Some Quilts Just Can’t Catch A Break

Some Quilts Just Can't Catch A Break 03

Poor little guy. This quilt has been through such sad existance, I PRAY that he gets sold at the Holiday Handmade Market next month, and given to some … [Continue reading]

Bake Shop Follow Up

Bake Shop Follow Up 01

Happy Saturday All! I'm posting a super quick follow up to my Moda Bake Shop recipe this week, because a couple of people have asked for a visual of … [Continue reading]

Announcing My New Craftsy Workshop: the iTote!

Announcing My New Craftsy Workshop 01

When it rains, it pours! If becoming a Moda Bake Shop Chef this week wasn't enough to fly me to the moon with joy, then the launching of my new iTote … [Continue reading]


Ta-Da 01

Remember all those annoying mentions I made this month of crazy top secret projects that I've been up to my eyeballs in? Well today's the day. Yes, … [Continue reading]

Link Up Your Modern Mini!

Link Up Your Modern Mini 001

Have you seen the modern mini quilt linkie party happening over at Amylouwho's? Fun! PS- isn't her little button the cutest thing you've ever seen? … [Continue reading]

Knock, Knock…Anybody Home?

Knock Knock...Anybody Home 01

Hi, yes, I'm still here! It's me, Amy! Remember? I usually blog here...about quilts, fabric, kids, high-calorie pancakes...that is, unless I'm … [Continue reading]

Book Winner…The Sequel

Book Winner...The Sequel 01

Remember when I gave away this sweet book a couple of weeks ago to a lucky commenter?? It's still sitting on my bookshelf! Why? Because the … [Continue reading]

Snow Day

Snow Day 01

Woke up to a magical snowy wonderland this morning, and I couldn't be happier about it! Everything about this day is turning out to be downright … [Continue reading]

I’m A Halloweenie

I'm A Halloweenie 01

And by that I don't mean I'm a Halloween fanatic. I'm a weenie for Halloween. I could do without it in a major way. Sorry! Don't be a hater...of … [Continue reading]

Stitched Together

Stitched Together 04

What's more meaningful than making a baby quilt for a special mom-to-be friend? Why making it WITH a special mom-to-be friend, of course! I was so … [Continue reading]