All In A Day’s Mothering

Waking up to a foot of fresh fluffy snow undoubtedly means certain things, including but not limited to:  endless baby kisses and giggles (well, ok, that’s every day), a hand sewing project, lots of reading, and all in the comfiest of pajamas.

Dollys N Things 8

Dollys N Things 1

Dollys N Things 2

Dollys N Things 3

See what I mean?  Must squeeze and kiss them.

Now on to the crafts!  I snagged these sweet cut-out dollies from the Spoonflower booth at QuiltCon, and today was the perfect day to get them all stitched up.

Dollys N Things 4

Fabulous family project.  My 4yo cut them out like a champ.  I let her use my good patchwork scissors instead of her kiddie ones…”MOM!  These scissors are amazing!”  Yup, I know!photo-10

Dollys N Things 5

They reminded me, actually, of a panel of vintage dollies that I bought at a sewing expo several years ago….now where did that panel go?  Ah ha!  Tucked away in my embarrassingly un-dented stash.  Oooooohh, more dollies!  We’re going doll crazy.

Dollys N Things 6

And, of course, lots of reading.  Truly, few things give me as strong a sense of accomplishment, as does reading to my kids.

Today we started in on Beverly Cleary’s classic “Ramona & Beezus”- one of our first picture-less books.  I was nervous that the lack of illustrations would go over with my 2 & 4yo’s like a lead balloon, but I shouldn’t have been.  They sat, motionless (ok, not quite motionless), listening, for a solid 45 minutes, and when I tried to wrap up, they BEGGED for more.

Now, I’ll admit to letting my kids watch too many videos.  I’ll admit to giving them snacks after bedtime, and too often cleaning up after them myself instead of holding them accountable for their messes because I just can’t deal with the brain damage.  But when they devour books like I inhale a tub of chocolate peanut butter bars, I know I’m doing something right. :)  And you know what?  It feels amazing.

Dollys N Things 7

Thank the Lord for days like this!


  1. Ah the memories! God has truly blessed you Amy. Those boys are too stinkin’ cute! I know a mother can tell them apart, but I sure can’t. My friend is a grammy to a set of twin tots and she’s always remarking about how different their personalities are even though they look alike. One is calm and reserved…could care less about whatever decision is made for him and goes along with the moment of the day. The other is very headstrong and knows whats what and doesn’t hesitate to indicate his opinion and wails loudly if challenged. The dynamics are so fun to watch.

    Those are certainly happy babies! That’s because they have a great mom. :)
    Thank you for bringing a smile to my day!

  2. Jo Ann R. says:

    Amy, you are truly blessed. thank you for sharing. your posts always and I mean always cheer me up and make my days better. You also inspire me to get things done like my sugar blocks so I can post them.

  3. Maria Fortunato says:

    Yes Amy you are right. My youngest baby of four will be 18 this Thursday (tear sniff) and her fondest memories are the stories, games, books we read together, trips to the library and always family being together. I thank God for that. You aqree doing a great job. Keep up the great work.
    Hugs from a fellow mommy
    Maria Fortunato (getting warmer Stow, Ohio)

  4. I’m not sure those babies could be any cuter! You know what Amy? Letting your 4 year old cut with big girls scissors and help you make her dolly make up for all the movies and mommy cleaned up messes in the world. You rock as a mommy!

  5. Too dang cute! I’ve been hoping to see a post of those “SweetPeas”. Love the dolls:)

  6. Wow, this post made me get teary eyed because it took me back to my mom reading the Ramona books to me! Some of my best childhood memories are of my sister and I snuggled up in bed listening to our mom read aloud, a tradition we happily continued years after we knew how to read on our own. Thanks for the memories!

  7. I love reading to my boys too! It’s so much fun to snuggle up on the couch piled up with quilts and books and just read until my throat hurts or they fall asleep. Some people may say “it’s just a book!” but I know there’s some kind of magic that happens during those precious times that can’t happen anywhere else.

  8. Laraine Zegoski says:

    How cute are your kids and so talented also!

  9. Kathy - kat550 says:

    I always loved those days when the kids were little and we had ‘snow’ days. Your little ones are so cute.

  10. ole chook says:

    LOL you can keep the snow, but I’m with you for all the rest, so love quality family times and the times with little ones.

  11. I love Beverly Cleary’s books so, so much. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to read them with me. (She’s only 15 months old right now, so I’ve got a little while to wait!)

    I think that one of the things I am looking forward to about her growing up is getting to re-read some of the books I loved as a girl!

  12. Reading the big chapter books is a great way to expand the imagination. Taught kindergarten for too many years to which to admit. But favorite memory comes from 1984, my 5 year old bebe and I were in Greece for 3 weeks, being bombarded by Greek all day long and struggling to understand. Each naptime(they have siestas in Greece) and bedtime, she would listen to Charlotte’s Web. When you know who dies, we cried together. Books are better than tv any day. Coming to visit that “bebe” just south of you in Colorado Springs. Wish I could come give you and yours hugs. You have taught and inspired me to improve my skills.

  13. How on earth do you tell those two bits of yumminess apart, Amy?? Lol. They are sure getting cuterer and cuterer!! Ben, ( now 26), used to love hearing Wind in the Willows!! I loved the Bobbsey Twins!! In fact, I still do!! LOL

  14. June Winters says:

    Reading about your day is a great way to start mine! Love those kiddo’s and watching all of them grow.

  15. Brenda Caplette says:

    I totally enjoy hearing about you and your lovely family. I remember having those laid back days with my boys. Cherish them because all to soon they are off with their own families. Have a great week! :)

  16. Hi Amy

    What a lovely post for a Monday – having the babies grown and don’t they look like Daddy but more hair ! It’s great that you share all these lovely moments with us and I do really look forward to seeing a post from you. Thanks for brightening my day. K

  17. The sweetest post for a “not quite used to the time change Monday”. How could you not kiss and cuddle those cuties and big sister helping!! My daughter was like that also, always wanting to read another book, no matter how many times you had read it, and her girls were also – now they are reading on their own. Save those dollies to show them how to sew. I got some of the ones you showed and my grandgirls sewed them one summer when they came up – they were so proud of themselves. Keep having fun, they grow up way too fast. L. xo

  18. Kathleen says:

    Your boys are beautiful and I can almost feel their softness. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  19. What a bunch of sweetie pies. And how could you not want to squish those cheeks! If I could make another book sugestion…Beverly CLeary wrote a book called Socks. It’s about a cat, a baby and all the trouble they can cause together….hilarious and very age appropriate. My mom spent hours reading to me and my brother…best memories ever!!!

  20. Kristi Heironimus says:

    Hi Amy, thanks for sharing your darling kids with us and a picture of freshly fallen snow! I can just imagine the beauty of it. We unfortunately never got any in our hometown this year, so we’
    ll have to drive up to Mt. Hood before it all melts. I finally finished my March quilt block and posted all three on flickr. Not sure what the quilt will look like when all is said and done, but should be unique at least :) Enjoy your day!!

  21. I know exactly what you mean about the cleaning up and extra snacks and just doing it yourself to avoid a tantrum… but when I see my 19 month old bringing me book after book to hear the stories I get so excited that she loves books as much as I do!

  22. Fay Marie says:

    Just love the photos of your family! The twins are precious and look like such happy little fellas!!! Must say Dad is loving it, too! You girls are amazing in what they can do, but you have included them in your crafts right from the beginning. Reading is one of the best things that you can do with your children! Good for you!!
    Love the dolls. The ones from the stack look like the Campbell Kids!!! Yikes, that dates me!!!

  23. Amy , thanks for sharing so much love. My boy’s are both adults , and have moved back home for now. We have a whole new family time.

  24. Oh, those babies are the cutest, do you ever get enuf neck sugah!! That’s just the best, nothing like the “good baby smell”, notice I qualified that. I hate to bother you, but I am a new quilter at 76yo,, have been quilting about two years now and really have the bug. I want to make a hexie quilt but, I’m having difficulty in choosing a pattern. I would like one that I can use charm packs, nothing really smaller. I did your BOM on Craftsy last year and now Sugar Block and have learned so much.

  25. Amy, I can’t tell you how cute your twins are! Your daughter too, cutting away. It made made me smile.

  26. The babies are just too cute! But then so are the girls…and they all look SO alike. I know what you mean about not wanting the brain damage…my eldest is 22 and my youngest 7 and I still feel like that!!! :)

  27. Diane Ebel says:

    Living in Florida its fun to see pictures of snow but I don’t miss it =;) The pictures of your family always make me smile and I find myself showing them off like your related or something….thank you for sharing your special memories. Hope the move is gong well!

  28. What a terrific post!!! The memories you are making with your family are priceless! Thank you for such a heartwarming post.

  29. Wow – those boys are growing up so fast!
    And yes, you’re definitely doing something right.

  30. We lived in Philly for 2 years when I was 2-4, and I loved the Ramona and Beezus books (you can’t get them in the UK) even the other day my mum and I were joking about Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel (with reference to bathroom breaks lol)

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