Falling Into Sweetness

This was the week, at least here in Colorado, that literally turned summer into fall.  I woke up one morning and suddenly the air is crisp, the leaves are turning…you can just smell the change…and the peach tartlets.

Stop & Smell The Peaches 01

Our family had such a great time baking up this month’s Sugar Block Club dessert- an elegant, simple way to use up those end-of-summer peaches.  And what a perfect project for those eager little hands to dive into.

Stop & Smell The Peaches 02

Stop & Smell The Peaches 03

Stop & Smell The Peaches 04

I was having this deeply inspired photo session with the pretty peaches against my Paris Grey buffet table….perfectly pin-worthy…

Stop & Smell The Peaches 06

….and I look up to see my children unleash a huge box of packing peanuts on the back lawn.  REALITY CHECK!  Behind every picture perfect moment is a totally imperfect reality.  And you know what?  I think I like the imperfect reality more!

Stop & Smell The Peaches 05

Thanking God today for the beautifully imperfect, unexpected, unscripted, unplanned moments that bring the most joy.



  1. That dessert looks totally yummy and would work with pears too!
    Thanks for the imperfect moments ~ they are usually the best!

  2. Debbie Day says:

    Love reading your posts, and that peach tartlet looks delicious. Funny how boxes and packing popcorn can be so much fun!

  3. lol that’s awesome. Love ya’ girl!

  4. capturing moments to remember for a lifetime. You are truly blessed.

  5. Andrea Williams says:

    Amen! As always, you and your sweeties have made my day.

  6. Laura Hall says:

    let there be more! of those moments! Treasure them all…

  7. When they’re being quiet, that’s when they’re getting into something! I wonder why we buy them toys though…all they really need is an old box and packing peanuts or maybe bubble wrap.

  8. This post totally cracked me up…………. I was waiting for the next line – and then a gust of wind blows thru. Ask me how I know!!! Peach tarts look and sound deeeelish!!

  9. Oh dear, I can only hope those packing peanuts are the water soluble kind!

  10. Terri Mosier says:

    Amy, your little girl has just got to be the cutest! Thanks for the smile :)

  11. Your last pic is simply perfect a yummy desert and beautiful healthy children! Reality wins!

  12. ROFL at the packing peanuts! Looks like you were all having fun anyway :)

  13. ylmommyx4 says:

    That looks like a pretty perfect day to me.

  14. They both look like great fun, wish I could come play too.

  15. just nominated you under quilting best craftsy instructor!! have loved both of the classes you instructed!! Hope you win!! Good luck

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