A Whole Lotta Winners!

Winner Collage


  1. Linda Crandall says:

    Hi Amy,

    Here’s my plan. I’m going to stop bringing my iPad to the table when when eat !

    Excellent post on your blog.

    Here’s hoping I can win the fabric give away. I don’t prefer batiks.

    Love reading your blog. Mtw, I especially love today’s quilt block “Presence?”


    Linda Crandall

  2. Hi Amy !!

    You are so inspiring to me. I have so many things to improve on, that I will not elaborate. I have grown children and I wish one, was at least, like you. Your Mother must be so very proud of you.

    You definitely are a thinker and want to live your life for God. We have so many things we are thankful for and would like to improve on and listening is definitely mine. I have to listen more what people say and not be thinking of what to say next. Listening is an Art and I would like to live my life the way God wants me to live it. Help other people in need and show my talents to others and not just keep it to myself.

    I have been thinking of giving lessons to woman in our church, on quilting and to show them ALL I know, so the young woman, can go on and leave gifts, that last an eternity, for their families.

    I would love to win some batiks and learn how to quilt with them. They are so lovely and I would LOVE to work with them and make something beautiful for someone.

    Love Darlene Driedger

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