Singing in the Rain

It’s raining, I mean REALLY raining here in Colorado.  They’re calling this “a storm of Biblical proportions.”  I don’t know exactly what that means, but an ark sure would come in handy right about now.  Hours have turned into days of nonstop downpour, and there’s no end in sight.  We’ve spent the day installing extra pumps and vacuuming out water from our basement.  So. Much. Water.  It’s invading from every angle, and to be honest, my whole life feels like this storm at the moment.  I’m soaked to the bone, drowning in a downpour of trials.

Singing In The Rain 1

Have you been here before?  Where it feels like one struggle after the next?  A death, a crisis at home, illness, relationship conflicts, more crises, broken down cars, unexpected bills, struggling loved ones…you name it, it’s probably happened this past month.  And at some point I felt myself succumbing not only to doubt and fear, but to the beginnings of anger.  Know what I mean?  Like, “Seriously, why in the #%&@ is all of this happening right now?!?”  I could just smell bitterness and hopelessness lurking around the corner (and truth be told, they happen to smell just like burned salmon & brussel sprouts).

Pray tel, my dear sweet quilting goddess, why the downer post?  Don’t you have a new quilt top you could blog about?  I share about this struggle with you because I thought maybe some of you could relate.  Maybe you’re going through a major storm right now and are just about ready to kick your galoshes to the curb and scream.  Maybe sewing has helped you cope, or maybe your mountain of misery has kept you from enjoying the hobby you love.  I know exactly what that feels like, and girl, I’m right there with ya.

Singing In The Rain 2

It’s a funny thing, though, how perspective makes all the difference in the world.  It wasn’t until this past weekend, in church of all places (I know, shocking), that clarity came a knocking.  As I sat in that pew (ok fine, it was a folding chair…whatever), weighted down  and exhausted from carrying these burdens, I listened to a message that I know was meant just for me.

“Why Worry?” was the name of the series, and the pastor spoke not only of enduring and persevering through hard times, but- get this- of actually finding joy in them.  What??   Joy?!  Like, yay, more crap!  God, can I PRETTY PLEASE  have a car wreck, an IRS audit, and get laid off this month?!  (Ok, none of those things actually happened to me, but you get the idea).  Seriously though, this concept did suddenly click for me- my trials are not killing me, they’re shaping me.

Singing In The Rain 3

Sounds cliche, and certainly not quilt bloggy, but it’s a truth that has shone over me like warm sun this week.  I mustn’t be surprised when major struggles land on my doorstep- I should expect them.  It’s not IF they’ll happen, it’s when.  And the joy?  I can live joyfully knowing that my character is being honed through these fires, and that I might just come out of them a stronger and wiser woman- more like the woman I wish I could be.

So where to now?  Back to joy.  Back to faith.  Back to stitching.  Back to singing!

Singing In The Rain 4



  1. What a great word of encouragement. Our joy is found in the Source of all Joy, and when we have our joy there, nothing can shake it! Glad you’re singing and dancing in the rain!!

  2. Christina Dixon says:

    Yes know what it like but at lease we have our family. Love the painting & you’re latest quilt. Hope ever thing goes well. I am still having trouble with my fabric just so many ugly ones here in Australia.

  3. Cheri Fleming says:

    I know exactly how you feel. However, there is one thing we can always count on —— CHANGE!
    Nothing stays the same. You have a wise pastor. You’ve worked so hard on your new home, was it damaged by the rain or flooding? Do you live by Boulder?

  4. Wonderful post Amy – I hope that things settle down soon so you can get back to finding joy from good things as well as finding joy in the struggles!

  5. Husband laid off, kid in college, pouring money into car and house repairs. I’m with you. My friend keeps telling me ” let go and let God”. After worrying myself to death I say oh yeah that’s right. I can give it to Him. Then I go quilt!

  6. Gosh Amy, I feel for you. That’s a lot of water. Remember: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

  7. Hang in there sweet, Amy!! You are worth it and God knows it!!!

  8. Amy, we’ve all been there. I am originally from New Mexico, though, and in the southwestern desert, the thing that keeps me going during storms like this is…..there is no such thing as bad rain. In the end, it means growth and life and renewal. :-)

  9. you got yo have rain to have a rainbow…not original but works along the samelines. Hope you dry up soon. Stay safe. x Michelle in dry and sunny Brisbane Australia!

  10. Deborah French says:

    I will say a prayer for you and your family. I am up at 4:27 A.M., not because I am working on a quilt and having too much fun to quit. I am stressing over things that I felt were overwhelming. That was until I read your post. You made me step back and realize these are only minor bumps in the path of life. Thank you for your wisdom and friendship to us all. Now it’s time for sleep!!!

  11. Oh, sweet Amy, you are so right. I have been there and “In all things. joy”. It’s tough, it’s hard, but I have often said that if it weren’t for the bad times, the hard times, how could you know the good times? There must be a basis for comparison. And it’s true, “the sun’ll come out, tomorrow”. Keep the faith sister! Thanks for a great post..

  12. “In all things.” I pray we can all remember that in all things, even the really crappy ones we wish would just go away, He is working for our good. Thanks for a beautiful, real and honest post. Life isn’t all pretty quilts and smiling babies (though those are lots of fun to read about!) and sharing the bad stuff too reminds us all there are real people living at the other end of those typed words. I’ll be praying for you and yours.

  13. I’m so glad you posted Amy. When I heard of all the rain, I was wondering how you and your family was doing. I feel for you. I also do the same “why me”, especially now with my ankle situation and it isn’t getting better. So sad that I won’t be going to sewing summit and miss out on seeing you and Di. Hope the rain stops soon for you. Thanks again for the post, I needed to read that.

  14. Prayers are with you, sing joyfully, and above all, BE SAFE!

  15. Amy, great heartfelt post for which we can all relate. Seemingly everyone quests for the perfect life where nothing goes wrong. Huh? This kind of life simply doesn’t exist. A life filled with trials and tribulations, does. It’s all about perspective and how we deal with issues. This is what you learn as you grow older. This is why everyone needs to live in the moment and find joy in the little things they do each day. And, that’s why fabric and creativity have such an important part to play in my life. I can’t fix the problems in my little universe, but I sure can get a grin on cutting up fabric, putting it all back together and gifting to someone who SMILES. Do what you can with what you’ve got. That’s it that’s all :)

  16. Well they do say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… I do hope it’s not near drowning though, stay safe!

  17. Martha Cook says:

    We all have rainy days. Yes, it is the Word that gives us perspective,endurance, strength to get us thru. Didn’t it release you from fretting,stress. Will pray for you.

  18. Just when you think you are the only one drowning in all that is going on around you, spiraling out of your control, God sends a message from an angel to remind you that He has this one covered too! Thanks to your post this morning, I intentionally choose joy. :)

  19. Thanks for sharing Amy!! I always am reminded of the Laura Story song “Blessings” What if Your blessings come through rain drops…

  20. I love CO, my son lives there and we love to visit and explore. My heart has ached over the past few years for him, his friends, and others in CO though the two fires and now the flooding. I will pass and things will get brighter and greener (I remember the drought too!) and CO is still a lovely state. Considering how wide-spread this is and has been, you certainly can always look to people who have had it worse and feel for them and count your many blessings. I have been where you are and it does shape you, makes you a better human being who knows how wonderful each day is and how blessed you are.

  21. Andrea Williams says:

    What this post tells me is that life is not always sunshine and roses…it is so much more than that. It is our family that helps to keep us strong and brave and be there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on. I am thinking of you and know you will soon see the sun again. Take Care of yourselves and stay safe in all this rain.

  22. Kerri Kowal says:

    Way to hang in there! This sounds very much like my July of this year. First got laid off from my job, then on the same night a big storm and wind came and knocked down a major portion of our fence, and then I broke the pool cover, and then a houseplant tried to commit suicide by leaping from a tall armoire onto the carpet… dirt everywhere, and then I broke the hardware on two separate fences, just by using them, and then my computer printer died and leaked toner everywhere, and then the computer monitor died, and then I spilled an entire lb. box of macaroni all over the kitchen… and I mean ALL OVER, then the car wouldn’t start and I had to have it towed. All of this was all while my husband was in Europe for 10 weeks. I couldn’t believe it… I had NEVER had such a string of bad luck in my life. I just kept saying, “seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?” I felt like everything I touched turned to crap for an entire month. It was crazy bad. It was so crazy bad all I could do was laugh about it. I had a couple of friends who kept me company and laughed at it all with me and that helped immensely. Finally my luck started to turn around after a month. Phew! I never want to go through something like that again! And I hope your luck turns around soon, too.

  23. Sharon L Russo says:

    Well,…welcome to life. I remind myself of the quote, “Courage is grace under pressure”. I learned it from my son whom laughed up till his last day here on earth.

  24. A GREAT reminder, thanks Amy. Yesterday I stayed home from work and configured a pond pump and hose to remove water every 30 minutes from a window well after just finishing the clean up from a flood in July, and my husband had emergency surgery and then a huge tree branch fell in our yard, barely missing a neighbor’s car. I watched a small creek form on either side of my city street. I am reminded that I am not in control. And I’m kind of a control freak.

  25. My dearest Amy, yes we have been where you are and in a house that much looked like yours, not only drowning in water, but waste coming up throw as well. No money to speak of and little ones down around your ankles and barley a dime in the house. No family to help or share in what you think the end is nearing! God somehow gives the strength, and the hope that something is making you of a stronger character for each other. You will be in my prayers, and I know that you will all be better for it. Your friend from Craftsy block of the month and the the Sugar Club.

  26. I know exactly what you mean. You can worry and worry and make your life crazy about things you really can’t change. Sometime you just have to be thankful for having another day of life, and a healthy family. Just find the good things to focus on and let the bad be bad all by itself. Hang in there and I will be praying for you!

  27. Where our focus lies really does make a difference in how we make it through. Focusing on Joy during trials is never easy on our own but so thankful that it is possible! Praying for you. I hope the sun peaks through soon!

  28. Oh, Amy. You bare your soul for all to see through your joys and your trials. Yes, we’ve all been there, and some rounds are worse than others, but you have certainly been through it this last year, my friend. Not one but two precious newborns, moving to a new house and all the amazing remodeling you all have done on your own, and keeping up with all of your quilting projects, blog and classes, not to mention caring for your two precious girls and husband as well. Whew! Double whew! I so hope that your new home holds up under these awful flooding conditions and that you all remain safe. My heart goes out to you. We used to live out there, and I cry every time I watch the news coverage. We know all too well the numbness that creeps in after dealing with trial after trial, especially natural disasters. One year that particularly comes to mind is when we lived through 4 hurricanes in a 6 week period. We were so exhausted and numb; it took months to recoup. So, be kind to yourselves, get as much rest as you can, keep hugging one another, and keep on singing. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  29. Prayers for you and all in Colorado. We have family in Colorado Springs and Ft Collins. In fact, we are headed to CO tonight to see and hold a brand new ( 10 days old) great grandson.
    As others have said, thanks for the reminder that everyone else’s life is not sunshine and roses and we are the only ones experiencing sadness, pain, fear and worry. Blessing to you and your family. You are a rockstar!’

  30. When my children were small and it would rain, we did something special. We had a SUNDAE party. This was a way of wishing the SUN would come out soon. We would laugh and smile. What memories. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  31. AMEN! Very well said. I needed to read this today, and I truely appreciate your honesty! Great job.

  32. Beverly Cotton says:

    Dear Amy, I too was wondering how you were doing in CO. I saw your house picture and felt sick. So much hard work, then so much destruction – just like that! I have experienced those high rushing waters living ing FL and KY. Difference is – the water never reached the houses or cars. Just lots of worrying. Keeping your family & animals safe is primary. One thing wrong can not top the other. Count your blessings, as you know, that everyone has their health and things will brighten again. Praying for you in Grand Rapids, OH

  33. Amy, I love, that as a young woman you are finding your ground in the Lord. Hold on to that, teach your children to trust in him. Life has many “storms” , this will not be the last of them and you will be molded by all of them, that is the beauty of life. You can’t know joy if you do not experience sadness or pain. The blessing of being able to weather it all, to be able to sit at your machine and create something so beautiful that will wrap another in it’s warmth and delight the eyes….life is about hot cocoa and prayer, quilting and prayer, and yes bailing water and prayer. That water will come in many forms…including tears…probably why we were created to release seratonin when we cry…God is amazing. If you go through life looking for the growth that comes in these trials, embracing them and trusting in the Lord, you’re gonna be fine! You are the blessed example for your children and the comfort to your spouse, just as he is for you. <3 <3 <3

  34. Much Love and Prayers your way Amy. I so enjoyed you BOM2012, the email surprise quilt. I’mwaiting for more of your classes on Thank You and Peace Be with You!

  35. I’m standing in the gap with you Amy.

  36. Keep your head up! As you mentioned your trials shape you, define you. They teach you how to be gracious in tough situations, and are preparing you for something later in life. God is always with you. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  37. I am truly blessed with a positive attitude in most circumstances. I’ve lived by the Serenity Prayer and have always said, “Let God take care of the big stuff and I’ll handle the little stuff.” It seems to be working… I think I’m still sane (regardless of what my family says :-) )

  38. Hang in there Amy – you are always so upbeat, and it is sad to see you down. It must be awful, especially given how much thought, and care, and love you’ve given your new house. Thinking of you and your lovely family.

  39. Thank you for your post. A trouble shared is half a trouble and also lets anyone know that someone else is having a problem also, and they got through it. Gives everyone a face lift. Thank you again.

  40. Thanks for reminding us of the larger picture. And I firmly believe that God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. We may have to work a little harder to see that, but it always seems to work out.

  41. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Last month at this time my husband was hospitalized 150 miles from home where specialists were trying to rule out pancreatic cancer. (So far, so good.) But when we finally returned home we were met with a firestorm that took close to 2000 firefighters to bring under control. Most of the town was under the threat of evacuation. Fortunately we were spared that as well, when most of the town around us didn’t fare as well. It’s always nice a month or two later to wonder how you got through it all. Oh! And what did I do through all that? I finished three quilt tops!!

  42. Amy now I know why I love your blog not only do you sew like an angel and inspire me to sew new things all the time you let us in to your life in good times and the not so good times too. So many blogs give this impression of a perfect life and I sometimes feel where am I going wrong because I don’t always feel so jolly however you keep it real and we can feel better by knowing we all have some tough times. Hang in there the sun will soon come back and I hope your beautiful house recovers and soon dries out. You are in my prayers all the way over here in England xxx

  43. Sending you a big hug from Virginia,

  44. I am so sorry to hear that you’re going through some tough times. Just remember this is pass too. My best wishes and prayers are with you. Look at your adorable kids, all the worries will just fly away.

    Take care!

  45. Jo Ann Kennedy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Being joyful in the circumstances is very difficult but so important. Everyone needs to hear these words of hope. Thanks so much for your blog.

  46. Oh my goodness!! I do feel bad for you and your family! I don’t know if that’s a picture of your own house or the view from across the street. Either way, it does not look good. I’ve been watching this on the news and my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone experiencing this in Colorado.

  47. Hugs to you Amy! You are right – finding joy in our circumstances is rarely possible (at least, in an enduring kind of way) but our joy comes from Him. Wish we could grab a cup of coffee today. Does it help that just this morning I was mulling over what to do for your circle 7 quilt and the ideas are starting to come together?! I think you’re going to like it :)

  48. I felt the same way recently. Joy? Seriously? But I believe in all you wrote. Not sure I’m all the way to joy but I’m out of ‘despair-land’! God holds our hands (& hearts) along all our journeys. I have a sister & 2 nieces with families living not far from you & I’m watching & praying for everyone out there. God bless you all.

  49. Great post Amy. We are having some big issues right now (thankfully not flooding) but every Sunday I able to put everything into a better perspective. Then I come home and meld with my fabric.

  50. Dawn Frisch says:

    Hi Amy,
    Right now I wish I could give you a big hug!! You certainly are an inspiration to me. Yes, I’ve been there too and I’m still there! LOL I feel like I’ve reached the end of my rope in receiving a $31,000 bill for ER visits for my hubby from last year. The hospital won’t reduce the bill either – we went through the financial thingy and they didn’t approve a reduction. The bill is to be paid in full in 30 months! They are very adamant about that too and will send us to a collection agency if they don’t receive a payment in a few days. We can’t even send them $50. So I kinda know what you’ve been going through but I must say, you offer words of encouragement by sharing what your pastor talked about. It’s important to try to find those things that bring us joy in our life – like our children, our spouse, our family, and yes, even the cats! It is hard to do sometimes because we feel so overwhelmed… You have such strength and determination and it shows in the fact of the blog that you posted… It shows bravery, honesty, and courage even though you might not think so. But it does… you are wise way beyond your years and it’s such an honor for us to have you share your life with us like you do. The good and the bad… Just know that you’re not alone and like I said before, I wish I lived near you to be able to give you that hug. Although I think I need a hug from you more than you would need a hug from me. : )


  51. Oh, yeah baby, our trials shape us into the vessels we’re meant to be — and pressure doesn’t always feel good! We’re praying for you in Florida!

  52. Janet Siler says:

    A few years ago our pastor gave a somewhat similar sermon. His message was finding joy in every situation. You had to FIND the joy but it was there. It was at the time our middle daughter and her two young girls had to move back home because her husband had left her for the babysitter and without a vehicle for she and her 1 1/2 and 2 year olds. She was stressing about having to let them go visit their dad when he had time for them, Thinking of the sermon I reminded her the joy in this situation was he had them for only a weekend every other week and we had them the rest of the time to love them and see they taken care of properly. Have since tried to do exactly that. Finding the joy in EVERY situation. Bless you and yours.

  53. I love reading your honest posts Amy. Just this morning I had another talk with the Lord and decided I was going to change my attitude and start climbing out of this mire! So terrifying to be so overwhelmed! Thank you for your encouragement….keep trusting and believing God is nothing if He isn’t faithful!

  54. Well Amy, I have been there and done that. The summer of 2011 started out with my oldest brother being taken off life support from a head injury that happened in the hospital. He went in for something else that was minor. Then 2 months later my younger brother fell and suffered head injuries and was air lifted to Iowa City Hospital not expecting to live. But with constant pray from myself and my family, and friends he pulled through and is back to 95%. He fell on his youngest daughter’s 14th birthday to top that off. One week later, it poured and I mean poured for almost 2 whole days. We got 15 inches of rain in like 36 hours. Everything in my basement was floating. Then I realized I was standing barefoot in water with electrical appliances still plugged in. Somebody was watching out for me. As long as you, your husband and all of your babies are good (this includes your featherweight baby, and all other sewing machines) are health and safe, that is all that matters. Things will dry out eventually. Patience and a lot of perseverence helps too. Stay safe. Jo Ann

  55. Mary Ann Stafford says:

    OH, Amy, Amy Amy, you’re not supposed to have times like this. You’re always supposed to be chipper and upbeat. We look forward to seeing your pictures of quilts, babies, kids, recipes, home, etc. Just remember how many lives you touch with your life, blog, etc. And remember, and this too shall pass, the sun will come out tomorrow, I hope. I pray the rain stops for Col. soon, it looks so horrendous on tv, and that your home and family are sound and safe. God bless!

  56. It’s been a tough summer for our family too, but in the midst of the difficulties it’s good to remember that were not in this alone and that in fact suffering is an opportunity to reconnect with what really matters. Turning to my faith has helped me a lot too and given me a better perspective on how to move forward. I’m a Buddhist, so meditation and lots of spiritual reading has been good for me during the tough times. It’s definitely kept me calmer. :) Thanks for sharing and stay dry!

  57. Mary in Canada says:

    Thank you for sharing your struggles Amy, I’m sure we can all relate at some time or another. It was while I was going through a very difficult year in my life that I discovered quilting. I was a self taught sewer, good enough to make some pillows, drapes and Halloween costumes for my kids. I decided to make flannel rag quilts, one per month to donate at Christmas to get out of my head and do something positive while my life felt in a state of chaos. Once I had wrapped these and dropped them off at a battered woman’s shelter I decided to learn to make a real quilt and I have not looked back. I have just finished my 6th. quilt and am so thankful that I love, something to lose myself in and if it were not for a difficult time I might not have discovered quilting. Take a deep breath Amy and carry on – sometimes you have to literally take a minute at a time. Thoughts are with you all in Colorado, hope the rain ends soon.

  58. Amy, Amy, Amy……what a horrendous thing to go through. Just be thankful that everyone you love is safe and sound. I had a rough, stressful week, but after reading your blog post and some of the replies from other people, I realize I have to put it all in perspective and be thankful that my loved ones are healthy and I have good friends to rely on. I will be thinking of you and your family over the next few days and hoping that goshdarn rain lets up.

  59. Amy,
    Hugz across the miles to you. Have had what feels like the worst summer of my life thus far and I can still relate to what your saying. The sun still shines, my children are still the warm places in my life and I still (for the most part) have my health. And I can escape downstairs to my quilting =D Praying for you and yours. God is busy working miracles for us and one day we’ll get to see them.

  60. Sandra Davidson says:

    Hugs from Sandra up in Canada. We watch with horror at all that’s been going on down in Colorado and send prayers for rain to stop and for a gigantic rainbow to cheer you all on and up for God is always there for us. Blessings

  61. hugs and horror! I live in Florida and made sure when I bought my home I was NOT in a flood plain but only in the hurricane world and I tried to minimize my costs on homeowners. the water is awful enough but the after is bad of mold and mildew and just after fixing up the place. I am hopeful you moved everything off the first floor and from your basement or piled it all up to salvage later. my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as I also live in the water and wind world and know the consequences of both.

  62. j’espère que votre maison n’est pas endommagé
    bon courage

  63. Janet Green says:

    Good for you! And I have an idea for you get those two beautiful little girls you have and white fabric and pigma pens (with lots of supervision!!!!) and get them to draw you a picture of how you make them feel. I promise you will never be able to look at those panels and feel anything but JOY! My babies did that and I still have a Pikachu picture from 11 yrs ago hanging in my kitchen.

  64. From rainy England to rainy Colorado, hang in there girl, them there storm clouds will have some silver linings hidden away in them somewhere. I know exactly how you feel, as we have just been given notice to quit in November, by our landlord, my partner’s job is looking uncertain and I am looking at three or four hospital appointments and the prospect of an Hysterectomy as well. But I guess once you’ve hit the bottom the only way is up. I’m sewing teddies at the moment, making them from old clothes that mean a lot to my customers, and seeing the looks of amazement and delight on their faces is enough to lift me up out of the abyss everytime.

    I’m not a particularly religious person, but I totally agree with you that all these happenings shape and direct you and your life. Can’t be roses all the time and it would get boring if that were so. :)

  65. Oh sweet Amy, we are down the road from you in Castle Rock struggling to stay dry too. Fortunately, our basement is dry, but we have a new river flowing behind our home. I can totally relate to having one trial after another. In fact, I was just thinking tonight in church about how the past 4 years have been so hard. And finally this summer, we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. God is good. He is shaping you through these trials. Stay strong and trust Him.

  66. Well said…Amen.

  67. Hugs from Tennessee, Amy! Made September’s Sugar Block today. You have blessed me with those simple designs. I had no idea at the time that you were in the midst of trouble. May God bless you and your beautiful family!

  68. Thanks for writing this post…oh you just don’t know how much that “lifted” me! I am most definitely being molded and defined right now! Lol, I forgot about the JOY…forgot to seek the positive as there most certainly are positive things happening because one person was brave enough to take a stand and risk all! I know you don’t have any idea of what I speak of, but thanks all the same.
    God IS good! God bless you and all of family! Thank you for reminding me of God’s love and how our lessons strengthen us.


  69. Amy, I hope you keep writing like you do. I also hope the waters have gone down, and your New house is getting back on its feet. God is the best!!

  70. redeemedsheep says:

    “…my trials are not killing me, they’re shaping me.”

    YES! And they are for your good and His glory. We may not know the reasons on this side of Heaven, but we will know one day. =)

  71. Amy hope you, your husband and little children are safe Please God.
    When things are back to “normal” you will
    think back and wondered how you coped and knowing that you did gives inner
    strength and comfort.

  72. Hi Amy,
    How are thigs now, flooding abated, everyone safe? Wishing you well from the other side of the world, just starting our storm season but fortunately flooding is rare here. Thinking of you all. x Michelle (Brisbane, Australia)

  73. Aw, Bless your heart! You poor thing! I’m sorry but I had to laugh…as I was reading I thought I read, “Can I get laid this month?” LOL My eyes bugged out and I had to go back and re-read “laid off”. Get out the floaties and the bilge pump, gather the family around for storybook time to the glow of an oil lamp, and read stories of the Bible to your children about Noah and the Ark. Let’s learn lessons and see how many pairs of socks we can find to march into the sock drawer (..ark). ((hugs!)) Stay dry!

  74. Yep, we’ve all been there. I was having a down day recently and read a blog post about praise. The writer shared the junk she had been thinking as she mindlessly drove down the highway then something jolted her out of her thinking and she realized while the facts of her trials may be true, she didn’t have to wallow in the self-pity. She could praise the Lord instead. She began actually praising Him audibly and instantly her mood was lifted. It was a good reminder for me. What we think on…that’s what we’ll be.

  75. Great post! Thank you for sharing the happy and hard. We live in Boulder county and although our house didn’t flood it was such a stressful week. Tons of ups and downs! Hope your house is ok!

  76. Marye Albritton says:

    Amy, I am quite a bit older and my 4 chickies have grown and flown the coop… did 2 husbands but that is another story. LOL I distinctly remember the year or so that I lost both inlaws, went through a divorce from the father of my 4 children, HIS remarriage, and the loss of my mom. My family seemed to turn against me, etc, etc, etc. I remember deciding that to ask “what next?” seemed to bring on yet another issue. Looking back, I know I am not the same person….in fact, just a year or two later, I wasn’t the same person. It could have gone either way. The guy that did my nails, and was my neighbor, said I wasnt the same and it wasn’t good. THAT was the catalyst. I started listening to God more. Looking back just a few years later, I realized that I had grown in ways that those issues would never have allowed. Yep, It is tough. Yep, it doesn’t seem fair. But I would never give it back in the way it grew me up. Hang in there. An empty chair with God sitting in it was often my salvation…….I could absolutely poor my heart out.
    In the end, it all works out. And remember……don’t sweat the small stuff….and a lot of it truly is the small stuff.

  77. I am so sorry for all you are going through. I had a fire in one of my homes and with all the water from the fire department we lost most of everything and my husband had just quit his job (for very good reasons) so I get where you are coming from. With little ones it was hard but with God’s help we made it through, better than ever and I will pray you do also. I have been saying prayers for all the folks in CO my son is there (in Woodland Park outside of the Springs) and he has told me how awful it has been but you all are tough and will come out of this shinning new.
    Blessings to you and yours, I love you blog so keep it up and let us help you through this tough time.

  78. I hope you and your family, and extended family, continue to safe and healthy. We had some major flooding here in Calgary earlier this year and it is devastating for those who lose their homes and momentos. What is really important is that people are safe. I’m sorry to read you’ve been going through so much recently. Do take care and enjoy your family. I hope you’re able to find some time to sew.


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