Rainbow Hexis & Other Lovelies

I’ve got some fun paper piecing going on this week!  I almost can’t bring myself to applique them…they’re just so stinkin cute.  I want to scatter them around my house, like little happy flowers.

Rainbow Hexagon Flowers

I know, I know, I’m missing purple.  Maybe I’ll get to it.  Feels kinda incomplete, however these will each be used on a different project so it won’t matter. :)

Rainbow Hexagon Flowers

I’m working on a few little pouches and bags to offer for sale in the Denver Art Museum shop, in support of their arts programming fundraising.  Thought a few happy little zippies and purses, appliqued with some bright English paper piecing, would be lovely.

The flowers came together super quickly, but these hexagon starbursts took a bit more time.  I’m not sure I enjoyed working with the diamond shapes as much as I do the hexagons…or perhaps it’s just that they are only an inch in length (what was I thinking?!?).

Hexagon Starbursts

On my first attempt- the pink one- I trimmed my fabric to just 1/4″ from the outside of my pieces before I basted it on, but something about the sharp corners made these much trickier than I’d envisioned it would be.  Eeek, so messy looking on the back!

About half way through I decided to be much more generous around the edges, and by the time I got to the yellow starburst, I had a good half an inch or more hanging off the edges of the pieces.  I figure I can always trim them down before I applique, and it just made basting and stitching them so much smoother!  Looks messy and bulky, but eh, it’ll work just fine for a little padded pouch.

I just love working on these during those looooooong baseball games my husband loves to watch (zzzzzzzzz).  And it is baseball season, so there are hexis popping up everywhere!  Will definitely share more pics once I finish the bags.

Hope things are happy and colorful in your world today!



  1. There’s something so appealing about hexies. I was cutting out paper hexagons just yesterday, ready for a new project. The diamonds looks cute too – but I prefer the hexy flowers. I bet all the bags will look fabulous! Can’t wait to see pics of the finished bags.

  2. Whenever I see hexagons in my reading list I click on that first! These are gorgeous! I adore hexies too and always work on them during hockey games ; )

  3. I love your flowers! I totally understand the desire to scatter them around the house…I’m collecting mine for a future quilt, but have to take them out and look at them often. They are addictive!

  4. Those are so cute and happy. I love the starbursts most, I’ve never seen them before. I can’t handstitch to save my life, waaaaa!!

  5. I LOVE those hexagon starbursts!!!!!!!! They make me smile!!!! Who cares what the back looks like?! No one will see it! :)

  6. Such prettiness, love a good rainbow!

  7. Your rainbow hexies look awesome! Purple would be fun to do, my daughter’s favorite color.

    The other flower with diamonds are cool too!

  8. Hexies are allways fun!! I like the starburst too.

  9. Where can I get the templates for the epp hexie starburst? I LOVE how they came out!!

  10. What? You don’t like baseball? Haha, we have it on the tv every night !! It’s only fun when your team is winning. Your hexies are stinkin’ cute indeed. Lovely of you to help support the museum. Hope you are having a happy day too :)

  11. Sally Dixon says:

    Love your hexies and starbursts! I’m working on my big hexies that I printed from your December post. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet, but I’m having fun! Did you design the starburst pattern? They are so neat looking and pretty! Happy springtime to you!! :)

  12. Jennifer says:

    I would love to know where I can get the pattern for the starbust hexis?

  13. Kathy Fair says:

    Your Hexagons and Starbursts are really neat. I have never tried the hexagons, but may have to look up a tutorial since will have some long driving time in May, from San Diego to Iowa. My grandson is graduating from high school and of course need to visit with Mom and brothers for a bit too.

  14. Just read the post, and had a total ‘duh’ moment. I have done english paper piecing, but have ALWAYS done hexies…totally love them! But, it didn’t occur to me until I saw your super cool starbursts that you could use other shapes. I know, pretty dense, huh? I don’t even care how ridiculously silly I sound, I am way too pumped to try some other shapes. If possible, please give me a little insight to the sizes of the diamonds that you used…it is like a whole dimension of cutey shapes just jumped into my life! Thanks for the great post and for always finding a way to inspire…you rock!

  15. Margaret A. says:

    Beautiful work, as always! Like others, I love the hexie flowers but I’m intrigued with your sweet hexie-starbursts!

  16. I do love your hexagon starbursts

  17. Hi Amy those hexis are so cute and charming. I love the color of course the pink one is my favorite. Here’s my idea for those sew two together and leave an opening and put them on a thin stick or chop stick and maybe add some modge podge and you have a cute flower for your garden in or out of the house. If you are still getting snow maybe out will cheer everyone up. Have a great day love them. I have to go look for that fabric. XO

  18. Love those hexies!!! I’m working on a hexie project right now, however I wish I had gone smaller. I think they are 1 1/2″ (wish I had gone with 1″ ) and using the plasic templates. Does that mean I’m doing platic piecing? LOL I may use them for some single blocks or as embellishments. I have about 6 flowers done, and start over with smaller. Not so sure I like the plastic either. Did you see the hexie project of Sherry Falls in a magazine in the fall? They were quite large and zig zagged. I made a couple of them (one for my daughter). What size are yours? those starburst are quite pretty, I haven’t seen them in a project.

  19. The rainbow hexies are really cute. Instant “cheerful” to add to a project. Hope you share some pics of the finished items. :-)

  20. Sandra Louise says:

    I’ve been slow to join the hexie craze, but seeing these beauties definitely piques my interest! So lovely, Amy, and major congrats on scoring that old sewing machine in a beautiful old end table!

  21. hey you said that you almost couldn’t bring yourself to applique the hexie flowers why not make them into coasters and then they would be scattered around your house yeah md

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