!  I won’t apologize- scroll at your own risk. :)

I finally finished my impulse, thought-I’d-make-it-in-a-weekend HST quilt that ended up taking way too many monthes to wrap up.  I know!!!  When Denyse Schmidt’s line, Shelburne Falls, came out early this year, I fell head over heels into fabric heaven, ran out and immediately bought up 3 yummy layer cakes.  No plan in mind- I just needed to hold it in my hands, cut it up, and start stitching IMMEDIATELY.  No time for a pattern, no complicated design, not a gift for anyone…just a quilt for me, for no reason other than I love to quilt and I want this fabric in my home.

Chicopee Quilt 01

And of course those are the quilts- the ones that have no deadline, no upcoming baby shower or wedding, no producer or editor asking me for updates- those are the ones that too often slip through the cracks and get pushed aside every time a more pressing project comes up.  But goodness, those are the ones that feed my soul!   The quilts that we’re so eager to stitch up, we don’t even have the patience to sketch or audition options- we just need to sit down and START SEWING.  So, I just started chain piecing some half square triangles, and this is what evolved.

Chicopee Quilt 06

Chicopee Quilt 05

Chicopee Quilt 04

Chicopee Quilt 03

Ooooooh, and the back!  I love the back!!!  Just a few leftover blocks, but it makes me so happy!

Chicopee Quilt 07

My talented friend, Denae, over at Plain Jane Quilting, quilted these dreeeeeamy, swirly feathers for me- squeeeeeee!  I think it adds so much softness to a very geometric quilt.  Thank you Denae!!!

Chicopee Quilt 08

And sometimes, quilt photo shoots turn into kid photo shoots…in fact, it’s pretty much a sure bet in this family!

Chicopee Quilt 02

Especially when we shoot at the park!

Chicopee Quilt 09

Chicopee Quilt 10

Chicopee Quilt 11
Chicopee Quilt 12

Chicopee Quilt 13

Here’s wishing you pure joy in whatever you’re creating today!



  1. Oh the cuteness! Love the peeks of your family in there. Thanks for sharing them and your quilt is lovely too my friend! xo

  2. Wow. Gorgeous.

    The quilt isn’t bad either. ;-)

  3. Kathy Fair says:

    Love the quilt and always enjoy the pictures of the kids.

  4. Very nice! What’s that fabric in the binding? I just bought some Shelburne Falls and I’m trying to figure out what to use for a background with it.

  5. linda-kaye says:

    Pure cuteness overload – lol – love the quilt too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Deanna Miller says:

    Your quilts always make me feel at home. I love your style and your fabric choices are always the best. Your children are growing up so quickly. What a gorgeous family and what a gorgeous and talented quilt artist.

  7. Comment from my 4-year-old, “Look at that cute little baby! He’s cute.”

    Comment from me: Look at that beautiful quilt! I love it.

  8. I’m going to do what you have done! Make something for myself, something simple! I love your idea and quilt! Thanks from down under Sydney, Australia!

  9. Susan Paxton says:

    Love the quilt Amy!! It looks so snuggly and warm. Your kids are the cutest!! Love the photo shoot!!

  10. Amy you said here what I think so often. I just want to grab out a couple of charms packs or a jelly roll and just make something. But then I remember the bags of projects under the table from the wonderful craftsy classes I have taken. Thank you for continuing to inspire us and for sharing your adorable family with us. Totally enjoyed.

  11. I just love your blog! What a beautiful family and sweet quilt. Baby fingers, swings and a quilt – you have it all :)

  12. Jo Ann R. says:

    Amy, this was the best birthday present I received today! Thank you so much for sharing. Love the fabric, it is just beautiful. Thank you again for making my birthday extra special. I love reading your posts. Jo Ann R.

  13. Linda J Wilson says:

    Oh, my gosh…..you have the most darling family! I love the quilt, too. Looking forward to finishing the SBC for 2013!

  14. Quilt? There was a quilt? After all that children cuteness, who could notice a quilt?!! No, seriously, the quilt is gorgeous! Love the quilting too. Did you do that as well? Amazing how you manage to get in time to quilt! You really are Wonder Woman! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the quilt!! and love your family shots!! Those are the best, candid shots when they are doing things that make them smile, and you see pure joy!! nothing better than that!! love the quilt picture with the kids and swings in the background, that was a great quilt shot! Because its all about family and love and memories, all sewn together!!!

  16. Beautiful! I love simple quilt designs with nice big pieces so the different fabrics can really shine. I’m “Pinning” this one!

  17. Laraine Zegoski says:

    So enjoy all your pics and what you do with your quilts.

  18. Love seeing your super cute kids pictures! Love that quilt. It’s huge. Need to make me one.

  19. What a quilt, was so enjoying the pictures of your beautiful kids. Just teasing, Yes, your quilt is stunning too!

  20. So, so adorable! And that quilt ain’t half bad either!! :)

  21. Love this quilt! And the binding is wonderful…What fabric is it!

  22. Heather Shore says:

    The kids are so cute! They make me smile. I can’t wait for Grandkids, but my kids are not ready for that yet. Love the Quilt!!

  23. Adorable quilt and kidos! How did the twins get so big already???

  24. Tracey Hallifax says:

    Love the quilt and your children are just beautiful, such cute smiles. I’m glad you get carried away with fabric too, I have 3 quilts on the go at the moment that were all going to be finished in a weekend ! cause I had the ideas and the fabric ! 4 months later they are still on-going projects, but I told myself its always good to have projects to hand, for whenever free time appears, hence why they are not finished ! But they WILL be . X

  25. ylmommyx4 says:

    I’ve hoarded my Shelbourne Falls fabric, but I have a plan. Hopefully I’ll be able to execute it soon. Your quilt is lovely.

  26. Linda (Linnee) says:

    It’s adorable, and so are your kids! I concur with your assessment regarding making a quilt for yourself. I fell in love with a gorgeous, sunny, spring-like quilt pattern that I ordered two years ago. Between making grandkids quilts (8 of them), season table runners and that ilk, a car wreck with injuries, surgery on the injury, recovery from both of them, and babysitting the son of a friend of mine since he was 2.5 weeks old (he’s 3.5 years old now), I STILL haven’t started it!

  27. Wow, Amy, I understand you!!! First of all my compliments for you children, they are awesome!!! Your quilt is stunning and about fabric we love and just want to sew together, I’ve just bought a fat quarter bundle of Kaffe Fassett and I can’t wait to put my hands on it….but first there’s a king size quilt to finish, a christmas quilt to do – obviously befor Christmas – some errands, my job, my toddler, oh my!!!!

  28. I have to say this is one of my favourite quits ever, simple but so eye catching and really shows of the fabrics. My kind of quilt. And those children are just so cute! Family is what it’s all about.

  29. What adorable, sweet pictures of your little ones. How precious. I love your quilt, the fabrics, and the way you put them together. It looks like a soft and snuggly quilt.

  30. Wonderful showcase for those prints! I love the large , simple blocks!

  31. Can’t go wrong with HTS. Love your quilt, very beautiful.
    The quilting is just awesome just like you said, perfect pairing with HTS & feathers.
    Grate family pic too.

  32. I love the quilt and the kids are toooo cute!

  33. Thank you so much for sharing the quilt and the children …. now I need to go brush my teeth after so many sweets! Love the post!

  34. Sharon L Russo says:

    WOW…Just laughed out loud when I saw the last little guys tearie little face turned happy when Mom came by with the camera! You have beautiful children!

  35. Love the quilt, love the back as much as the front, love the chambray binding!!!

  36. Cute! I love the quilt, the binding, and the kids. :)

  37. Pretty quilt, lovely family…what more can one want. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me.

  38. Okay, your quilt is beautiful, but that last picture? I just had to reach out to my computer to touch his little hand. I’m not lying.

  39. I love it! And the binding is just awesome! Such cute kiddos, too!

  40. Tana Lewis says:

    After seeing those cute babies who couldn’t have a wonderful day!!?? Thanks for sharing your darling little ones and the beautiful quilt. :-)

  41. Your quilt is beautiful – worth the effort! It is exactly the kind that I would want to snuggle up in. And your children are adorable, as always!

  42. Mirka Mas says:

    Great quilt, even if I don’t like the fabrics… But hey, tastes are different, But there is no question at all: your kids are adorable! =) Greetings from Canada

  43. The quilt is beautiful. I can see why you snatched the fabrics up, they are lovely colors. The pictures of the family having fun is so enjoyable to see. Right now seeing a playground without two feet of snow and broken trees is also a welcoming site to see. Here in Rapid City we were living rustic style over the weekend while snow fell and winds blew. We had no electric for two days. I did do quilting while the power was out though.

  44. ce plaid est magnifique
    amitiés de France

  45. So lovely and charming ! Il really love the colors together… and the smiles too !

  46. Love your quilt! Those are my favorite kinds of quilts. Even though I love precise star points and designs within a design, the best quilts just have pretty fabrics and are the ones you know that you can cuddle up with and just make you happy. :)

  47. Patricia Robbins says:

    Nice quilt. I have a few such projects that I”ve had to set aside for more pressing quilts (i.e. 21st birthday quilt for future daughter-in-law –Nov 3rd yikes!) i love following the SBC BOM. I wanted to ask if you’ve ever thought about doing a mystery quilt. I’d love to do one and can’t run it myself because then it wouldn’t be a mystery for me. ~~ Pat

  48. Pure joy to you too! It’s a beautiful quilt and your kids are growing so fast. They definitely take after you! Love your blog posts, all of them!

  49. beautiful, i want to know what the binding is too :)

  50. It’s a reality check sometimes when we reach for the “big” moments and want to make the “big” events and occasions so special, and then God gives us such intense joy and happiness in some small thing. :-)

  51. Absolutely delicious – quilt & kids! You’ve inspired me to break out one of MY projects and spend a little time on it this week. You summed it up well, it’s the ones we make for ourselves that feed the soul. I need to remember that!

  52. Gotta love ‘just because’ quilts, and days at the park :o)

  53. great quilt! and the kids are getting bigger! thanks for sharing!

  54. Love your quilt! I did something similar this past weekend at a retreat ~ mine has sashing tho. I want to do what you did too!!!

  55. Really cure kids Amy!

    I love the big half squares Would you mind telling me what sized squares you started out with?

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