More Circle 7 Traveling Quilts

I can’t lie- I’m pretty sure I’ve had the pleasure of being part of THE most fantastic traveling bee in the history of bees!  Seriously, I can’t even tell you- I love this group to pieces.  6 other ladies, each adding something completely beautiful and unique to the group (and the quilts).  For the past year, it’s been just one “wow!” after another as I rip open the constant stream of bubble mailers filled with the most dynamic, personal, inspired blocks, and precious little journals accompanying each quilt and keeping track of who’s added what, bits about fabric or design choices, and sweet affirmations for the lucky quilt owners.

Circle 7 Bee 09

This one belongs to my sweet friend, Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane.  She chose a super modern aesthetic for hers- bold colorful solids on light, low volume neutrals, and I know we’re all having a blast adding our touch to it.

Circle 7 Bee 10

This one came to me as a stack of gorgeous blocks, so I decided the first thing I needed to to was go ahead and start joining them together.  I came up with this layout, but left out Susannah Kate‘s fabulous feather block so that the next quilter in line would have something to add to for another “row” (or whatever their little heart desires).

Circle 7 Bee 11

Circle 7 Bee 12

I also added a couple of blocks of my own.  This quilt had everything…wonkiness, improv, curves, herringbone, triangles, stars…I knew just what it needed….hexis!

Circle 7 Bee 13

Circle 7 Bee 14

Circle 7 Bee 16

Just one more stop and then this quilt is yours, my dear Jennifer!  Hope you love it!


Circle 7 Bee 15

The other quilt that I had fun adding to this month was Lindsey Rhodes’ vintage kitchen themed quilt!  Oohhhh myyyy, what a darling quilt for a darling gal!

Circle 7 Bee 01

Valerie’s Kitchen Aide mixer is just to die for!  All kinds of vintage wonderful!

Circle 7 Bee 02

And the mixing bowls, mason jars, and arrow!  This one is just getting cuter and cuter.

Circle 7 Bee 03

I decided to add a paper pieced apron, from a darling pattern I found on Etsy by Charise Creates.  The instant I saw it, I knew it had to be in this quilt!

Circle 7 Bee 07

Enjoyed trying out a little tip that a reader, Melissa Anderson, shared with me recently- she uses a tracing wheel (used in garment making) to perforate the lines between the patches, rather than sewing along them with an unthreaded needle.

Circle 7 Bee 06

I wasn’t quite sure if it would perforate enough to allow for the easy folding and tearing away needed…but boy was I wrong!  The tracing wheel worked beautifully!  This is my new favorite tip of all time!  Much much much much quicker, saves your sharp needle, and you don’t have to do it sitting at your machine.   Finally, I can put Grandma’s old tracing wheel to good use!

Circle 7 Bee 05

So I paired my new apron up with Susannah Kate’s precious little teacups and added them to the quilt.

Circle 7 Bee 04

I also added this pretty star block, which I thought had some nice vintage charm, and would allow me to beef up the size of this quilt and piece it together in rows.  Hope you like your vintage kitchen quilt as much as I do, Miss Lindsey!


Circle 7 Bee 08

I’m so grateful for this group of gals, and I just can’t wait to get my very own quilt as our year nears an end.  VERY excited to see most of these ladies at Sew South coming up next month…yup, that’s right, this mamma’s taking a sewcation in just a few weeks!  Can’t wait to see some great friends, and recharge my batteries.



  1. Teri Hackett says:

    This little kitchen quilt is so adorable! While I don’t understand how the bee works, it sure is fun to see you get excited. Thank you for sharing. I really like your apron block addition. Its perfect! And the teacups, and mixing bowls are so clever. I’m happy for you! Can’t wait to see yours!

  2. These are both wonderful. I would love to get in on a bee of this type. I love it!

  3. Love them all. Love the colors and the creativity.

  4. What lovely designs! I particularly love the solids in one quilt and the apron in the other. Great job!

  5. THey are both beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Oh, and I guess I need a tracing wheel. Awesome idea,

  6. Love the quilts! The tracing wheel idea is super. I found my ancient one at my Mom’s and brought it back home with me from my last visit. Now to put it to good use.

  7. Amy-these quilts bring tears to my eyes! They are each amazing!! I love what you added to both- the hexies are perfect! And that apron!! WOW! Love. I am so excited to hang out very soon :)

  8. Oh wow, thank you for sharing these lovely, lovely quilts, lucky ladies.

  9. You all have done such a great job on these quilts. I’m with you on needing a sewcation. So looking forward to seeing you.

  10. I love these quilts. So beautiful, but my favorite block would definitely have to be your apron block. It is so me the red, white and Aqua. I actually seen someone make the comment of using the tracing wheel for perforating in paper piecing in your craftsy 2012 quilt along and I have been using that method since then. Its awesome. So much quicker than using the sewing machine to do. Can’t believe it is almost time for sew south again. That time has flowen by so quickly. Enjoy your sewing get away and have so much fun. XOXO

  11. Those are beautiful! I love this idea, I recently talked to a friend of mine about doing a group for a traveling quilt.

  12. That’s funny…I looked at the picture of the first quilt and thought “ooh, I love the hexies in there!” Your little apron is adorable. What a great tip with the tracing wheel. I have one hanging around that I’ve never used. I’ll have to dig it out and give it a try on my next paper piecing project (which will probably be December’s SBC block, I’m a little behind).

  13. They are just darling. I especially loved the apron block.

  14. kaystephenson says:

    Brilliant tip on the tracing wheel. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow, i love this bee idea!! How fun and creative is that!!! But the journal idea is brilliant!!!! What a truly wonderful and treasured combination this while always be!!

  16. I really really love the apron. Would love to have that pattern. I am headed over to leave a question for the designer. Both quilts are wonderful, but the kitchen one is just to adorable and so me. Your group of friends sounds like a great group. This is an interesting idea. Is there a lot of rules to do something like this or a book about doing something like this? Have a wonderful day. Smiles…..

  17. Gorgeous! Love the apron pattern. Best, Kate

  18. Well, like everyone else I LOVE the apron so adorable. And your star is just as beautiful. How fun!

  19. Ann Becker says:

    OMG this is so adorable. Thanks for sharing your bees talents. I want one just like that.

  20. I don’t understand bees but I love the results!! They are both so beautiful.
    I just have to add that the apron is so sweet and fits in so well. And while it is totally different, somehow it is so reminiscent of the beautiful wedding dress you made for that museum display you did. I just love how you created a flowing feel. Just lovely.

  21. Wow! Absolutely beautiful. so inspired I have just been over to Charise Creates and purchased some fantastic patterns. Now just got to find time to try them out!

  22. I just love the vintage kitchen quilt! That apron is the best, I love how you made it look and the bow. Your so clever. I don’t understant the bee either, You will need to post how a bee works.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Linda Weaver says:

    What a WONDERFUL idea, with amazing results!! How does a traveling bee get started??

  24. I understand how a traveling bee works. “The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party,” by Alissa Haight Carlton and Kristen Lenjinieks, explains it well, and has great examples of quilts made by their bee.If you know of some others who are looking for a new member, please let me know.

    On another note, Lindsey’s quilt is nothing short of spectacular. How creative and cute!
    Anne B

  25. Hi Amy, thanks for passing on the great tip about using the tracing wheel with the teeth. I have several vintage ones. I would think you could even use your acrylic ruler for accuracy. Just a thought, Jo Ann R.

  26. Wow both of those are beautiful! What lucky recipients. I am thinking I need to start a traveling quilt with some friends…what fun!!

  27. Your work always makes me smile and your pictures are to die for. Your blog is fun to read, thanks for sharing your art and your tips too.

  28. Oh my gosh!! These are the cutest quilts ever! The vintage kitchen quilt is amazing. You gals are so creative and inspiring.

  29. Becky Thompson says:

    Love, LOVE the apron! How cute and I’m definitely going to make that block. But instead of a quilt, I think I’ll just frame it for kitchen art. Like others, I’m not understanding how the bee works. Can you explain? Thanks!

  30. The vintage kitchen quilt is really, really cute! Of course, I especially like the apron.

  31. The Sassy Quilter says:

    Love that apron! and am going to have to try that tracing tool.

  32. I agree this is one of the best bees ever. I love all the quilts. I can’t wait to see you at sew south

  33. These quilts are so beautiful! What a talented group of ladies with such an eye for color. Fun!!

  34. Oh I love it so much!!!! Jennifer’s looks amazing as well. This has been such a fun experience and something I will treasure for a lifetime!


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