Stitched Together

What’s more meaningful than making a baby quilt for a special mom-to-be friend? Why making it WITH a special mom-to-be friend, of course!

I was so excited when my dear friend Toni, who’s not sewn since Jr. High home ec, asked me if we could make a quilt together for her soon-to-come baby girl. I was delighted. It turned out to be such an honor, and gave us some really special time together- memories and new-found quilt skills that Toni can share with her little girl someday.

First, we hit 2 local quilt shops and Toni went crazy hunting for fabrics to fit her vintage garden-themed nursery. When she saw the Peter Rabbit book panels, it was love at first sight, so we came up with a simple 4-patch design around those, incorporating all of the fabrics that she loved.

She cut, I sewed, she clipped, I sewed, she pressed and laid out, I sewed…and all the while we chatted and laughed and noshed on cheese and ice cream (Dairy overload? Perhaps). After she left, the magical fairies quilted and bound it, then I ran it through the wash to give it some charm.

I gave her the finished quilt at her shower, complete with her daughter’s name and a special Bible verse embroidered on one of the squares. She was overjoyed- surrounded by loving friends and family- to share the special quilt we made together.

Did I stumble upon a modern-day quilt bee? Indeed. 2 or more friends + fabric + learning and sharing = a wonderful friendship and a special quilt. I challenge you to try your own bee with a non-quilting friend. Pick out a simple design, let them choose fabrics that move them, get out the coffee and chocolate, and stitch something special. It may take longer than just whipping it up yourself, but trust me, the extra time will be priceless.


  1. Pat Frontuto says:

    They’re really cute, and if I had little ones they would be great! Right now, I am into making myself an Ole Civil War quilt using Fons and Porters three magazines from 2011 and I have fun plus of course the Sugar Block Club:)

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