I’ll be honest…I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for months.  Today is January 1st- it’s the first day of a brand new year, and it’s also the launch my latest Sugar Block BOM series.  Last year we had so much fun with our blocks and recipes, but as I started thinking about what the 2014 series would look like, I had to ask myself, what do I really want?  What do I need?  Sure, had a sketch book full of whirly, twirly, pin-wheely blocks just waiting to be stitched up, and I’d been saving some special fabric just for this new quilt- some Liberty of London lifestyle cottons, in a really lovely assortment of vintage florals, along with Kona Snow and some pretty Essex linen.  Surely these are just the fresh change I need after a year of crisp solids, but it just didn’t feel complete yet.  I can’t explain it, but I knew that somehow this year’s quilt needed to be infused with inspiration at a deeper level.

January Collage

Something a bit….beyond the block, beyond the fabrics, beyond the patterns…something empowering.  Just like the impressive array of unfinished projects that clutter up my sewing room and often leave me feeling guilty and defeated, I’m a serious WIP myself…not just a work in progress, I’m a woman in progress.  And as I breath in the fresh, untainted newness of 2014, and reflect on all of the blessings and growth I experienced this past year, I feel optimistic, energetic, and motivated.  I don’t want to wait and see if I eventually stumble into the woman I want to be…I want to step out of my comfort zone now, take a look in the mirror, and drag some of my peskiest failings of  out into the light (aka, the interwebs).

So this year, in conjunction with new quilt blocks and sweet recipes, I’ll also be posting on the 1st of each month, both in the Sugar Block subscription emails, as well as here on my blog, about things I want to BE this year.  I want to be a servant, a neighbor, a teacher.  I want to be present with my loved ones, and be young with my children.  I want to be more positive, and merciful, and, well, more of the woman God intends for me to be.  And I suppose this is the part where my faith really comes into play, because it is such a quintessential part of who I am.  It’s my faith that calls me to be the best wife I can be, neighbor I can be, friend I can be, quilt blogger I can be…to show love and faith and joy in everything I do…not just when I’m Instagraming about peanut butter bars and my holiday table settings.  Way, way beyond that.  Even when the airlines lose my luggage, or my kids color on the new couch with sharpies.  Even when someone flips me off in traffic with my kids in the backseat, or our house floods, or my husband loses his job…the storms.  In fact, not just *even* at those times, but *especially* at those times.

But I can tell you right now that I can’t just will myself to be that woman.  I can’t just make a cute list, write some blog posts, tie a string around my finger, and transform myself- just like that.  For me, and I venture to say for us all, that’s not how it works.  That’s why so many of the New Year’s resolutions we make are practically fizzled out by Spring.  We so WANT to achieve them, we WANT to change, but at the end of the day, we are flawed, we fall short.  It’s only through supernatural grace and power, that we can truly see change in our lives.

And you may not agree with me- I understand that, and I choose to write this anyway.  You might not believe in God at all, let alone that He loves you, and just want to get back to quilting.  You may say, no way Amy, I’ve met goals and shaped who I am through my own hard work and determination.  I don’t need supernatural grace or power- I’m a good person.  And I respectfully say, keep digging.  The less work you think you need, the more you probably do…and I’m at the top of that list.  I guess what I’m getting at in all this talk of faith, is that I know I can’t do it alone, and so I’m not even going to try…doing it alone that is.  Before I even embark on my year of goals and challenges, I’m throwing my hands up, and praying for help, that’s all.

So…for January, the challenge before us to be intentional.

Intention Definition






This month is all about the plan…the prep before the race.  There are a few specific things that I’ll be focusing on this month, in preparation for the year, and I challenge you to consider them as well, if you’re so inclined to follow along.

  • First, as I’ve already touched on- prayer.

For you, this may be meditation, or just quiet moments- for me it will be prayer that my heart will be open and receptive this year, to whatever opportunities for growth I might encounter.  If I’m closed in any way- bitter, or doubtful, proud, or even just overly busy, it will hinder my growth.  So I’m spending time specifically asking for openness and clarity, and making sure my heart is in the right place.

  • Make a list

You knew this was coming.  I heart lists in a major way!  Perhaps because I’m such a visual person.  I’m making a list of specific, simple goals that I want to reach this year…things like “walk the kids to or from school, instead of driving, at least 3 times each week.”  Everyday things that I know I should be doing, but am not.

Write them down, be specific, and make them realistic enough for you to achieve.  Try not to include really broad goals like “Be more confident” or “Get healthy”…these goals are easily swept under the rug because we end up having a hard time wrapping our heads around them and making them tangible in our everyday lives, so be as specific as you can.  Instead of “Spend more time with my spouse” perhaps it’s “Go on a date once a week.”  Another example: one of my broader goals is for my husband and I to develop healthier habits this year, but instead of writing that down as a goal, I’ll probably include something like “Pack Russell a lunch the night before his work day.” – I zoned in on a specific part of my broad goal (too much eating out), and came up with a specific achievable goal that works toward the broader one.

Goal List Notebook

As the year progresses, I’ll be offering monthly challenges that dig deeper into some of these broad categories that are on my heart, and explore some ideas to help us refocus on our habits and mindsets in these areas.

  • Lastly, this month I’m going to experiment with reminders.  I know I’m going to need to get creative in order to keep my goals fresh, and at the front of my mind on a daily basis.  Yes, I’ll probably post them on the fridge, but I want to push myself a little more…invade my own comfort zone.  Perhaps posting sticky notes in places I see everyday, like the inside of my medicine cabinet and kitchen cupboards, the background on my computer… heck, even taped to the back of the remote!  I know if I picked up my remote and saw a note that said “Why are you watching TV?Get outside and take a walk!”, I’d probably have a tougher time giving in to a completely unproductive and thoroughly lethargic hour of American Pickers, when I complain from the other side of my mouth that I “don’t have enough time to work out.”

Multicolored post-it note paper

And don’t even get me started on sewing-related goals!  I need some notes tucked throughout my stash and on my machine that say things like “Don’t even THINK about starting a new project until you finish that hexagon quilt!”  It’s not that I don’t want to finish it…I just get distracted.  Maybe some of the reminders need go with rewards for myself…”Here’s $20 to spend on new fabric as soon as you finish mending this quilt!”

Another reminder idea I’m considering is periodic notes set to pop up on my phone, like little alarms, that prompt me to do whatever it is I’ve committed to start doing.  Annoying, but obviously necessary.  

Well, there it is.  That’s what I’m chewing on this glorious first day of the brand new year.  I’m so excited to dig into this, not to mention, get a new sampler quilt stitched up in some Liberty.  How are you feeling about this year?  Any special goals?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Deborah French says:

    Amy I LOVE your idea! It is just what I needed. I have gotten away from what I know I “need” to do, but haven’t done. Thank you for putting it into words, and making it seem so possible to do. I especially like some of the ideas on where to put the notes, too cute!! You got me started in quilting with the 2012 BOM, and you have no idea how you have changed my life. I could write a book telling you how a BOM tutorial gave me back my life. I went from feeling sorry for myself because a disability took away so much of what I use to do, to being able to feel good about the ability to make and donate to QFK’s – all because of you. The word “INTENTIONAL” is a great word to start off the year, and I think your program has so much to offer! We all need to stop “thinking” about our goals and start getting them accomplished. Thanks for the push!!

  2. What a brave lovely woman you are. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Go for it.

  3. Amy, thank you so much for your thoughts and your Intention. I try to follow it. There are in fact some ideas I had in mind too for this year. And even if we only can live or realize one of our ideas it is worth to think about all this and write it down. :-)). Thank you and a good start in the year for you and your family and all here around :-).

  4. Kathy Fair says:

    Amy, I totally agree with Deborah, INTENTIONAL is a great word. I’m not much of a list maker, but is something I have wanted to be able to do and carry through.This gives me the extra push. Since last year was my first quilt blocks, I don’t really have a ‘stash’ to pull from and I want this year’s quilt to be for my husband, so a little more manly, so off to a local quilt store to do some shopping. I fell in love with Kansas Troubles line and also Moda’s Hope Chest Prints. I am creating a stash now and I am so excited to have the little extra ‘push’ to get on track with some fresh personal goals. Thanks Amy.

  5. Great post. Happy 2014! I do agree with you about faith in God and I too will seek His strength and not my own for being a godly woman. My specific goals to BE Intentonal include a bold approach to making known the great name of the Author of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and salvation…the name above all names, the name of Jesus. I commit to a deeper study of the Bible, God’s Word to man that reveals His great love through Jesus Christ, and to a deeper prayer life in His name. My sewing goals include good stewardship in using more of the fabric I already have, completing all the sugarl block blocks, sharing Christ with my daughter-in-law around the cutting table as we finish her first quilt and learn together, using my serger more and making baby blankets to send to my daughter who is a Christian missionary midwife in India, making some fun gifts for my first grandbaby, all while praising The Lord for this wonderful gift of sewing.

  6. Kathy Fair says:

    Beautifully said, Sonia. I too, need to commit to a deeper prayer life. You post is inspiring as well.

  7. I am sew with you on this! I too have been unsettled about the “good intentions” I have to make positive change, but you have gotten to the “heart” of it! I need to take the next step and be intentional about my good intentions. Yeah for 2014!

  8. Wendy Carter says:

    Thank you for your wisdom. I too have these same type goals. It’s not always easy to change but the end result feels so good! I plan to spend more quality time with my kids and husband, eat healther and walk 5 days a week, and be grateful for what I have instead of wanting what I don’t have, or in otherwords, be more positive! Im excited to do this quilt. My last goal is to do something for me, that I enjoy, for no reason at all. I never do that. I always have a reason and its usually for someone else, thus my goal to go a memory quilt for me also.

  9. Amy, your post was just what I needed this morning. This past year has been such a struggle for me ending with my husband losing his job last Friday. I have been depressed. I even put all my sewing stuff away because it hurt to look at it while I had no motivation to touch it. And the horrible thing is that I let all that “stuff” take away from the beauty of having my first daughter this past April after three boys. I have been stuck in such a place that I didn’t think anyone could understand but then your post! Timely arrival indeed! And the comments from all of your other lovely followers. I never knew there were so many kindred spirits out there. I broke out my machine this morn and began finishing a quilt that has been languishing for over a year. It is slow going and tough but just what I need to help bring the point of being intentional home. I guess my overall goal is to become me…not my decisions or experiences or even other’s decisions or experiences…but me. I have lost that in my job, my role as mom, and I even think as my role as a wife. I want to pray more intentionally and as a list lover myself I like your ideas of alarms popping up on my phone reminding me what I need to do. I have a stack of Anna Maria’s True Colors that I bought before Christmas because even depressed I couldn’t pass that stack up. I think the fabric collection is appropriate as I am searching for my own True Colors. Thank you Amy. I am looking forward to taking this journey with you and the rest of your followers too!

  10. Charlene Bateman says:

    Beautifully said, Amy!! You have inspired many today with your post….even this 69+ year old lady!! May our Lord bless you richly for sharing your faith. It’s not always easy to do but because you reach so many hearts, who knows where your words will land? Thank you for sharing your heart with us and keep those sweet pictures of your family coming…they always make me smile!! Blessings…..char

  11. Anne Ogletree says:

    thank you for this – you are an inspiration to me. I pray for you and your family and wish you God’s blessing for 2014.

  12. I feel like you got into my head a little bit with your post. I just decided a couple of days ago to sign up for the Sugar Block Club again this year, though I didn’t finish last years, I was so intrigued by the Beyond the Block, and I just had to see what it was about.
    Your words are very very similar to words that have been on my own heart for how I want to live and change and grow this year – with prayer and list making as my priorities.
    I am so glad to be joining in with you this year, and am looking forward even more to each month after reading this months post.
    Thanks you!!

  13. Happy New Year, Amy and all the Sugar Blockers!
    I have a question for you Amy. My husband receives my SBC Monthly Email. Can you switch it to my email address? I will tell you though that since it was in his email box this morning, he forwarded it to me and then he told me at breakfast that he read it and said, “I like that blog! Amy sounds like a really good person.” : ) And indeed, I enjoyed the blog, as well as the block/recipe content! I picked up some fabric that is outside my usual style of fabric. I guess I’m BEing intentional to go outside the box…or block! ; D
    I will look forward to your message each month. This is my first time being a SBC member. I have to say, BE intentional is a great message to kick off a new year. Everyone needs to reflect within, recognize our weaknesses as well as our strengths and be more humble and open to what we can do. I think this will BE an inspiring year! I better get going on my goals list…and my sugar block!

  14. I am so excited for this year!! For me you have hit on some areas in my life and walk with God that I truly need to work on!! Thanks Amy for listen and acting on where God wanted you to take the Club!! Deeper!!

  15. Happy New Year to you and your family. It sounds to me like you have your heart in the right place. I truly believe that God has to be the center of our lives and I often wonder how people get through life without the faith in our higher power. I look forward to the 2014 BOM but I haven’t received mine yet. Will keep checking throughout the day!!

  16. So glad someone else is feeling like me today! I’ve got my goals listed (always make them, and yes, I do get some of them accomplished!). I hope to be more intentional, as well. After reading your post all I could think was, “Amen, sister!” I can’t do it in my own power and your post was a great reminder of that.

  17. I’m having a problem leaving a post today! Must not be completing something. I enjoy your blogs and really appreciate your faith in God. I hope you have a blessed 2014 and I look forward to participating in the Sugar Block Club BOM. I joined but have not yet received my email with the block. Maybe I’m being too anxious but I’ll watch for the rest of the day. I did the 2013 BOM so it should come through ok since I always received them.

  18. Sheryl Engan says:

    Happy New Year Amy. I guessed faith was a big part of who you are. It’s at the top of who I aspire to be as well. Your pep talk is good for me. I am over 60 and change seems less attainable. For a while now I have realized that small increments toward a goal are the answer. If the goal is aerobics every morning start with two mornings a week etc. Big change comes with small efforts.

  19. I love how you said you want to be more the woman God intends you to be. I’m going to make that my goal this year. With God, anything is possible.

  20. Thank you so much for the encouraging post!

  21. Laura Hall says:

    delightful and encouraging (read: motivating) post. For someone so young, you are heartfelt and wise! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Ditto on your post. Prayer, lists and intention have been on my mind for weeks. I’m cheering you on.

  23. Jodi Wyss says:

    I love your focus!! Thanks for all your encouraging words!! Can’t wait to get started on the blocks!!

  24. Deborah French says:

    I left a post early this morning – but after reading all the posts from today, I had to comment again. It is so touching to be with a group of such faith based women. It blesses my soul to hear everyone express their faith in God and how prayer has gotten them through. Jen, your post broke my heart at first, but then warmed my heart when I realized how much comfort this group would bring you. On a very selfish note – I am very happy to be a member of this group. You charge us so little Amy, and even if you forget about the quilting aspect, the friendship and support we get from each other is priceless! Thanks to everyone here for a great group! I look forward to getting to know all of you and seeing your individual creations!! (No more posts – I promise!! ;-)

  25. Teri Ralph says:

    Amy, I honestly believe you were speaking to be in your blog this morning. I have been thinking of different ways to get my life back on track after several hic-cups in 2013. I am facing some “possible” major health issues, that haven’t been fully diagnosed yet. However, as I read your blog, I became more motivated to join in your efforts to BE the best I can through this. To ‘Be Intentional’ is, in my mind, the best way to start! You can count me in as a support for you! I also have a goal of learning as much as I can from you about quilting and all that goes into making a quilt…from choosing the size, block(s) and fabric(s), to placing the quilt where it will finally up…on a wall, a bed or to a friend or family member. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Amy!

  26. Tana Lewis says:

    Be still and know that I am God…Psalm 46:10 one of my favorite
    verses. I have to repeat this over and over during my prayer time as I can get so distracted and forget to listen for that still small voice that reaches out to me, that calms me, that hugs me with the words that I read, that rains grace and mercy on me when I
    am at my lowest. Your words touched that spot. I am a firm believer that God puts people in your life to learn and I learn not only how to sew a block, but how to think about things differently just by reading your blog. Thank you for tackling this mountain of a job so that those of us who don’t always think outside of the box will try and take that first small step. May God bless you and yours in 2014. By the way I signed up late last night, will I be receiving the e-mail in the next day or two? Have a wonderful rest of the week. Smiles……

  27. Amy,
    I’m thinking “intentional” is the word for 2014
    Check out this blog…
    Happy New Year!

  28. Cathy Koehm says:

    Sweet Amy. What a lovely way to start this new year!
    I love your open love of God. I feel so much closer to you & your blog!
    I’ve loved following for for these past couple of years and now will do so even more, prayerfully and intentionally. God bless your sweet heart. Cathy

  29. Hi Amy,

    Your email was a refreshing way to start my day this morning. I loved it. I was also very excited to start my quilt block, and even though I work on a sewing machine everyday, I went ahead and whipped it out before starting anything else.

    So thank you for the lovely words of inspiration and such a touching email. I’m already looking forward to next month.

    Many Blessings. Melanie

  30. This is going to be an amazing year. I was wondering what some folks are using for their patterns. I am not much on florals, but I am having a very hard time choosing what to use. I am already making about 4 quilts with solids so I do want to have a print. Just looking for some insight and thought hearing what others are doing would help.

  31. This is the best blog post I have ever read. I am so much in the same place as far as WIP and so many resolutions to finish and use up material that awaits on the shelf. Most of all though I appreciate your humility in knowing your success comes from God and without Him are efforts ruin amuck. Thank you for the inspiration to make specific goals. My favorite is the note to make more lists.

  32. Happy New Year sweet Amy! What a great post. I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your family.

  33. How amazing is your post. My chief goal for this year is to return to God with my whole heart. I’ve been struggling to find a church home and have tried three churches since my move to Ohio in 2007. Sunday I will try another and trust that it will be the one where I can fellowship with like-minded believers. There is also so much in my personal life that is similar to yours. I will be back to read the rest of your post later. Praise God! Your faith (and quilting skills) inspire me.

  34. Beautiful post, Amy! Thanks for sharing your faith and your journey. Already I have things swirling on my mind that I need to be more intentional about…like prayer, and calling my grandmother, and exercising. Beautiful block too. I better get my subscription paid so I can get sewing!

  35. Thanks Amy! Such and inspirational message, thank you for sharing it with us! I was so excited to see the pattern in my inbox yesterday! I cannot wait to get started on the first block! I am with you on the list making! I am a list person and love to make a list after list after list! :) Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! :)

  36. I totally agree with everything you have said, Especially the last clipped list. To make a list of other lists….Amy, that just made my day……lol lol It was like I could see your face and how gun ho you are ,being the first of the yr, wanting it all to go together and work. I just wonder how many people go back and look @ what they were going to do and all their goals they wanted to accomplish when they get to the middle of the year???????? For heaven sake, I’m not bad mouthing anyone!!! It just seems through the yrs that I’ve come to the realization I do the best I can. Mother’s want to be the “ALL Superwoman” . but don’t put so much on yourself that you crash……..Be the best you can be . The rest comes with life. Trust me on this one. I’ve been thrown some HUGE curve balls in the last 10 yrs. I’ve learned to enjoy your family and the day. The rest, God willing, falling into place and he is there for strength and guidance. Your family LOVE YOU for you……. God Bless you & your family………….

  37. Patti krueger says:

    God has given you a gift for putting thoughts into words. Beautifully said. I have been inspired as I am not very good at setting goals. Also thanks for sharing your faith, this is why we are here on this earth, to glorify god our father.

  38. Dear Amy – Thanks so much for your consistent sharing and including your faith. We can be the best we can only with God’s direction and help. I’m happy to see you relying on Him day by day. May God richly bless you and yours in 2014 :D

  39. Amy, thank you for openly speaking about your faith in such a gentle way – speaking truth in love. Such a beautiful and practically helpful post.

  40. Oh Amy, you are such an inspiration. like you I turn to prayer and God for my strength to do things in my life. He has promised to be with us always and when I am feelings swamped I turn to that constantly. Blessings to you and your beautiful family for this wonderful year ahead.
    Ps. I have yet to finish putting my 2013 quilt together but once my lovely husband goes back to work on Monday it will on the sewing machine. Looking forward to the year ahead with you once again learning new things.

  41. Jo Dee Myatt says:

    Amy, you have no idea how much I needed to read what you wrote!! 2013 was a very trying year for me, I wont go into details. Thank you from my heart. My only resolution this year is to pray more, and to make it intentional, not just this and that, but specifics. God bless you and thank you for being strong in verbalizing your faith! JDM

  42. Hi Amy, I feel so spaced out by your January 1st email I don’t know what to write. I will be joining your 2014 SBC next week just a little short of money this week. Can’t wait to start though. But I need some of your prayers Amy. After having a very lonely christmas and new year I am beginning to wonder, do I have any purpose in this world! With no family or friends it really gets hard to stay motivated and even wanting to stay in the world . So I am coming to the SBC with a purpose to share my love of craft and maybe just to feel apart of something too and perhaps find a purpose. So I am hoping you can help me Amy. Julie Beard.

    • Julie, my heart goes out to you. The holidays are such a tough time of year for people who are lonely!! I hope that you can find peace and joy and purpose in life in knowing the true God through His Son Jesus Christ.
      January is said to be the most depressing time of the year. If you think you may be depressed, if you are suicidal in *any* way, Please, Please seek help! I have struggled with depression myself, especially Season Affected Depression/Disorder (winter blues). I know how horrible it is. There is hope and help. Please contact me if you want to through my blogger ID which has an email address. I trust that joining the SBC will give you a pleasant goal to work towards.

  43. Lucia Gabor says:

    Yes absolutely inspired! Last year it was awesome to get back at quilting and creating, this year you have presented a good challenge. I am ready! I love the idea of the short term attainable goals with little notes reminding me to get up and do something…Yes it can be done! Thank you for your insight and inspiration…Intentional here I come!

  44. Jennifer N says:

    Intention. What a wonderful word. I have always thought that something was missing from all those “resolutions” that I set and never followed through with. It was the intent. This year I did go broad with my overall goal to be a better steward of all our wonderful Creator has given to me. But after reading my SBC e-mail, I agree that I need some specific goals to keep me going. I need to be more intentional when it comes to how I will be a better steward. I too am a list person so a list highlighting the areas of my life I want to improve with specific goals for each week will work nicely. Thank you for all the work, thought, and love that you put into this site. It is so refreshing!

  45. I’m so glad we’re friends… :)

  46. Amy, God knew you would write this and I would read it today, January 4th, when I really needed it. Winter is hard for me, especially January, and I have been feeling it today. Your blog post really spoke to me and reinforced the same feelings and desires I have for myself and my life this year. I want you to know that you have my support and that I am so very thankful for your words and your heart. God will bless you and fill your heart as you share your faith and encourage us throughout the year. I hope and pray to do the same for you and others.

  47. Amy, wow! Your way in which words flow has me so mesmerized. A woman of God, you are. A woman of God I am. I’m excited to join you each month in all your intentions…and now mine. Thanks for being you, and sharing a bit of you with us.

    I’m off to cut some fabric after I tuck my sweet granddaughter into bed, under the handmade quilt. She wanted to spend the night.

  48. Dear Amy, I don’t have the same gift to express my feelings and faith the way you did with those words. Each one of us have got different gifts right? I’m so happy God gave you this gift so I could read this wonderful message from you. It just came in the same moment I’m coming back doing what I love that is sewing and sharing, but wasn’t able to do for about three months. I’m also excited to join the Sugar Block Club, but this time I’m really gonna push myself. Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

  49. What beautiful thoughts you have laid out here. I cannot thank you enough for sharing them. You have given me much to think about and inspired me to make some necessary changes. God bless you!

  50. These verses came to mind –

    Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

    Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

    I think you are on target at aiming at smaller bites of a larger desire too. Keep going forward with that! I know from experience that that, and prayer, works! :-) Digging deeper is always a frightening thing at times, but you’ll find some pleasant surprises as well as sad challenges.

  51. Beautiful! What a ‘God moment´ to have come across your extra special BOM! Thank you for your encouragement and transparency. Todays culture is moving away from women standing by each other to become the woman that God intended. We need more of this. Will be praying fur you as you journey thru this year with all of us!

  52. I love this post. You made me feel optimistic and bright – I dug out all my fabrics ready for the new block, new month, new year. But January has been a truly dreadful month for us. My lovely stepfather died on the 14th and my husband lost his job on the 21st. Suddenly everything is up in the air along with all my intentions. I just keep reading this, and the Mercy post, and hoping that things will get better, right?

  53. I read your blog about intention and it made me think. I have so many half finished projects I have made it my intention this year to get them finished. The first one I have finished is my Crafsy Block Of The Month quilt started in August 2012 during the London Olympics. I completed it today during the Sochi Olympics! It’s been my own personal marathon and I am extremely proud of the finished article. I had never done machine quilting until I started this project and under Amy’s instruction I was able to complete it. Thanks Amy for your inspiration.


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