1. Sharon Fazio says:

    I would like to follow you on your blog
    Thank you

  2. Teri Ralph says:

    Amy, I checked that I would like to follow you on your blog. Somehow, I accidentally touched something on my iPad and it deleted your blog. Could you please add me back to follow your blog?
    Thank you

  3. Barbara Wadel says:

    Hi Amy , I started doing your blocks of the month later, but chose to do them anyway. I chose the ones I liked best to do my quilt, which I am still in the process of doing. I am 60 worked all my life. I have knitted and crocheted for 40 years and have done many projects including sweaters. I always wanted to do quilting but felt I never had the time with working a full time job at a Christian Day Care. I love your class, and now am doing the quilting I always wanted to do. You are a great teacher. I had to quit my job due to an illness called sarcoidosis, it has kept me at home and when I feel good now I am quilting, along with my knitting. God Bless you and yours, it is so nice to know of another sister in Christ on here. I will pray for the young man you put on here and if able donate. Yours in Christ, Barb Wadel

  4. Evelyn Croskey says:

    I am a member of the Sugar Block Club and am doing the blocks. However, this month I got the pattern, but no templates. ;-( Where do I find those?

  5. I can always have time for another quilt/ fabric newsletter. Thank you . some free fabric would be just great as well. I do always try to shop locally when I can.

  6. hi, I was trying to watch the tutorial on binding, was redirected, and then it just wasn’t there. Did you remove it or is it a glitch?

  7. Gloria Aguilera says:

    Hi Amy, Hope this is okay to reply to you here regarding your pictures I received in my email on the remodeling of your kitchen. What a big improvement and it looks so homey looking just like a farm house kitchen should. It was so homey of you to post these for all of us to see. I haven’t started my blocks yet on this site have so many projects to do and to finish up on the 2012 BOM on Craftsy. I love your teaching and the up close of all your teaching aides.
    .Are your twins boys or girls or one of each? Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing.