1. Sharon Fazio says:

    I would like to follow you on your blog
    Thank you

  2. Teri Ralph says:

    Amy, I checked that I would like to follow you on your blog. Somehow, I accidentally touched something on my iPad and it deleted your blog. Could you please add me back to follow your blog?
    Thank you

  3. Barbara Wadel says:

    Hi Amy , I started doing your blocks of the month later, but chose to do them anyway. I chose the ones I liked best to do my quilt, which I am still in the process of doing. I am 60 worked all my life. I have knitted and crocheted for 40 years and have done many projects including sweaters. I always wanted to do quilting but felt I never had the time with working a full time job at a Christian Day Care. I love your class, and now am doing the quilting I always wanted to do. You are a great teacher. I had to quit my job due to an illness called sarcoidosis, it has kept me at home and when I feel good now I am quilting, along with my knitting. God Bless you and yours, it is so nice to know of another sister in Christ on here. I will pray for the young man you put on here and if able donate. Yours in Christ, Barb Wadel

  4. Evelyn Croskey says:

    I am a member of the Sugar Block Club and am doing the blocks. However, this month I got the pattern, but no templates. ;-( Where do I find those?

  5. I can always have time for another quilt/ fabric newsletter. Thank you . some free fabric would be just great as well. I do always try to shop locally when I can.

  6. hi, I was trying to watch the tutorial on binding, was redirected, and then it just wasn’t there. Did you remove it or is it a glitch?

  7. Gloria Aguilera says:

    Hi Amy, Hope this is okay to reply to you here regarding your pictures I received in my email on the remodeling of your kitchen. What a big improvement and it looks so homey looking just like a farm house kitchen should. It was so homey of you to post these for all of us to see. I haven’t started my blocks yet on this site have so many projects to do and to finish up on the 2012 BOM on Craftsy. I love your teaching and the up close of all your teaching aides.
    .Are your twins boys or girls or one of each? Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing.

  8. Terrie Scharf says:

    I thought I was following the blog, but now i am now. Can you please add me.

  9. Amy, What is the name of your book and when is it coming out? Can’t wait to purchase it!

  10. La Verne says:

    Amy, I took the “For Keeps Pledge” and downloaded the pattern to make a charity block. I think this is a wonderful project and it helps me get rid of scraps of fabric, so I would like to send you a block on an irregular basis. So I made my first block and then looked at my instruction sheet to see where to mail it, and I saw a sentence that reads, “Please mail… blocks in either of these two color combinations…” I never saw a place that gave us a choice of colors. I just used scraps I had on hand and it turned out good, but if I need to used certain colors I need to know what they are. Can you post them someplace where we can see. Thanks! And thanks for being such a great teacher!

  11. hi Amy

    I have taken several if your crafty classes and have loved every minute. You are such a joy and I love your positive spirit. Plus you’re a great teacher .Thanks for having you blog.

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