My Modern Mini

My Modern Mini 06

Hooray! It's Mini Day!!! I'm delighted to be launching the blog hop for Ellison Lane's Modern Mini Challenge- a 5 week series that kicks off with some … [Continue reading]

Forget Superbowl. Read About Modern Minis!

Forget Superbowl 02

You guys!!! Is it tomorrow yet?? I'm SO excited to launch the first post in the Modern Mini Challenge blog hop, hosted by the sweetest stitcher … [Continue reading]

Hungarian Valentine Embroidery Pattern

Hungarian Valentine Embroidery Pattern 02

I know what you're thinking. A holiday project that's ready 2 whole weeks before the big day?! Who are you and what have you done with the habitually … [Continue reading]

New Blocks On The Block

New Blocks On The Block 01

Got up early this morning to attack a pile of swap blocks that's been sitting on my sewing table for weeks now, begging to be trimmed, pressed, and … [Continue reading]

Oh Wheeeere Is My Mojo?

Oh Wheeeere Is My Mojo 02

Ahhh, hello world! I'm back! Sounds like you all had a lovely intro to my squeeze last week. Mmm, yes. Ain't he a catch? I'm a lucky girl. Should I … [Continue reading]

When the Cat’s Away…

When the Cat's Away 01

Hello? Um..Hi. I’m Russell. I live here. With Amy. You know, when she leaves Blogger signed in I always tell her I’m going to write a post … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Reasons To Join A Guild

Top 10 Reasons to Join A Guild 02

We had SUCH a delightful meeting this week over at the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild, that I simply couldn't resist sharing, and giving you a little … [Continue reading]

A Place For Everything, & Everything In Its Place

A Place For Everything, & Everything In It's Place 03

I always seem to have a hard time during the first week of a new year. After taking down the holiday decorations, all the sudden my house feels … [Continue reading]

BOM Launch & A Luxurious Giveaway!

BOM Launch & A Luxusious Giveaway 01

Well, here it is folks- a brand new year, and a brand new quilt to sink our teeth into! YAY! Over 15,000 25,000 of you have signed up already!! Um, … [Continue reading]

A Little Old Fashioned Christmas Magic

A Little Old Fashioned Christmas Magic 04

Hard to believe Christmas is actually much shopping, wrapping, sewing, swapping, baking, hosting...and now the house is littered with Polly … [Continue reading]