My New Mystery Quilting Workshop!

Hey guys!  Happy Tuesday!  I’m hopping on the blog today to let you know that my new September Mystery Quilting Workshop  is launching over on Craftsy today!!!   I’m so excited about this one (can you tell by all my exclamation points?).  Seriously though, so excited.  I adore this fabric, I adore this quilt…which is why the mystery part is so torturous- so hard not to post a zillion photos of it yet!


Ok, so here’s how this works- the workshop is for sale NOW…you can find it HERE…and the price includes all of the fabrics you need to make the quilt top (a huge yummy bundle of Joel Dewberry’s brand new line, Birch Farm, plus 3 yards of FreeSpirit’s Arctic White).  Once you sign up, a magical gnome whisks the fabrics to your front door, and then we all start the workshop together on Sept 1 right over on  I will take you through the piecing, step by step, with oodles of clear photos, and you can ask me any questions you like, as well as post photos of your quilt.  These workshops are really fun social events!

Hmmm….so what is this quilt all about???  I can’t post a photo, but I can give you a few insider hints.  Well, it’s nice and big- 72″ X 72″ (perfect afternoon nap size, in my opinion).  It’s a large scale, full top design (meaning, the design focus is on the entire quilt top, instead of the focus being on the block).  And it’s….sparkly.  Can a quilt be sparkly?  I think it can.  Um, let’s see,  what else….no paper piecing (so you can either cry or rest easy).  It’s beginner-friendly, but still a really lovely project for an experienced quilter as well (I loved making it- I think you will too).

And these fabrics….can’t we talk about them?  First of all, I’ve loved Joel Dewberry since the moment I found modern quilting fabrics (or, perhaps they found me).  And this line of his does not disappoint- the hand (or “feel”) of the fabric is soft and thick- a dream to work (and snuggle) with.  The prints are bold, and the colors luscious.  I could honestly design an entire room, maybe an entire home around it (and I just might).  Juicy teal blues, soft browns, and crisp chartreuse- my living room is begging for a new personality and this quilt is going to be the inspiration.

Birch Farm Workshop 01

I do hope you’ll join in!  The kits tend to sell out, and you want to be sure you get yours before the workshop starts, so snag one while you can.  Oooh, and for all of you outside the US- great news!  Craftsy now ships internationally!

Ta ta for now!! XO


  1. Tana Lewis says:

    Just signed up….can’t wait for the fabric to arrive and then start the quilt. So excited to be doing this class with you. I have never done a mystery class, because I am not quite comfortable not knowing what I am making, but if you are doing it I am pretty sure I will like the end results.
    Have a wonderful day. Smiles…..:-)

  2. Marianne says:

    I just signed up! This will be my first Craftsy class. Pressure is on you, Amy! Lol! The fabric is beautiful!

  3. I’m in! I’ve missed doing the Sugar Block Club this year, so this will be my Amy fix! And I love Joel Dewberry. :-)

  4. elsabean says:

    Oh, I’d love to do this quilt a long but I would rather not do the same quilt everyone else is doing. By that, I mean the same fabric. Darn.
    Have lots of fun everyone!

  5. OMG… I just signed up…. PLEASE don’t tell my husband…. LOL!!
    Newbie to this quilting ‘bug’ this year… I joined 3 different BOM’s which have been soooo helpful! Learning so much with the Sugar Block Club and have come to LOVE paper piecing!
    I actually just finished my very first quilt yesterday (jelly roll strip easy and colorful) for the grandkids’ bed. . they arrive tomorrow! Yippee!
    SO looking forward to this Craftsy quilt-along; thank you so much for all you do and your wonderful energy :)

  6. Diane Isabella says:

    Just signed up. Couldn’t resist. The fabric just looks too wonderful and the teacher is also just too wonderful!

  7. These colors are going to be sooo perfect in my family room! So excited to be doing another Amy quilt.

  8. I also signed up, LOVE, LOVE the fabric, I can’t wait to see it in person. I really don’t need to do another project as I have so many UFO already, but that fabric called my name, LOL.

  9. So tempting!! Looks gorgeous!

  10. WOO HOO!!! I will be signing up as well. I was just wishing for another Amy/Craftsy project, so this is great news. I also saw the fabrics at my LQS while selecting fabrics for something else. I knew I wanted to do a project with them, so I’m really excited for this. The hard part will be waiting 26 more days…

  11. I signed up early this morning when I got the email from Craftsy. I’m looking forward to it! I love that Joel Dewberry fabric as well.

  12. Becky Thompson says:

    Yay! I’m signed up! Sooo glad I could get in. These fabrics will look awesome at our new vacation house on the Texas Gulf Coast! I love the splash of the lime green (chartreuse)?. I can already see it hanging next to the couch waiting for a nightime winter rain. Looking forward to it Amy!

  13. Becky Allen says:

    I just signed up as well… took your last workshop as well and absolutely loved it! Cannot wait!

  14. I just realised these colours match my sitting room curtains, and the patterns are so not my usual style, I thought it would be worth challenging myself – add the fact that Craftsy ships to the uK and yippee!!

  15. I am very excited to do this! I love the idea of a mystery quilt but hate not being able to choose responsibly. This solves that problem! can’t wait!!

  16. Tana Lewis says:

    The fabric arrived yesterday and it is wonderful. Can’t wait to start on the

  17. It’s here! It’s here! And the fabric is gorgeous! Can’t wait to get started!

  18. Katherine says:

    Just waiting for my fabric to arrive, I can’t wait!

  19. Bette Kilts says:

    I just got my fabric!! I’ve been in the process of moving to another state andnow I need a sewing/quilting/Amy Gibson fix. Today I will get my room ready to create a mystery. LOL

  20. Pamela Casey says:

    So happy you posted this on your blog! I placed my order today! Gorgeous fabrics and I cannot wait for your mystery design!

  21. This is the first time I have bought a material and education package from Craftsy and I am so happy it is one of yours Amy. Now to wait until the postman arrives……….

  22. I have been working on redoing my living room, I found some gorgeous teal colored lamps at Home Place earlier this summer and have been looking for a throw for the couch that has teal in it……when I saw the fabric for this quilt I though, hmmmm that will work great, I ordered and withing a couple of days the fabric was here, and it works perfectly with the lamps. Hurry up September 1!!!!

  23. Meghan H. says:

    I couldn’t resist: Amy + Craftsy + Mystery = Gotta do it! I loved the last workshop Amy did with the Amy Butler Belle fabric and whipped that quilt right up. So excited for this workshop. My fabric arrived today and it is beautiful.

  24. My fabric arrived today! I cannot wait for this workshop!

  25. How many fat quarters are included? I love the fabric line!

  26. Just got my kit, love the fabrics, can’t wait to find out the “mystery”.

  27. Amy L Appleton says:

    I am in!!! love your classes, I just love that your family is all a part of your quilt world what a lovely family cant believe how much the boys have grown,

  28. Helen Malanchak says:

    Hi – I have the fabric already and being located in NZ it would be difficult to get it again in time – is there any chance of joining in and just purchase the pattern?


  29. Good morning from Colorado! Is it possible to get an idea on the time line of this? Do we get a new set of instructions at set times or are they all there at once? Is there a place where everyone participating can chat and share? I am clearing my sewing table in anticipation!!

  30. I’ve just signed up too. I have to say it was a total impulse buy, so I hope I get in and do it. The colours called to me, and the little owl. I haven’t sewn for about a year! I still have a few half finished quikts waiting patiently for me!! It looks as though it will be very modern and I have been wanting to do one of those for a while

  31. Wow My fabric pack has just arrived to me here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I absolutely love it. I can’t believe it arrived before some other stuff I ordered from a company in Australia. So looking forward to doing my first ever mystery quilts with you Amy!

    • how exciting, when did you order it? I am in Grafton and I ordered mine last week.

      • Hi Vicki, I ordered it on Monday 11th August. Am really pleased with service and fabric is just beautiful. Hope yours arrives safe and soon! cheers, Michelle

  32. I am so excited to start this quilt. I love these fabrics, and your teaching technique. Going to be so much fun! (or should that be “sew” )\)

  33. Amy, am I being really stupid here? I ordered the kit and my fabric arrived here in the UK in good time, but where do I find the pattern now?

  34. Amy, so sorry, but I looked again properly -hadn’t realised it was in the My workshop section. Sooooo silly !

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