Babies Make Every Post Cuter

Babies Make Every Post Cuter 01

Don't they, though? Baby feet, baby cheeks, baby pot belly. Squeeze attack! Can't. Stop. Squeezing. ...And kissing, and snuggling, and … [Continue reading]

I Beg Of You!

I Beg Of You 01

Please, please pretty PLEASE with a cherry on top, MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT A NO-REPLY BLOGGER! If you don't know what this is, you probably are one! I've … [Continue reading]

Some Quilts Just Can’t Catch A Break

Some Quilts Just Can't Catch A Break 03

Poor little guy. This quilt has been through such sad existance, I PRAY that he gets sold at the Holiday Handmade Market next month, and given to some … [Continue reading]

Bake Shop Follow Up

Bake Shop Follow Up 01

Happy Saturday All! I'm posting a super quick follow up to my Moda Bake Shop recipe this week, because a couple of people have asked for a visual of … [Continue reading]

Announcing My New Craftsy Workshop: the iTote!

Announcing My New Craftsy Workshop 01

When it rains, it pours! If becoming a Moda Bake Shop Chef this week wasn't enough to fly me to the moon with joy, then the launching of my new iTote … [Continue reading]


Ta-Da 01

Remember all those annoying mentions I made this month of crazy top secret projects that I've been up to my eyeballs in? Well today's the day. Yes, … [Continue reading]

Link Up Your Modern Mini!

Link Up Your Modern Mini 001

Have you seen the modern mini quilt linkie party happening over at Amylouwho's? Fun! PS- isn't her little button the cutest thing you've ever seen? … [Continue reading]

Knock, Knock…Anybody Home?

Knock Knock...Anybody Home 01

Hi, yes, I'm still here! It's me, Amy! Remember? I usually blog here...about quilts, fabric, kids, high-calorie pancakes...that is, unless I'm … [Continue reading]

Book Winner…The Sequel

Book Winner...The Sequel 01

Remember when I gave away this sweet book a couple of weeks ago to a lucky commenter?? It's still sitting on my bookshelf! Why? Because the … [Continue reading]

Snow Day

Snow Day 01

Woke up to a magical snowy wonderland this morning, and I couldn't be happier about it! Everything about this day is turning out to be downright … [Continue reading]