A Gift For the Girlie Girls

Happy Monday, friends!  Today I wanted to share a cute little idea that I’ve been playing with this month in an effort to come up with a unique and functional gift idea for little girls.  I don’t know about you, but my girls LOVE hair bows.  I feel like we have a zillion of them stuffed into drawers, at the bottom of bags, and under beds….so we’re not lacking in the hair bow department, but we do need help in the hair bow organization department!  I love this picture frame concept that I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest, so when we had a sweet friend’s birthday party come up recently, I remembered that she’s always wearing a hair bow, and figured why not make a patchwork version using some of my favorite fabrics and rick rack.  I think it turned out really darling, and I was so delighted when her mother told me she’d had these same fabrics in mind for a quilt for her daughter!

Hair Bow Frame 01 with text

Hair Bow Frame 02

Isn’t it just so sweet?  I can’t wait to make a couple of these for my girls as well.  One thing I really love about it, other than the adorable fabrics and rick rack (yes, I’m an addict), is that you can either set it on a dresser or counter top, or hang it on the wall.  I used an 8″ X 10″ picture frame, because I thought this was a nice table-top size, but you could even make a larger wall version to hold LOTS of bows.

Hair Bow Frame 03

I’m including a super basic tutorial, in case you wanna make one the same way I did, but you’ll have to forgive my horrible step-by-step photos!  This is what I get for working on projects at night when it’s dark and I have no yummy natural lighting!  Ah, well, you’ll get the idea either way!

For materials, you’ll need an 8″ X 10″ photo frame (the opening where the photo would fit should be 8″ X 10″, not the outside edge of the frame), as well as a pack of those super cute 2.5″ mini charm squares, and 1 yard of rick rack (I used 3 different colors, but you could use all the same color, or even ribbon if you prefer).  Also, you can make 2 frames with a single pack of these squares, which is perfect because I have so many of these lying around!

Hair Bow Frame 04

Start by selecting 20 squares, and laying them out in a rectangle that’s 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall.  Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, stitch the blocks into rows, pressing the seam allowances in alternating directions by row (see diagram), then stitching the rows together.  Taking care to press the seam allowances in opposite directions will reduce bulk and allow you to tightly align the seam intersections when you join the rows.

Hair Bow Frame 09

Press your entire rectangle piece flat.

Next, cut 3 lengths of rick rack that overhang off of the edges by an inch.  Lay them flat and smooth along the vertical seams of the piece, and secure at each edge with a small dot of hot glue.  Take care not to glue along the length of the rick rack, but only at the very top and bottom, as we need to keep the center portion “free” for hair clips to slip on and off.

Hair Bow Frame 05

Next, open your frame up and remove the glass from the frame- you won’t need it for this project.  If your frame didn’t come with a cardboard insert (a piece that goes between the glass and the backing), cut one from a piece of cardboard…a cereal box would work great for this since it’s nice and thin, but I didn’t have one available at the moment, so I used a shipping box that worked just as well.  Use the glass or the backing to trace the size, and then cut it out with scissors or an old rotary cutter.

Put a thin bead of glue all the way around the edge of your cardboard piece, and place it on top of the fabric, with your fabric piece lying right side down.  This will help to simply keep things secure while you’re placing the fabric in the frame, but you don’t want to see the glue spots through the fabric, so just a thin bead will do.

Hair Bow Frame 06

Place the fabric piece into the frame, with the right side facing out of the front of course, and hot glue down the excess rick rack ends, as well as the fabric edges, all around, to keep things tidy.

Hair Bow Frame 07

The excess rick rack length allows you to secure these pieces a bit more aggressively with the hot glue, so that things don’t come loose or pop out while the frame is in use.  Hey, doesn’t look sassy at this point, but none of this will show once you put your backing on, so no worries.

Hair Bow Frame 08

Then just pop the backing back onto the frame, and voila!  Super duper quick, easy, unique gift for any little lady who’s got a collection of hair pretties.  Maybe a fun Christmas gift?  Wouldn’t it be cute to wrap it with a hair bow on top?!

Hair Bow Frame 02

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, and that you stitch one up for your little lady!  Happy Monday, all!



  1. This is a really cute idea and would also work making it larger and hanging it like the fabric covered wall memo/picture boards.

  2. You are amazing. Love all of your ideas.

  3. Kathy Fair says:

    That is so cute. I bet my granddaughter would love one of those.

  4. Heather Shore says:

    This is really sweet. You are the best!!

  5. That is just so cute! What a great and creative idea.

  6. What a great idea. I was thinking of making on with foam board to hang on the wall, may do this instead. Thanks

  7. This is adorable!! Such a fun gift :)

  8. Meghan Heslin says:

    Amy you are so awesome! Just when my friend’s baby shower was approaching you posted adorable washcloth gifts here. I took your ideas and also made a small baby quilt and bibs. Now two of my students’ birthdays are coming up and they are fashion forward and have zillions of hair bows. I already bought the photo frames and plan on making them this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Perfect timing!

  9. Christine G says:

    Made this for my granddaughter for Christmas. Can’t wait to see her surprize it turned out soooo cute.