House Tour 2.0

Hi sweet friends!  I’ve so much to share with you soon, including new quilty holiday projects, an upcoming giveaway from the Electric Quilt Company (!!!), and details on the 2014 Sugar Block Club (yes, it’s happening!), but first, I thought I’d take this cozy weekend to share about some fun progress we’ve made on the house.

We are gearing up for a good old fashioned Christmas party this year…the oh-so-awesome melding of neighbors, co-workers, old friends, new friends, quilty friends, crafty friends, church friends, school friends, oh and our crazy family…needless to say, we are EXCITED to be hosting one this year.  So the pressure is on to finish all of the lingering house projects!!!  Thought I’d share about a few of my favorites. :)

SO- the eat-in kitchen area.  Mm, yes.  This has been quite the delightful transformation.  Here’s an old shot from the first day we toured the house…

05Tough to see much, but perhaps this super classy flooring shot taken by my smart-phone-wielding 3yo will give you a clearer idea of the previously not-so-awesome vibe.

House Tour 18

And here it is today…

House Tour 04

I have plans to hang some pretty vintage windows on that blank yellow wall, but, sigh, one day at a time.

House Tour 06

Here’s that table set before…a lovely, yet somewhat boring Craigslist find.

House Tour 17

And here it is after some chalk paint magic…

House Tour 05

Took me months to build up the energy to do all of those chairs, and I’ll admit- it was by far the most tedious furniture redo I’ve ever attempted.  It was so mind-numbing, in fact, to paint, sand, and wax all around each of those little intricate spindles, that I pretty much pooped out halfway through the first chair.  My husband will attest- we had 3 oak colored chairs around that table for literally months, and one halfway done, lonely in the garage.  Finally, this week I couldn’t take it anymore!

House Tour 01

They all have a different personality…one didn’t get sanded at all (I got too excited and just started waxing…oops!), another has streaks of chartreuse peaking through from a previous makeover attempt, and yet another got LOTS of sanding so he’s super shabby-looking.  But alas, I love them all.

House Tour 02

Hmm, what else?  I was in the chalk paint store this week when I spied a completely delectable shade of green that I simply couldn’t resist.  Mr. Antibes Green, you are coming home with me.  Turned out he was the perfect shade for my great grandma’s old frame (that bright orange was so 2011), as well as the base of my boring black dining room table.  We’ll have to see where Mr. Antibes turns up next!

House Tour 08

House Tour 07

Ah, yes, and we can’t forget about the LAUNDRY ROOM!  This might be my most favorite makeover of all.  Why?  Well, when you live in a household of six, and 2/3rds of the crew can’t seem to go a day without mucking up at least 3 outfits and peeing or puking all over the bed, well, you spend a lot of time in the laundry room.  And who wouldn’t want to spend lots of time in THIS laundry room?

House Tour 09

Wha?!?  You aren’t in love with that kiwi and purple combo?  This organization system doesn’t make you swoon?  To it’s credit, I’ll admit, these purple outlets probably added 6.4 minutes of laughter (or was that weeping?) to each and every day that they graced the view in this room.  Thank you for your service, purple outlets.  You fought bravely.

House Tour 10

First things first- goodbye hideous linoleum floor.  Thank you HGTV for saving my life with this awesome hair-dryer idea!

House Tour 11

And here is the new laundry room!

House Tour 12

Granted, it’s a windowless cave at the end of a very long, dark hallway, so lighting is at a major shortage, but I think it’s feeling much happier!  And more organized.

House Tour 13

House Tour 16

House Tour 15

I just love how that pretty wall stencil just smiles at me from all the way across the house, beckoning me “Come on in, Miss Amy!  How about washin’ up a load?”  Don’t mind if I do.

House Tour 14

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak at what we’ve been up to here on the home front!  Oh, how I adore cozying up the house.  Thanks for stopping by, and wherever you are, do stay cozy and warm this week!



  1. Wow! Amy, what a FANTASTIC job! It all looks so beautiful. Well done with the chairs, I sooooo admire your tenacity with the spindles! And I am particularly impressed with the laundry room….what I wouldn’t give to have something like that! :) Very well done…now you can relax and enjoy it. x

  2. Hello there. First off I want to say that I have been following your Block of the Month class on Craftsy. It’s been years since I have made a quilt and I am getting the needed inspiration from your class. And once again, inspiration. My laundry room (laundry area actually) is part of my bathroom. It needs help. Thanks for sharing your make-over. You have given me the nudge I need to start working on it. Love your blog.

  3. Oh, what a lovely job you’ve done with your home ~ love the table and chairs and that green is just wonderful! What a great room to do laundry in too! Makeovers are the most fun to see!

  4. Amy, you are amazing! I love, love, love everything you have done in your home. Not just your style and talents, but your gift at turning it into a warm, cozy space for the people you love. I just wish that I had your energy!!!

  5. You’ve done a great job! I’m not one that likes wood painted, but I really like what you’ve done :) Love the wallpaper and light in the laundry room too. By the way, you have great taste in your Kitchen Aid color choice….I have the same color! :-)

  6. What an amazing job!! It’s remarkable you can do all this with the four little ones. We have done remodeling ourselves and it is no small task. Have a blessed and happy thanksgiving!!

  7. I really like what you did with the chairs. They turned out great. You did a great job on the kitchen and laundry room. I like the little quilt you put on top of the dryer. Such a nice way to protect the top of your dryer and look pretty too.

  8. Beautiful! Time to enjoy it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Love your makeovers!! Hmmm, I have a pair of leaded glass windows that would be perfect on that yellow wall…do you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest where I could get them to you???

  10. Fantastic!! I’ve never tried any of the paint techniques you mentioned. I think I need to take a trip to the paint store to investigate!!!!

  11. First of all, I love that you have a table runner in your laundry room; I also love the stencil. Your floors are beautiful too. About the chalk paint – why did you have to sand your chairs before using it? I thought part of the appeal was that you don’t have to sand or prime before using it. Your house is looking great – enjoy your holiday.

    • Thanks so much Laura! Glad you enjoyed my little makeover projects! The sanding that I did on the chairs was after I’d painted them with the chalk paint, to smooth out the finish (things got a little clumpy around all of those spindles), and also to expose some of the finish underneath, to give them an old weathered look. Sanding is an optional step, but can help make the piece look more “shabby” instead of freshly painted. Boy, are you right though, it’s SO great that you don’t have to sand BEFORE painting them…such a time saver and more fun just to get right to it. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have the loveliest of Thanksgivings!

  12. Beautiful Changes! I love seeing things go from drab to fab. I love love your buffet table, the floors are gorgeous and I adore the laundry room wallpaper. You guys did a great job on everything.

  13. Amazing and beautiful transformation! Bravo and a very well done! I now have to take a nap. I want you to remember these times and when you are in your late fifties wonder how you did it all.
    Have a great holiday and anxiously awaiting more pics et al.

  14. you are truly amazing! adorable! and witty! I can almost hear the cheerful banter in the laundry room if I listen carefully! Have a great holiday season and treasure the moments.

  15. Great changes, love your laundry room. Mine is a washer & dryer in the basement.

  16. Gorgeous!! I love all the improvements, and I am so jealous of your awesome laundry room. It would almost be enough to make me want to do laundry…. almost. ;)

  17. Kathy Fair says:

    Very nice. I don’t know how you get it all done.

  18. How gorgeous!! I wish my husband liked color and style instead of beige and boring. Oh well, one day.. one day.

  19. Becky Thompson says:

    Where on earth do you find the energy with infant twins??? The place looks great! And you’ve inspired me to quilt up a topper for my front loaders. I only wish I’d of done it 3 years ago when I got them because the cranberry washing machine top is all scuffed up now. Oh well, the topper will cover that. That’s a stencil??? It looks factory girl! Well done!

  20. Hi Amy, First off just want to say that I’m too excited for words that you are continuing the sugar block club in 2014. It’s going to be a blast. I love the way your house is coming up and the furniture revamps that you have done. I have also been doing some myself for the last year as well and it’s funny because the colors are very similar. I also love the stenciling you did in your laundry room. AWSOME!!! Would love to see a tour of your new sewing space?????
    If you have the time that is with 4 little ones on your hands. Anyway, have a great thanks giving and enjoy your Christmas party.

  21. Really beautiful-all of it! I often see furniture at second hand stores and just pass them by not seeing their potential. I need to pause and think next time:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Wow, you did a wonderful job. It’s all so cute and homey. What kind of wood flooring did you put in your kitchen? It looks very nice. We’re in need of a new kitchen floor but not sure what to put in. I’m really amazed at all that you get done.

  23. Love the new house photos! Who makes the wood flooring? It looks like the exact thing I was hoping to find for our new house.

  24. I love the touches that you do with the furniture; the pieces just look so fun and happy. You have great ideas in decorating. What is the hair dryer trick though?

    Also, I had to look back on the Craftsy blog to see who won the Craftsy Blog contest and it was you! Congrats on your win!

  25. So nice, colored and cozy… I love the wallpaper of the laundry room…

  26. I love that table. I purchased a similar table from craigslist last year with the same intention to paint it. Yet, it sits with its boring self in the kitchen. sigh. Yours is adorable!

  27. I’m in love with your laundry room stenciled wall, handscraped floor and both of your two tone tables! SWOON!!

  28. PS – is that a refinished buffet? or did you buy it like that? and are those roman shades made from a mini blind base? Love them too!


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