A New Quilt for my…Crawlspace?

First sewing project of the year, and who is it for?  The basement of course.  Crawlspace, to be more accurate.

I know what you’re thinking… “This coffee’s cold.  I’m tearing myself away from this super exciting blog post to refresh my cuppa joe.”  Ok, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but now you are.  Fine, go refill.

M’kay, now back to my basement.  My gooooooorgeous inviting basement, complete with thick 80’s carpet and popcorn ceilings that look more like the surface of the moon than an intentional design choice.  This lovely haven of tranquil serenity is just where my kids want to spend hours playing on these freezing winter days, right?  Not on your life.  And to be honest, I don’t really want to go down there either.

Playroom Before

But that was 2013.  This is 2014, and 2014 is not ok with playrooms that look like creepy horror movie isolation cells, drenched in all the glory the 1980s could muster.  This is the year for a BASEMENT PLAYROOM MAKEOVER!  [thank heavens]

Truth be told, new carpet wasn’t in the budget (the kids are gonna wreck it anyway, right?), and those popcorn ceilings aren’t going anywhere in the near future, but I do think we were still able to give it a little boost of friendliness, starting with some big, fat nautical stripes…and twinkle lights of course.

Playroom After

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 08

That’s great, but what about this totally random hobbit door?  I mean, um, crawlspace door.  I can’t put furniture in front of it in case we need to fly in to deal with a *home system emergency*….hmmmm.

Playroom Before 2

When in doubt, make a quilt.

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 01

Yes, my dears, I whipped out a little improv curved piecing to make a little happy landscape scene for this formerly dreary little door, added some curtains, and voila: a sad hobbit door-turned-magical elf window.

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 03

And after seeing fabric designer Ann Kelle’s ridiculously darling booth at Quilt Market this past fall, I knew I just HAD to use some of her fabulous fabrics for this project.  So stinking CUTE!   The lil’ park buddies, the clouds, the zigzags…simply perfect for my room of play!

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 02

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 04

That little desk was a special project as well…  It’s an old solid wood school desk I found at a garage sale last summer for $7 (!!!)- the top was a funky blue color, but the minute I saw it, I knew I’d paint it with chalkboard paint.

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 05

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 06

Well, looks like everyone’s happy with this mini-makeover!

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 07

Even Humpty Dumpty, which, considering his particular set of circumstances, means a lot. :)

Crawlspace Quilt, For Reals 09



  1. jenetamasson says:

    It looks fantastic! I love the door. How did you adhere the fabric?

  2. Your basement now looks warm and inviting! Stay warm!

  3. Will you come do mini-makeovers at my house too? Seriously, if you ever decide to give up quilting (please don’t!) you could have another career a decorator. I have loved everything you have shown about the new house.

  4. Awesome – what a wonderful make-over! I think I’d hang out in the playroom from now on!
    Do I see a set of ‘Value Tales’ Books. We have them too and they are a great set to have.

  5. Anne Ogletree says:

    Amy, you are amazing-its wonderful!

  6. You are one rocking momma!!!! Love the window….but really the chalkboard table.

  7. You have created an enchanting play area. Love it

  8. I probably would have simply continued the stripe effect over the door, but I like your solution better.

  9. Oh this is the most awesome makeover for kids. I love it! LOVE it! The cute little sweethearts are just to precious as well!

  10. Adorable! Twinkle lights make everything better, I have several strands in my playroom (aka Sewing room).

  11. You did a great job of transforming the room! AND most of all you gave a lot of moms that thought that they were “stuck” with their own old boring rooms an idea on how and what to do with just a little bit of time and $. Thankyou and keep the ideas coming!!!!!!

  12. Do you ever tire of hearing how amazing you are? Because once again, you are amazing! Now tell the truth, do you find yourself sneaking down there for a few solitary moments when kids are napping or in school? Cuz that’s what I used to do in the playhouse I had built for my girls. After I would clean it, I’d sit in there and just enjoy the alone-ness. :)

  13. Bravo! Great decorating ideas and I’m sure your girls love it. Happy New Year!

  14. Design genius. The paint stripes make such a difference and the elf door is brilliant.

  15. Love your magical elf window! I’m sure the children love it as well.
    What a pretty idea. You are SO creative, and I marvel at your ability to find the time for all you do.
    You do just have 24 hours in a day like the rest of us???

  16. MARY PACHTER says:

    Amy, what a delightful space! Your creativity is wonderful!

  17. That’s a darling remake, it’s very cheerful now! I had to laugh when I saw your chalkboard table, though. Girls are so different from boys: I gave my 4yo boy a chalkboard and some chalk (ok, let’s tell the truth — he found them in the laundry room and pulled them out without permission), and then he chalked it until there was no more black on the board, and no more chalk in stick form, only piles and piles of dust.

  18. Kathy Fair says:

    I say, whatever works, and it looks fabulous. Any child would love to play in that area.

  19. Andrea Williams says:

    Oh Amy, it is lovely! I can see the girls using felt animals or people on that pretty door. Or something felty…is that even a word?! Hmmm, it has been a long cold day at work…my brain is frozen. Your basement is so inviting! Great job!

  20. Amy it looks great now wish I could come and play. I have done embroideries for our bathroom, plan to look for frames tomorrow.

  21. You are so inspiring! You make me want to fit more into my day. Thank you for your motivational postings.

  22. Cheri Fleming says:

    Very cute! The girls are adorable!!

  23. Oh. My. Gosh. Sooooo stinking cute! I would have loved a place like that to play in when I was growing up! You are such an inspiration and your creativity is without measure. Your daughters are just adorable! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Ok…can you come to my house? What a difference!

  25. A little paint and some twinkle lights will make a lot of room look better. Covering that door with a pretty fabric creation was a nice solution. Brought to mind the fabric ceiling my dad invented once for a shed-turned-computer-shack that my brothers had for an office. Wish I had a picture of that ceiling – but even more that I had a picture of us installing it since it took all 6 of us! Great family memories.

    “Even Humpty Dumpty, which, considering his particular set of circumstances, means a lot. :)” This line is “worth the price of the ticket”! LOL Thanks for a chuckle today. :-)

  26. Twinkle lights fix *everything* and ROFL at the Hobbit door makeover :D

  27. Becky Thompson says:

    Girl? “Innovate” should be your middle name! Those hobbit doors have always creeped me out – even today. So what a super-smart idea! Love what you’ve done with the walls too. You’ve taken a scary dark place and turned it into a delightful space. Great job!

  28. Agree with Becky, You are truly an innovative designer among other titles. Love those fabrics, would make a perfect wall hanging for any kid space and oh that rainbow color pillow. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Brenda Caplette says:

    Love your playroom mini makeover. You have to know that your kiddos will remember how fun you made things for them. Mine are grown now and they often remind me of little things that I did to remedy a situation or just because I wanted something special for them.You may think that they don’t notice but they sure do. Keep up the great job you are doing at making a house a HOME full of love and great memories! <3 <3 <3

  30. Your new CRAFTSY Class is online, and no word about that from you?!?!? *eek* I will sign up for that class for sure!!! Greetings from Canada =)

  31. You are so clever! The playroom looks great and yay for your new class. I posted about it too. :) Hope you have a great day friend! xo

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