Before the First Leaf Falls

What can I say?  It’s summer, and I don’t think life has been any richer than it is right now.  So much glorious weather, glorious food, glorious play. Behind the scenes I’m a crazy woman, working day and night on something really exciting, really consuming, but right now on the main stage it’s still summer through and through.  And enjoying it with these little munchkins is objective #1.

In Full Swing 01

This summer seems to be an equal mixture of 2 types of days around here- 1) warm, sunny blue-skied days that demand burgers on the grill and icy margaritas, and 2) dark, stormy days that rain absolute buckets.  Tough to decide which I like more, but I’m pretty sure it’s the rainy days.  I don’t doubt that we’ve set a rainfall record this year, and as far as I’m concerned, the more, the better.  It has a way of feeding my soul.

In Full Swing 03

And is there anything better, on those blustery, rumbly days, than a good old fashioned puppet show?  I think not.  We enjoyed an especially fun one this week.

In Full Swing 05

In Full Swing 11

In Full Swing 13

In Full Swing 12

What else on a rainy day?  Why sew of course.  Rain pitter pattering on the leaves outside my sewing room window is nothing short of heavenly.  Unless of course, it means halting whatever treehouse decorating project is underway (that apparently involves slathering one’s self in school glue).  Then we’re inside again and there’s no shortage of things to do.

In Full Swing 10

In Full Swing 06

The kids are definitely growing like weeds, but you know who else is growing?  Ranger boy!  Our little fuzzball is practically a full grown pup now and it’s officially hard to remember life without him in it.

In Full Swing 08

In Full Swing 09

So here’s to summer.  Here’s to climbing and swinging, dancing and eating and growing.  May we soak in every precious moment of it before the first leaf falls.

In Full Swing 02



  1. Jodi Wyss says:

    Oh Amy, it was so good to hear about your fun days of summer!!

  2. Looks like a perfect summer to me. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like fun Amy! Your kiddos and puppy are so cute!

  4. Ginger Mileski says:

    Amy, thank you for freely sharing your beautiful family with all of us. I always enjoy your posts. Your priorities are in the right place.

  5. great post! loveit!! that quilt is amazing that your kids are playing wiht! lucky children who have such a talented mother!

  6. Andrea Williams says:

    Hi Amy, what a beautiful post! Summer is my favorite and I also love rainy days. I just finished up a flying geese quilt in pretty summer colours. I really loved the quilt in your puppet show!!! I love that one so much. Enjoy your kids each moment as before you know it your boys will fit into your shoes and be taller than you at ten years old!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, what glorious pictures! Thank you for sharing your family fun. It’s delightful.

  9. Candy Radford says:

    Beautiful post Amy!

  10. Heather says:

    I can’t believe how big the twins have gotten! They are too adorable. Love seeing your summer days! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us.

  11. Hold.Tight.To.Those.Precious.Days! Thank you for letting us in on your fun-filled summer days.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Lovely post. I always enjoy your family updates. The kids just get cuter and cuter!

  13. Thanks for sharing your summer fun. Love the playing in the rain.

  14. Amy, I enjoyed your blog. Your family is so precious and the kids look like you – I think. I have four grandchildren that I love dearly, and they take turns spending Saturday mornings with grammy doing fun things. Occasionally, I take them to McDonald’s, and they enjoy that… so do I. I am teaching my 8 year old granddaughter to sew; she enjoys it immensely. I had them for a sleepover on Wednesday (all except for the baby), and they all wanted to sew – even my grandson. So I let him and the youngest one sew just a little – they were afraid of the needle. Well, that’s been my week – very enjoyable and spent it with my precious little ones. Have a good week and looking forward to your next blog. Carlene

  15. Sue Benson says:

    A beautiful post showing fun filled times with your sweet family enjoying the simple things of life. A breath of fresh air.

  16. So true!! Enjoy every minute!! What a great post!! Your kidos are so cute, and trust me in what seems like a blink, they are grown. So truly enjoy every moment!!!

  17. Your family is so wonderful enjoy as time goes to fast. Glad to see Grandmother in the mis.

  18. Ann Becker says:

    Amy I love your stories about your family in the summer. Brings back cherished memories. Thank you

  19. They grow up fast, enjoy every moment! Love the pictures! Adorable family!

  20. ylmommyx4 says:

    I’m with you on the rainy days but in So Cal…well you know the answer to that one. Your children are precious and are so blessed to have you as their mom.

  21. I Just LOVE your posts, it brings tears to my eyes. You have such a blessed family and yes all is growing like weeds. Love the picture of your daughter dazing at the sewing machine. It looks like you are having so much fun with your children, giving them precious memories for a lifetime. Great work. I cant wait to see your project you have been dilently working on.

  22. Ahhh! Lots of warm fuzzies from reading this post. My baby boy is growing so fast, too, and it’s great to see you are all doing well in your corner of the world.

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