Mr. Dock’s Colorado Quilt

You may remember, not so long ago, that my dear sweet husband made a quilt of his very own- his Commonwealth Quilt paying homage to his roots in Virginia.  His intention at the time was, I think, just to humor me, to give this old quilting deal a whirl, and so once he came upon an idea that he was excited about- patchwork in the shape of Virginia- he was off to the races. He rarely asked for help (really only when the machine came unthreaded), and plugging away with his plan at a record pace.

Well, his quilt turned out amazing, and he adores it, but I wasn’t sure if he’d made another. After all, he’d gone above and beyond by just making one quilt, right? He’d decided that was all the quilting he needed to do……until another idea struck.  Oh, sweet inspiration, you are a tricky trickster!  Yes, another idea hit- he wanted to make a patchwork Colorado flag.  This was his initial, and really only sketch.  Just a quick general shape, with a couple of scribbled dimensions, and then all of the sudden I started to find random piles of fabrics that I didn’t remember pulling.  I just love that he didn’t even ask my opinion on the fabrics, and that he really dug to find what he was looking for…some 1930s repro’s from a neat stack in the closet, a navy that I actually had tucked away up on the top shelf, practically out of view, and a whole lot of reds that I’d forgotten I even had.

Colorado Quilt 1

Then one day, I walked downstairs and came upon the project starting to take shape- cutting had begun.  I love the process that he instinctually came up with- cutting strips, of different lengths but all the same width- then stitching them end to end to make a super long strip, and then sub-cutting it into even lengths to create his rows.

Colorado Quilt 2

The next day, when I returned home from the grocery store, I walked in the door to find this progress had been made- 8 lovely strips had been cut and things were really starting to happen with this quilt!  After that, it wasn’t long at all- he was on a roll and had his background pieced, and the C foundation pieced and appliqued on within hours.  We were laughing about how quickly he got it done actually, compared to my painstakingly slow pace, and I’m certain I need to take lessons from him.  Typical guy quilting.  No agonizing over a design or debating over fabrics for hours.  No shoppping.  No talking about the plan, no dwelling on the plan, no asking anyone how they felt about it.  Nope.  Just grab the fabric, cut it, stitch it. BOOM!

Colorado Quilt 3

So here it is- standard flag size, and inevitably attracting the attention of the neighbors as we huddled around to photograph it on the fence.  People called out, “Love it, Amy!”, to which I replied- “Russell made it!”  I think they were stunned.  Now we are officially the crazy quilting family on the block.

Colorado Quilt 4

He’s thinking about asymmetrically bordering it with a crisp white, so that the quilt floats toward the bottom left of a large rectangular quilt…leaving oodles of negative space for some really fun quilting. I love how his first reaction after getting this stitched up was “Oooh, how should I quilt it?!?”

Colorado Quilt 5

Colorado Quilt 6

And there it is!  Quilt #2 for Mr. Dock.  He never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve asked him if there will be a 3rd and he said probably not, “because I don’t have any more ideas.”  Yeah, I’m pretty sure it won’t stay that way for long.  When the inspiration bug bites, there’s nothing you can do but stitch.



  1. Alison G says:

    Wow. I’m stunned that he made another – good job, Mr Dock!

  2. Maria Fortunato says:

    I love it. He does great work. Nice job and looking forward to his next masterpiece.

  3. Laraine Zegoski says:

    Very nice. My hubby needs a hobby but I can safely say it won’t be quilting. Not enough patience.

  4. You go, Mr Dock!

  5. This is wonderful! I’m so happy that you can share in this hobby together.

  6. What fun you two have together!!! That’s what life is all about!! Love the quilt.

  7. Awesome. But…cut, stitch and boom. Nah. I gotta think. dwell. Shop. Analyze and feel it. U bet.

  8. Judy pearce says:

    Wow! This is fabulous. Great job Mr. Dock.

  9. I like the way he thinks! Well, done. My second thought, was…I want to live on your street! :)

  10. How fantastic …. Love the way he thinks as well just dive in & do it ….. maybe we need to take a lesson from him :)

  11. Tracy H says:

    I too love it! Well done Mr Dock! You are faster than I!

  12. So cool!

  13. Cindy in TN says:


  14. I love it! He needs to enter it in next year’s Denver County Fair!!

  15. Wow!! Excellent work Mr. Dock….You Rock!!!

  16. Wow first Virginia and now Colorado. Two of my favorite states. I was born in Virginia and my daughter and family live in Colorado. Good job. I am very impressed!!!!

  17. This is great! Being from Colorado, I can truly appreciate it! I will show it to my boys who grew up in Greeley! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Heheh way cool!!!

  19. I’m from Colorado, so I love this!

  20. Dawn Frisch says:

    All I can say is “Wow”, he’s done it again! If only I could get my husband to do some sewing and quilting. ugh I think I have my son almost convinced! At least he’s coming up with some ideas for quilts. Now to get him shopping! LOL I’m so happy for the two of you. He’s a real manly man that’s for sure. Man enough to not be afraid to create!! I know that there’s got to be a quilt number 3 and more. Hugs to you all!

  21. Great job Mr. Dock! It really looks great!

  22. Carolyn White says:

    I bet another idea will hit him and now he knows how to make it real. Good work, Mr.Dock.

  23. Wonderful job Mr. Dock!! I love flag quilts. I am making two baby size Texas flag quilts right now for a friend’s set of twins due this fall. I am loving how they look. I won’t be surprised if Mr. Dock makes more quilts. Ideas just pop up sometimes.

  24. Sue Kelly says:

    Oh! Mr. Dock I am so impressed. Way to go !!!

  25. Judie Harron says:

    You are totally cool Mr. Dock…and your Quilt #2 is A W E S O M E!

  26. That’s brilliant! Well done Mr D! I cannot imagine my hubby giving this a go at all..(he’s usually off on his motorbike or playing lawn bowls while I enjoy the company of my sewing machine!)

  27. Fabulous, way to go Mr Dock. You did a great job. More pics when it’s quilted please.

  28. Janet Green says:

    Well Mr Dock I just have to say you have made a beautiful quilt again! I also love the way you have seen quilting as a real endeavor. This isn’t a silly little expensive hobby. It’s a love and passion for fabric textures threads and patterns. Thank you for giving it a place. Congratulations Amy you have a spectacular man!

  29. Wonderful, it reminded me of PacMan!

  30. Marianne says:

    Wow! Two down, 48 to go!

  31. AWESOME!! But I want to see it completely done! Will Mr Dock do his own quilting? That would surely inspire me!

  32. Fantastic job Mr. Dock! We want pictures of you at the longarm machine doing the quilting whenever you get around to that part!

  33. I love it and actually amazed this is only a second quilt. I especially like how Mr. Dock knows what he wants to make and goes after it without a pattern – very creative! I hope he makes more.

  34. I’m looking forward to the release of his first book, guy’s guide to quilting. He’s amazing

  35. elsabean says:

    So impressed with his color and sewing skills! Love when men sew and do amazing things with their creativity!

  36. suz challuy says:

    another Dock doing amazing quilting!

  37. Wow, seriously impressive. I love the part where you describe how Russell just goes for it without wondering what anyone else thinks!

  38. That’s cool. Good job to Mr. Dock.
    I don’t think my husband will agree to make a quilt because he kinda knows he’d like the challenge and he doesn’t have time for another layer in his life right now (no pun intended). ;-) I told him he should take a vacation to make a quilt. LOL Yeah, right. :-)

  39. Antoinette Gipson says:

    Wow, that is so cool, great job

  40. beckyleethompson says:

    Yeah right…sure…Russ made it. OK. Whatever.

    (j/k) Good job Russ. Too bad you’re not in Texas or you’d make something really impressive. ha ha

  41. I think it is so fantastic that your husbands supports your work by trying it himself and understanding how much you put into it! That is really a testament to how committed both of you are too each other which is so nice to see!

  42. Laura Hall says:

    I. love. it. For all the reasons possible.

  43. This looks awesome! I love that he just made it up and went for it without asking for any help or confirmation. Way to go, Russell :)

  44. This is such a cool quilt!

  45. Love this! I am a Colorado girl…I need is. Great job.

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