Knock, Knock…Anybody Home?

Knock Knock...Anybody Home 01

Hi, yes, I'm still here! It's me, Amy! Remember? I usually blog here...about quilts, fabric, kids, high-calorie pancakes...that is, unless I'm … [Continue reading]

Book Winner…The Sequel

Book Winner...The Sequel 01

Remember when I gave away this sweet book a couple of weeks ago to a lucky commenter?? It's still sitting on my bookshelf! Why? Because the … [Continue reading]

Snow Day

Snow Day 01

Woke up to a magical snowy wonderland this morning, and I couldn't be happier about it! Everything about this day is turning out to be downright … [Continue reading]

I’m A Halloweenie

I'm A Halloweenie 01

And by that I don't mean I'm a Halloween fanatic. I'm a weenie for Halloween. I could do without it in a major way. Sorry! Don't be a hater...of … [Continue reading]

Stitched Together

Stitched Together 04

What's more meaningful than making a baby quilt for a special mom-to-be friend? Why making it WITH a special mom-to-be friend, of course! I was so … [Continue reading]

So Little To Do And So Much Time

So Little To Do And So Much Time 01

Wait...Strike that. Reverse it.This is one of those weeks when things are really happening...and when I say happening, I mean HAPPENING. Creative … [Continue reading]

Soaking In The Color

Soaking In The Color 01

Afternoon all! Just poppin on to say hi. Gorgeous colorful week up in here! The changing leaves are stunning, and yesterday I finished binding my … [Continue reading]

Dresdens Decoded Tutorial

Dresdens Decoded Tutorial 19

I've been surprised to meet so many quilters recently who haven't tried a dresden yet, including some who've been quilting for years! Just never got … [Continue reading]

Sewing For Boys Book Giveaway!

Sewing For Boys Book Giveaway 02

Good morning! Mmmm, ssssstrrrreeeeeetch... How bout a hot cuppa joe and a sweet new book?? Yes, I won this fantastic new project book at the … [Continue reading]

Let’s Talk About Swag, Baby…

Lets Talk About Swag Baby 02

...Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad great things that may be...let's talk about swag, let's talk about … [Continue reading]