And DONE. My Latest Quilt

Haaaallelujah!  The angels were certainly singing today when I pulled my new quilt out of the dryer, warm, fresh and ready to snuggle.  What shall I name her?  I was thinking Tilt-A-Whirl.  Kind of a childhood-retro-amusement park-remeniscent sort of thing.

You might remember that I started this one back in the hospital, but was cut short when I had an emergency c-section just 4 blocks into my antepartum escapade.  Fast-forward 2 months, and I picked it back up- but this time in high gear.  I had decided that I want to submit it to the QuiltCon show, and the deadline is November 30, so no time to dally!  Having this finite goal was key- every time Pinterest or Facebook would start to suck me in, I’d hear “November 30th!  November 30th!”  Must sew!  I have wanted to submit a quilt to a show (well, actually more like have a quilt IN a show) forever, but I always seem to chicken out…the endless parade of excuses.  Not this time!

This quilt was 100% foundation paper pieced, from printable templates I designed on my Electric Quilt 7 software.  And yes, I’m going to add the pattern to my shop as soon as I find the time!  With twenty 15″ blocks, it’s one of the largest quilts I’ve made (I’m usually a baby quilt kinda gal), but mmmmm, so worth the time.  What?  You mean quilts can actually go on beds?  Like, to sleep with?  Brilliant.

After about block 10, I decided we needed to go Henry Ford style and break out an assembly line.  I paper pieced aaaaall of the segments, then I starched aaaall of the segments, then I trimmed aaaaall of the segments, then I pieced aaaall of the squares….you get the idea.  I actually found this method to be much more efficient and enjoyable!  What an exciting day it was when I finally sat down and pieced all 10 blocks together.  Yes, like in one sitting.  It was euphoric.

The fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush, which, I’m giddy to recall that I actually purchased from Anna herself, like, in person, back when she visited our guild in August.  An older line- sold out in most shops by now- but for some reason it didn’t “hit” me until this year (maybe it was the stars in my eyes at spending a day with Anna, that turned Innocent Crush into MY crush).  I’m pretty sure I sat down and drafted this quilt within a day of bringing the bundle home.

And I love the back!  My modern quilt mentors will be so proud!  (you know who you are)  I used a few of the little triangle scraps from trimming, into a trail of floating wonky triangles.  Triangle parade.  So cute.  These were super super easy- no paper piecing- just some light improv piecing.  I’m hoping to use up more of the triangles in some throw pillows for my bed, and will post a tutorial soon!!!

Yay for finishing a big project!  Feels great.  Now to submit this puppy, pour myself a glass of wine, and relax under my new quilt!



  1. Bev Hartford says:

    Your quilt is beautiful, you inspire me ;).

  2. Amy my email has changed just to my name, but either way, you are amazing! How do you do these so quickly. Honesty, I am going to start calling you Wonder Woman:)

  3. Alice McFarlane says:

    Your quilt is beautiful!!! Front and back!!!

  4. Well done you on completing it so quickly. I love the quirky little triangles on the back as well.

  5. Great news…your quilt is so beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! I love the triangles on the back!

  7. Amy, it turned out great! I’m sure the QuiltCon judges will love it!

  8. Amy you are amazing. Your quilt is beautiful. I have never been a big fan of paper piecing until I did the blocks in your block of the month.

  9. Cindy Burke says:

    Looks great Amy. You amaze me!

  10. Beautiful!! Love the rounded shapes and the diamond shaped quilting. With all those beautiful babies at home how do you find the time? I still have 4 blocks to finish on my Craftsy BOM!!

  11. Wow, you machine! It looks great and it will be cool to see it in person at Quiltcon!

  12. Beautiful – really love this design!

  13. Deborah Marshall says:

    How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us….

  14. This looks amazing, looking forward to the tutorial. I have also been hoarding my innocent crush for the perfect project!

  15. It is are awesome. I am curious though how you fit it all in with twins and two other young kids?!?! I have a 2,3, & 5 year old, and cant even keep up with my house, let alone get to sewing. You are an inspiration

  16. Oh, Amy it is incredible! And I can’t believe you finished with so much time to spare. The back is amazing too. You’re my hero!

  17. Dorothy B. says:

    Gorgeous!!! Love it…hope you win 1st prize!!! Great explanation of the assembly line quilting.

  18. Gorgeous! Femenine and the plain pretty.

  19. This is beautiful! A fabulous finish and the back is brilliant!

  20. Alison Mosca says:

    Love it Amy! Those babies must be champion nappers for you to get so much done! I remember thinking how much time I would have to sew when my twins were babies…LOL! They never slept at the same time and I barely had time to shower!! What wonderful days those were tho…miss them now that my babies are 17 and off to college next year! But I will have lots of time to sew!!!

  21. What a lovely quilt and congratulations on finishing it in time. I wonder how you have the time with your babies and everything. Very inspirational.

  22. Awesome quilt! I love it! And the triangles on the back are cute! :)

  23. Oh it is just lovely, love the design and fabric together! Super inspiring! Smiles from South Africa!

  24. What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on the big finish!!!

  25. congratulations on your finish. The feeling of seeing your quilt hanging in a show for the first time is amazing…. even better when you get a ribbon (ask me how i know hehehe :-)) Good luck i am sure this won’t be the first time you submit

  26. Hi Amy

    Oh wow, this is just amazing and so beautiful, I am sure you will win a prize at the quilt show. I don’t know how you find the time to do it with all your little fledgings.

    It’s a real credit to you

    Love K x (saxostamper)

  27. Oh Amy, it is gorgeous! Though I’m sure that has been said a few times! Such a great quilt and I’m sure you’ll have many people making them whenever you do get the pattern made up. Good luck with QuiltCon!

  28. Amy, the quilt is amazingly beautiful! I am totally in love with it and cannot wait for your tutorial. Good luck with QuiltCon, you have my vote.

  29. A beautiful quilt Amy – I am so glad that you are submitting it into the QuiltCon – Way to go :O)

  30. You did it! Yay for finishing a WIP. I’ve pulled out my WIP quilt and finished putting together the top last night. Thanks for the push!

  31. Amy, your quilt is just beautiful, congratulations for getting it done. I don’t know when you have the time to do all you do. You must not sleep. Thanks for helping us get it together and to start sewing, you are amazing.

  32. Amy, that quilt is amazing! You are such an inspiration!

  33. OMG! It’s such an amazingly beautiful quilt. I love it! Congratulations!

  34.! Congrats on getting it done. It is so adorable! Now, go cuddle!

  35. Beautiful!!

  36. Nice work Amy! Four days til D-day I hope I make it too.

  37. I get the biggest kick out of your outlook on life! I so enjoy the pictures of your family all eyes dancing with happiness. Of course, all those that can open their eyes! To have a talent in a hobby turned business, the love of family and the down to earth outlook of what happens behind the scenes brings back very fond memories! I’m a new quilter and lovin every minute. Thanks for your beautiful quilts, free tutorials, you are an inspiration with a twist. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!

  38. Ohhhh I love it! And the back is super! I have found I like making the back just as much as the front.

  39. Very beautiful, kind of reminds me of the Stack n’ Wack of years ago. I like the name “Tilt a Whirl”. having something on the backside is really whimsical, I will have to try it. Thanks Amy for the inspiration!!

  40. How fun is this?! And I absolutely love the name – Tilt-a-Whirl!! We go to a classic car show at a retro amusement park every year in September and each year my [adult] daughters and myself all ride the Tilt-a-Whirl before we leave…it’s tradition. And the quilt back just completes it for me because this park is on a small lake (Chautauqua Lake) and the triangles remind me of the sailboats on the lake. Now please . . . don’t spill the wine! :)

  41. Beautiful quilt and love the name!

  42. WOW!!! It looks spectacular!! I love the white, it looks so heavenly, well done!!!!

  43. The gray and white is perfect for the design and other fabrics…. Yeah, looking forward to the big reveal with pillows on the bed… :)

  44. Oh Amy-it turned out so great! Congrats on finishing-enjoy that celebratory glass of wine, and I hope to see this quilt in person in TX!

  45. Wow! I love it! I think it would be so much fun to run hot wheels through all those swirly roads. At least that is what I think of when I see this quilt. My childhood with my brother. Love it!

  46. Carmen Wyant says:

    Oh Amy, this is just lovely! Can’t wait for a pattern as this has gone on my to do list and the Tilt-a-Whirl has always been and will remain, my favorite ride at the fair.

  47. Very beautiful! Love the symmetry of the blocks and the clean, white background!

  48. I love this quilt and I vote “yes” on “tilt-a-whirl”!! Would you off the templates and directions for sale? I would love to try making this quilt. Thanks!

  49. Beautiful Amy and I love the pinwheel blocks Great job. Good luck with the show.

  50. This is a really a gorgeous quilt. I need to know how you find the time with twins and two adorable girls. Great job!

  51. Wow! How on earth do you find the time? I can see I’m going to have to stop working and sleeping just to keep up with you. (I’m hoping for that big lottery win for the former, so I can get more of the latter.) Amazing. I love the triangle parade too. Fab!

  52. Really wonderful. I’m still floored by all that you get done with little ones and 2 new babies.

  53. This is gorgeous Amy..what a lovely quilt and your stitching exquisite

  54. mari lydic says:

    I have been watching you create this one over the months and I think this is just adorable, almost as adorable as your twin baby girls. I’ve never done paper piecing but this quilt makes me want to try it!

  55. Terri Mosier says:

    WINDY PINWHEEL !! That’s a good name for it :) Awesome, beautiful quilt! I really like the triangles on the back too, so cute!

  56. It is wonderful! I love both front and back! Say, what is the soothing putty/grey? solid you used? It really enhances the whole thing.

  57. Amazing! The back is also so much fun (love the quirky little triangles). :) Good luck with the selection process! I think this one is a winner for sure. :)

  58. So inconvenient for the young masters of the house to have intervened so early on in the lifetime of this quilt, but it’s looking fab now, glad you got it done in time :)

  59. Henry Ford style, I love it! haha I also love the back! excellent job!

  60. Amy, your quilt is gorgeous and I love the cute way you did the back!

  61. Oh this is just gorgeous! Can’t wait for a pattern! I too, do the assembly line style of quilting;) It seems to go faster:)

  62. Great job on the quilt! It looks really nice, and Tilt-a-whirl is a great name for it!

    I really like the back. I’m thinking about how I could use that idea to make a whole quilt. I bought a book earlier this year (history of food) that proved to be quite inaccurate, so I didn’t want to finish reading it. Since I’ve been in a “re-use/re-purpose” frame of mind lately, it crossed my mind that the pages of the book would be quite useful for small paper pieced blocks to use up my scraps. Looking at your “floating” triangles makes me think that this might be the pattern I want to try – only for the quilt top. :-) Thanks for the great idea.

  63. Kathy Biciocchi says:

    Amy ~
    You’re a blue ribbon girl to me! Your quilt is breathtaking – both sides!! Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone. I admire your enthusiasm and passion for quilting. Your Craftsy class was great and I’m looking forward to your new club in January.

  64. SOOOOOOOOOO freakin’ fabulous!!! Gloriously fabulous. I’m so proud of you for finishing! :) It’s beautiful. :)

  65. Amy I am a big fan as you’ve probably noticed! How on earth you find the time, with baby twins, 2 other children and a hubby to contend with, to make such gorgeous quilts I don’t know! As to my favourite midnight snack it has to be ice cream eaten from the tub!
    I would like to ask you though what you opinion is on “quilting” how much is too much? Do you think a little is better than heavy complicated all over quilting? I love quilting in the ditch so the blocks are the forefront of the quilt not the quilting itself.

  66. This is beautiful! I love that you labeled your blocks w/ disappearing ink! I never thought of doing that – so smart! :-)

  67. Hi Amy, I just met you today on craftsy where I watched you make the asterix and then a dresen plate. Wonderful instructions. Congratulations on the twin boys. This quilt here is stunning. You are very talented and a super instructor. You have a new follower here in Germany.

  68. Nicole Wingate says:

    I really love the gray color in this quilt, and I’d like to use a warm gray as a background in my Craftsy BOM quilt. Can you remember what it is and where I can find it? Or, does anyone know where I can find a close second? The only solid gray I found near by was too dark and too cool-toned for my color scheme.

  69. This quilt is absolutely lovely are you going to put the pattern up for sale? Love to do it myself


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