So, I finally turned all those little English paper pieced bits into something useful- a gaggle of linen clutch purses of course!  No, seriously though, it is a gaggle. :)  A  pretty little gaggle.

Pretties 01

Pretties 02The clutch purse pattern is by my sweet friend Diane, and it’s available for purchase here.  It’s SUCH a fabulous and simple pattern- you’ll find yourself making clutches for everyone you know!

I made all of these lil’ guys to donate to the Denver Art Museum, where local artisans can sell pieces in the museum shop to help fundraise for new art programing.  I couldn’t be happier about it!  I just loooove this museum, and what it does for our city!  So it was quite an honor to get an opportunity to be involved in this way.

Pretties 03

Pretties 04

I also made some mug rug-snack mat-coaster thingies.  I dunno.  These are just fun.  I never have a plan.  I just sit down and start grabbing scraps, and they just evolve.  I did a quilt-as-you-go method for the log cabin, and the stars are English paper pieced and then zig-zag appliqued.

Pretties 05

Pretties 07

Pretties 08

Pretties 09

This bike one was so cute- I almost had to keep going and turn it into a pillow for my couch.  Eh, well, I have a few more of those bike so I can make another. :)

Yay for pretty gaggles!  Hope you’re week has some pretties in it too.  :)



  1. Oh what beautiful clutches! Would you mind sharing where you have bought the clasps?

    Have a great day!

  2. Andrea Williams says:

    Amy, I just love your gaggle! I was going to make some for my sisters but can’t find the metal toppers. I have had a very productive week…i have managed to make from beginning to end a sweet baby girl rail fence quilt, a Moda zen chic with comma fabric double top, and last night once kiddies were sleeping another baby quilt topper. I took my pretty pink baby quilt to work to show my friends and I came home without it. My girl friend had to have it for her daughter…since it was for my other friend who delivers today I have to get cracking! I feel more like you Amy everday. If only work didn’t get in the way! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The clutches were attractive, I am sure they will sell well. The mug rugs were more to my liking, loved them all especially the camel and the bicycle. I’m finishing up your BOM 2012 and then moving on the machine quilting with Leah Day on the quilt we made together. I am so excited to finally learn how to machine quilt and I think the blocks you chose will excellent pieces to learn with. I haven’t seen your name for a new class, I hope you will be doing additional classes it was really fun especially the string piecing, modern fan and the paper piecing.

  4. Laraine Zegoski says:

    Love it All

  5. I love the clutches! I’ve just started making purses and I might have to try and make one like yours!! So adorable :)

  6. I bought those same clutch frames! Love the gunmetal finish. Your coasters look great too!

  7. Loved everything!! as always :-) Would you mind sharing details about the linen you used for the clutches?

  8. Stunning Clutches, and they go to a wonderful cause! You do such lovely work, can’t wait to see if you make that bike pillow!

  9. Laura Hall says:

    you always make such pretty things!

  10. What a great idea with the museum shop, these all look great, I’m sure they’ll sell quickly :o)

  11. The gaggle is gorgeous! I love them all together!

  12. I loooooove those clutches! You are such a talented lady!

  13. ole chook says:

    I too have fallen in love with the clutch purses, just have to find out where I can get the frames first

  14. These look so pretty Amy and so are your cute little mug rug thingies

  15. Oh those little clutches are darling!

  16. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Greetings Amy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink clutch! They are all so adorable. Love your cute mug rugs too! By the way where do you find your labels for your quilts and I saw you had one in the clutch? I’ve been googling but not seeing anything cute. Cheers to you and the family!

  18. I really love the clutches, they have a look so modern and unconventional!!! But I fell in love with the paper pieced star potholder (third picture from the last). have you an idea where I can find a template for them?
    Best wishes to you and all your little ones, hope they’re doing well!!!! Cheers for your moving!

  19. Those clutches are so cute as well as the mug rugs. I agree that the clutches are addictive to make. How are you getting this all done with moving and 4 little ones……you are superwoman. Take care!

  20. I absolutely love your clutch purses. I liked it how you kept it simple, yet beautiful outside. And a colorful punch outside!

    Those coasters are so cute too!

  21. I love everything! The simplicity of the clutch with the bright pops of color inside are awesome. Would love to try to make a clutch but I’m so intimidated by them. eekkk..

  22. I just love these clutch purses!! The mug rugs are really cute, too :)

  23. I love the clutches. I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time, but wasn’t sure where to find a simple pattern. Thanks for the info. The coasters are great. Such fun fabrics.

  24. The clutches are super cute! I really like those colorful insides too. :-) Thanks for posting what you made with those lovely little hexies. :-)

    I don’t blame you for wanting to keep the bike block. It is nostalgic to me. :-)

  25. These are so pretty! Love them all!

  26. These are all so cute…the clutches and the hexagon star coasters, wow!
    Will the quilting exhibit still be on at the art museum in August? Do you know if they are having he quilt show in the state Capitol in Denver this year?

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