Dear Fall Market: Thanks for Rocking

Well, I did it.  I survived my first ever International Quilt Market weekend, and truth be told, it felt less like Survivor and more like the-best-weekend-of-all-time, thanks to comfy shoes and lots and lots of coffee.  Without a doubt, International Quilt Market in Houston was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Market Collage 04

Friends, friends, and more friends! My twin-for-the-weekend, Jennifer Mathis, sweet Miss Jeni Baker in her darling booth, and the always-epic Fancy Tiger ladies!

Market Collage 03

Our stunning cityscape view, cocktails with Susan Guzman, Lizzy House, and Jennifer Mathis (possibly 3 of the coolest people on the planet), and some yummy modern quilts from the Andover Fabrics booth

Market Collage 02

FreeSpirit Oreo and I’m the filling! :) What a treat to chat with Anna Maria Horner and Jenean Morrison!!!

Market Collage 06

I can’t get enough of…colorful star quilts, like this one by April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns, loads and loads of vintage quilts of course, and ELEANOR BURNS!!!  This woman’s spark and vibrance has been an inspiration to me for decades, and it was such a thrill to meet her in person.

Market Collage 01

I could have spent all day in Heather Bailey’s looooovely booth. That paper pieced butterfly was mesmerizing!

Market Collage 07

Aaaahhh! Tula Pink! Ann Kelle! Heather Jones with Heather Bailey and her sweet hubby…too much awesome to handle. Hard to wrap my head around so much talent under one roof.

Market2013 23

Fancy meeting you here….Mr. little ol’ holiday pattern that I wrote for Windham fabrics. ;)  I wish I’d snapped a shot of the Bird’s Eye Quilt that I designed for them as well, but every time I walked by, it was being cuddled <yay!>…pics of that one soon!)

Market Collage 08

A few more favorite booths….Pat Bravo, Melissa Ybarra, Cloud 9, and Robert Kaufman’s Kona Solids

Market Collage 05

Can I title this collage anything other than “adorable”? Me thinks not. Colorful FreeSpirit solids sampler, Vanessa Christenson in her ridiculously darling booth, and the coolest Polaroid quilt ever over at RJR Fabrics.

Back to home, sweet home now, but I’m I’m still floating on air, and feeling thoroughly inspired and energized.  Tomorrow is a new day, a blank page filled with possibility, and I can’t wait to fill it with color.



  1. Looks like you had a blast!!

  2. bravo…..bravo!!!!! more more more!

  3. Absolutely awesome! So much inspiration and energy! But first, family time, then let the creativity begin! So glad you had fun!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pics! It’s great to have a look!

  5. Thanks for sharing some pics! So excited for the new fabric lines…

  6. I’m so happy it was a dream come true trip!! I loved following along on social media and feeling like I was there. Can’t wait until I make the trip, you’ve made it even more exciting!

    Plus, Anna Maria?! I die.

  7. I just have to drool at all of those pictures full of fabrics and ideas! It would be overwhelming to be in the center of all of this. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  8. Yay! Amy You rock too. Congrats on your winning the Craftsy best instructor! Feels like I won!

  9. I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun Quilt Market is. I’m so in love with that giant polaroid camera quilt and the scrappy heart. LOVE!

  10. It was so great to meet you Amy! Isn’t Jenean Morrison the sweetest of the sweet? Have a happy day!

  11. Congratulations on your Craftsy WIN!! I voted for you and I’m glad you won in this category. Some year I would love to go to Houston…. what fun it seems to be.

  12. Kathy Fair says:

    Glad to see you had a wonderful time.

  13. All I have to say about this is: YIPPEEEEE!!! And I wish I was there with you. XO.

  14. Wow!!!! I am glad you had such a fantastic time! You deserve it!!!

  15. It was so great to see you again Amy! So glad you had a great first market! :)

  16. Oh my! Such lovely photos! Thanks for sharing and allowing all of us to feel some of the Quilt Market excitement.

  17. Thank you for sharing Houston with us, I wanted to ever so much. but Oh Well

  18. Thanks for sharing photos. It would be a great event to visit. :-) The Polaroid quilt is a neat idea. Hm….ideas.

  19. Lucky you! Glad you had fun, meeting all those talented designers, and seeing their new fabrics and patterns! Love Vanessa’s sewing machine! What a lovely business you are in, although not without a great deal of work, I’m sure.

  20. Great pics Amy, so very jealous! Thanks for sharing. :)

  21. That looks like so much fun, glad it went so well for you :o)

  22. Your husband gave you a wonderful gift- a getaway weekend filled with your favorite things! I am so happy for you. Your smile says it all!

  23. Great pictures of so many exciting things! Oh…and you look fabulous!

  24. Yay, I’m so glad you liked my Polaroid quilt! Thanks for sharing it! Somehow my cards didn’t make it out with it during the show. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you at Market–will you be at Spring in Pittsburgh?

  25. It is wonderfull
    merci de nous faire partager ces belles photos et toutes ces magnifiques idées
    amitiés de France

  26. So glad you had such a great time. The pics were great. I’ve never been to Houston Fest but want to go now. Love your enthusiasm.

  27. Amazing! Next year, Amy… :)

  28. Loved seeing you my friend and your recap is fab. Captured all of it so well. Love your Christmas quilt too! xo Happy weekend and CONGRATS on your Craftsy win! So well deserved.

  29. Looks like you had a great time! Awesome market recap. Good to meet you!

  30. Do you know anything about the quilt beside April Rosenthal’s, the one with the blue and yellow/orange centres? I’d love to find another picture of that one, too!

  31. So fun to meet you and then keep bumping into you at market!! Still having buyers remorse? You know I’m willing to take some of that off your hands at any time. Great recap! Lets keep in touch.

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