Sugar Block Club

Sugar Block ClubSo what IS the Sugar Block Club and what is is all about???

During my 2012 Craftsy Block of the Month series, I really caught BOM fever, and I think I lot of folks did along with me.  We had so much fun stitching up our own versions of classic, historic blocks, 1000s of us, from all around the world, with such varied tastes, motivating one another and sharing in our triumphs and struggles, that I was truly moved.  When the end of the year rolled around, I had to find a way to keep the fun going.  That’s when I came up with the idea of the Sugar Block Club- a monthly pattern subscription where members receive monthly block patterns by email, coupled with delicious dessert recipes and fun giveaways…a little bit of sweetness, if you will, from my home to yours :)

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As I pondered the “direction” I wanted to go with the style of the blocks….modern?  30s?  classic?…  I was feeling deeply indecisive when I happened to stumble upon a 1933 quilt block pattern catalog that a friend gifted me a few years back.  

The intro, in particular, really struck a chord in me…I feel like it could have been written today, and honestly, it nearly brought me to tears…I can’t deny that despite the modern fabrics and designs that I love, I am a traditionalist at the core.

“To the women of Colonial America we owe a deep debt of gratitude for the advancement in the art of quilt making. When materials were lacking they combed the fibers, spun them into yarn, loomed their own materials, and dyed them over the open hearth to obtain the desired color effect. No task was too great to prevent them from obtaining the materials and colors needed to complete their quilts. Each new design was greeted with a chorus of enthusiastic approval, and gifted hands fell busily to work completing them. To have created a new design was the proudest achievement of the year. Little did they realize that the designs they were creating formed one of the strongest fibers in the fabric that makes up the spirit of America. Just as truth needs no alteration, simplicity is beauty in itself, and the simple designs they created are just as beautiful today as they were in the 17th century….Join the happy throng of women who are finding companionship, peace, contentment, and above all the joy of creating with their own hands a fresh, new quilt of lasting daintiness.”

Reading this intro left me speechless.  This is what my heart had been saying all along, and I think is the true intent behind my Craftsy BOM as well.  Simplicity is beauty in itself, and simple, classic designs are just as beautiful today as they were 400 years ago.

And so the Sugar Block Club was born….traditionally rooted blocks, full of lovely vintage charm, but truly fitting with nearly every aesthetic.  In a word, timeless.

So how do you join in?  You can find out more about the 2013 and 2014 sampler clubs, and purchase a subscription, or catch up on blocks you’ve missed, right over in my shop.


  1. Ann Simpson says:

    I managed to delete the email you sent with the info on how many fat quarters to buy for the Sugar Block Club. My apologies. Could you resend that info, at your convenience, please? Many thanks.

    • Would you indicate the length of time between your payment for the Sugar Block Club until you received your email notice? I signed up last week but nothing as of yet.

    • Sharon Sikkema says:

      I didn’t know there was a E-Mail that explained the fabrics we needed. When are we going to see the first block? I’m confused. I paid for this, but where do we sign in to get the class instructions.

  2. Aloma Marker says:

    I have not received any emails about the Sugar Block Club

    • They came this morning and I am so excited about starting this. I don’t know if my home will ever be clean again!

  3. Bev Hartford says:

    Hi Amy. Happy holidays to you. I am looking forward to the sugar club block of the month. I have paid the membership fee and was wondering if you will be sending out emails at the beginning of each month with the new block of the month? I have so very much enjoyed your blog and the block of the month with crafty this year. I look forward to spending more time quilting this coming year. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy spending time with your little ones.

  4. Bev Hartford says:

    Hi Amy. Looking forward to the sugar club block of the month. Are you planning to communicate via email? I have paid the membership fee but have not received an email. Enjoyed the crafty block of the month and look forward to a fun filled year of participating with your block of the month again for another year.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

    • Hi Bev! Thanks so much for signing up for SBC 2014! To answer your question, unfortunately, no, I am not sending out welcome emails this year (other than a Paypal receipt, to confirm your sign up went through), and am hoping folks will be understanding and will expect their first installment, on January 1, per details in my blog posts and SBC page. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find a truly realistic and efficient way to do this. Since new members are signing up or changing their email addresses daily, even hourly, it’s become overwhelming just to get everyone in the system, organized, and ready for the Jan 1 launch. In addition, the email system that I use to manage the Sugar Block Club is a high-volume recipient marketing service…it’s great for allowing me to add html (ie pretty photos, graphics, and buttons), however it’s a nightmare for sending individual emails, or email just to a few folks. Probably WAY more behind the scenes info than you wanted to know, but I thought I’d just be honest. Last year’s club was such a learning experience, and I’m still sifting through the best ways to manage it.

      Thanks again for signing up- welcome- and I do hope you enjoy your year of patterns & recipes! Merry Christmas!


  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family Amy. Looking forward to theSugar Block club just signed up bye for now Wendy McLaren in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

  6. Hi Amy, I just signed up for your sugar block club!! Yay I’m very excited. I’m still working on your craftsy BOM class but I should finish up soon. I love your creative style!! Happy holidays from my family to yours!
    Jennifer from Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada

  7. Amy, I just signed up. Looking forward to another great year with you :-)
    Loved the BOM, learned to much. Not sure how you do all that you do. hmmmm, don’t sleep?

  8. Amy I really enjoyed your Craftsy blcok of the month, I finished all of those blocks, but do not have my quilt finished yet. YOu were a great teacher. I am interested in your 2013 Sugar Block Club. I do understand that I will receive a copy of the pattern via e-mail the first of each month but will there be an on line class as well?

  9. Hi Amy,
    I’m looking forward the Sugar Block club, and signed up – should I have gotten a confirmation? I came over from Pat Sloan’s forum. I’ve also signed up at Craftsy, but haven’t been able to get started yet. Enjoy the holidays!!

  10. I have not received any emails for Sugar Block Club Info. I have purchased the subscription.

  11. Janet Green says:

    I signed up for your sugar block (so looking forward to it ) but I have had to change my email. I am worried about not receiving the instructions I am hoping this message will give you the information you need. Thanks honey! Janet

  12. Oh I can’t wait! Now was there a send out of fabric requirements??? I’d like to also see what you are using :) my Craftsy one came out fabulous (thanks to your fabric choice!).

  13. Just signed up!! So excited :-)

  14. Amy: I am interested in the Sugar Block Club. After seeing some of the questions here; could you please post some of the answers on your blog here. I’ve loved your BOM class.

  15. Roberta Jehn says:

    I am signing on to your BOM quilt. Please tell us recommended fabrics to get. I saw a bundle of kona solids on your site. IF we want to use similar fabrics where do we get them. I never copy the teacher but mix things up a bit.

  16. Jennifer Nunnery says:

    I’m so super excited about The Sugar Block Club. Purchased all my fabrics Friday night and cannot wait for the first block!!!

    • May I ask if you ordered solid fabrics or something else. I am looking for a package and so far I have not found anything I like. Today I try again
      Thank you in advance for information.

  17. My fabric arrived today from Fabric Worm, I can’t wait for the patterns to start coming!!

  18. Patti Auburn says:

    I just paid for this series, but then how do I log into it?

  19. Betty Keith says:

    I signed up for this club some time ago. I would like to know how to get a list of what I am going to need. Also, does this start with Jan? I am taking your FMQ class on Craftsy and having fun!

  20. From the UK but spend about four months in Florida, caught the bug of quilting absolutely loved your Block of the Month on CRAFTSY so have just signed up for your new course! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Healthy & happy new year and look forward to the updates on the family JeanM

  21. I just signed up for this. I can’t eat your desserts but I can do the quilt blocks. I am excited for this to start.

  22. Just signed up, and looking forward to the start of the year and the course to come.
    Thanks for all your hard work Amy, we sure do appreciate it.

  23. Patricia Evans says:

    I also have not received any info about the Sugarblock club prior to the one about the fabric bundles and I have purchased the subscription.

  24. favorite holiday tradition? my husband decorates the tree! i love it! he does a great job!

    mary :) in alaska it is cold here, below zero, snow coming this weekend. :)

  25. Thank you for emailing me to tell me you are working on getting more bundles. I love your energy and all your creative ideas. Anything more on a fabric wreath? Hugs from Palm Springs,CA.

  26. I attempted to sign up but I am not sure if paypal went through. My paypal id is sasquatch_tp. Did you receive pymt or should I try again. Thanks!

  27. I just joined the club!

  28. I have not received anything.Should I be getting an enail or something?

  29. Just signed up!!!! Can’t wait to start! Looking forward to the instructions! Favourite festivity activity will have to be big family meals that last all day long!

  30. Cheryl V. says:

    Can’t wait to get more super block designs from you. Craftsy BOM was my first course on quilting; although I have been sewing for years. Your tricks to make things faster and easier have been the most exciting. A very inticate design, to the untrained eye, is so easy using your tricks. Just signed up today, so I can only assume we will all be getting instructions for materials with the first block in January. Hugs to the wee ones.

  31. Pam Davis says:

    Hi AmyI just signed up for the Sugar BOM
    very excited

  32. I can’t wait for January to see the unveiling if your first block. My favorite tradition is all sitting down together with all our favorite foods and the meal taking a long time! We talk and laugh together!

  33. I have joined the Sugar Block Club. I am eager to start. I live in India and may not get the fabric and colours shown but I am sure I will manage with next to near colours. Looking forward to start.

  34. Did the Craftsy BOM this year with you and am looking forward to the Sugar Block Club this next year!

  35. Betty Keith says:

    Just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and s Happy New Year. Christmas must be a joy with the children.
    I’ve ordered my material, and hope to be ready to go, with the new year.

  36. judy hayes says:

    I am soooo excited to see the blocks for next year.I asked my husband to pay for the 2013 Sugar Block Class for a Christmas present.
    I am almost finished with the Craftsy class you taught, and now have to quilt the top. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all you taught us this year.

  37. Julie Peirce says:

    Merry Christmas to you and urs, Amy. Can’t wait to get my first pattern!!

  38. I just decided to join up for your Sugar Block club – some friends of mind over at Natural Mamas are all taking part too.
    I wondered if there is anyway I can change my email address on the club because my paypal is linked to my old email address that I hardly check.

  39. Hi Amy, I signed up for the new BOM but haven’t received an email about fabric requirements. Does it come automatically? If so, pleasze resend it to me. Can’t wait to begin! Absolutely loved your Craftsy BOM last year. Merry Christmas to you and your little brood.

  40. Oh dear…
    I just signed up and I’m quite nervous… I hope everything work well, I never really used PayPal before… Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this^^

    • I just got up an hour ago (it’s now 10 a.m. in Germany) and was very happy to find my welcome-mail in my cell’s mailbox. Now I’m excited to do some fabric-shopping while visiting a friend and very much looking forward to starting in January…
      And thanks so much for your nice reply to my comment, Amy.

  41. Debbie Goad says:

    Signed up and paid on the 7th and am still waiting for requirements.

    • Hi Debbie- I emailed you direct to see what may be up. Perhaps they went to an old email address linked to your Paypal? We’ll get it sorted out! :)

  42. Hi Amy! Finishing up my BOM from craftsy. Will the blocks be different in this club or will there be repeats? I have totally enjoyed the BOM on craftsy and I love your fun modern style.


  43. Hi Amy,
    I would like to purchase the sugar block club for multiple friends as gifts.. is this possible? If so, how could I do that?

  44. Laura Mattick says:

    I also followed you on the Craftsy BOM enjoyed it, so I signed up for the Sugar Block Club. I have not received any emails. Should I be concerned?

  45. If I get a regular 1/4 yard of 17 Kona solids, instead of a fat quarter, will it work out okay? I know 1/4 = 1/4 , but I am concerned about how pieces need to be cut for your blocks.

  46. wendy Turnbull says:

    excited to see what is in store for 2013. also waiting on email for supply list. ty so much.

  47. I, too, have managed to lose my email telling me how many fat quarters to buy. Maybe you could post this information on the Sugar Block Page of your website for all of us?

  48. norma benz says:

    I have attempted to sign up for the Sugar Block Club with my Visa and the reply is that I have already signed up. I have not received any email regarding the club.

    • Stitchery says:

      Hi there! Thank so much for signing up! Those who signed up after 3am on the 1st will receive their welcome email for the 2014 year within 24 hrs. Unfortunately thy are not automatic…I input all of your emails manually, so sometimes it can take me a few hours to get those in. Thank you go your patience, and happy new year!

  49. Patti Moore says:

    Just tried to sign up for Sugar Block and not sure if it went through or not. When I tryed to do again, it keeps kicking back my credit card, thinking it is a duplicate. Could you check and see if the first one went through? I have not received any email. This was today,12/22. Thanks

  50. Hola Amy, felicidades por tu embarazo!!!
    Tu avisarás cuando inicie el Club?
    Gracias y saludos desde México.

  51. Just received my fat quarter bundle in the mail today! Early Christmas for me! I hope you have a Merry Chritmas!!!!

  52. Margaret Schindler says:

    Hi Amy I too have signed up for your BOM but have not heard back from you. I paid with paypal.

  53. Diane Cullum says:

    Hi Amy,
    Is there a picture of this quilt or the blocks for it at least? I started the BOM on Craftsy but got stuck on April and now need to catch up (after deciding to skip that month). Some of the other months that have curves or templates are not really my cup of tea so I may be skipping them too. The BOM was interesting in that it taught so many different ways and styles of piecing but other than the fabric, the styles don’t really go together. I would like to see if your Sugar Block Club is more like a traditional Quilt BOM with straight line cuts and complementing blocks.
    Thank you!

    • Linda Benton says:

      If you do them all in the same color but in all the different blocks it will be sooooooo very beautiful!

      • Diane Cullum says:

        Soon after I wrote that post, I saw a photo of Amy’s Craftsy quilt. It is soooo gorgeous! I wouldn’t have thought all those blocks would look so good together. I just wanted to make sure this one was going to be different since I don’t have a lot of extra cash to buy templates that I probably won’t use again and don’t want to struggle with making my own. I have enough trouble just using a rotary cutter! lol

  54. Teresa Higginbotham says:

    I too signed up for this class shortly before Christmas and am eagerly awaiting instructions. I paid via paypal with the same email address as the one I used to create this comment. Thank you!

  55. Gisela Graeser says:

    hi amy, hope u r having a great time in va. family, they r the best. thank u for my fabric. it came a week ago,and then…….i broke my arm……….booohooo…….need some sympathy…………well the fabric s awesome, u guys did a great job. talk to u soon. have a safe trip home.

  56. Getting antsy….can’t wait to get started!!

  57. Diane Cullum says:

    Amy, Thank you so much for your quick reply! I hope you had a great time with family over your Christmas break! I am excited about the Sugar Block Club and had better get signing up!

  58. Could you please tell a little more about the class. What will be learning that is different from the wonderful class BOM 2012.
    Thank you so very much.

  59. Renee Kahnke says:

    Welcome home, I’m glad your holiday was wonderful I bet everyone spoiled the babies. I cant wait to start the new BOM. Last year i made 25 pillow cases from flannels. Everyone loved them. Happy New Year!!!!!!

  60. Hi Amy,
    I have been doing the Craftsy BOM this year and loving it! I fell a little behind and I am on June’s blocks now. You’re a fantastic teacher and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. Because of the Craftsy BOM I signed up with your Sugar Block Club this past Friday. Just wondering when the supply list will be emailed to me:) Thsnk you and I can’t wait to begin!!!

  61. Hello! I’m new to your blog and just joined the SBC two days ago. I haven’t received my welcome email yet, but I know it’s the holidays and things are crazy! Just want to make sure I’ll get everything I need on the first (or after…). I ordered my fabric — found your bundle on eBay! So I have to wait for that to come in anyways. I love the holidays, but they sure do slow down my online orders!

    If anyone checks this soon, please could you fill me in on what’s included in the welcome email? I’m sure I’ll get it soon…just antsy to get started!


  62. There’s a welcome email? I didn’t get one… does anyone know how much fabric will be required?

    • I heard from Amy today. If you signed up just recently (like me, two days ago)…she hasn’t gotten a chance to send the welcome emails out because she’s with family for the holidays. She said she was going to try to send them tonight, so keep an eye out!

  63. I just signed up for the Sugar Block Club. I am working on my final paper pieced blocks for the Craftsy BOM and I am looking forward to this new challenge. Happy New Year!

  64. I know how you feel about wanting to know the supply list, etc. Sometimes I just get too excited for my own good. But I love to quilt! Or I should say, “piece”. Anyway, here is what she told me in an earlier email:
    “FQ Bundle (or yardage) of at least 17 prints (ie a total of 4 1/4 yds or more). I’m going to be using this colorful FreeSpirit solids bundle, and I may choose to add a FQ or two of grey to add another neutral.

    – 1 1/8 yards of white, or whatever background color you choose

    Also, I’ll let you know that we won’t be using any special (non-printable) templates- so your standard quilting rulers will work great!”

    I hope this helps so that Amy can continue her holiday uninterupted and yet we can all know what we will be using!

  65. I’ve signed up for your BOM, but I have trouble adding your button to my blog, the picture does not want to show, I used the HTML gadget…

  66. Hi,

    how long does ist take to get the first mail? I subscribed a while ago.


  67. Rosalinda Call says:

    Dear Amy, I’m also confused Are we going to receive instructions on the first of the month or on the first Saturday of the month?

    • Hi Rosalinda-
      You’ll receive a pattern on the first of each month. The first Saturday I mention in this post is talking about those who want to come make the blocks with me at a shop in Colorado.

      Take care! :)

  68. Is it too late to sign up?

  69. Rosalyn Upston says:

    Hi Amy, “Happy New Year from Australia” to you and yours. May it be a 2013 be a great year for everyone involved with your family and Sugar Block Club. I can’t wait to receive my first Sugar Block Club design instructions. I have a lot of Christmas patterned materials and was thinking it would be good to do the BOM’s in a Christmas theme. Will this work in OK?

  70. Hi! I signed up on 12/23 and have not recieved a confirmation email or fabric requirements yet.. Can you please resend? Either jkaczetow at gmail dot com or jkaz6 at hotmail dot com. Thanks so much! I’m really looking forward to this. :D

  71. Rosalinda Call says:

    Dear Amy, I am no longer confused. Thank you for answering my question. Have fun on your road trip. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may God bless you and your family. Rose

  72. I have registered for the Sugar Block Club and have not received a list of anything. I paid via PayPal.. Dec 15.2012

    Please advise

  73. Joined on Nov 24th but have had no correspondence – only my receipt from PayPal. When can we expect to hear from you or get our first pattern/recipe? Can hardly wait!!

  74. I am not sure either when the Sugar Block Club begins. I also have not received notification of fabric requirements.

  75. Amy – this is wonderful. Only one thing. Could you post this as an option to being downloaded as a pdf? When printing from the email it chops off things and part of a line in the recipe was cut in half. I did manage to crop and paste it, but it was a lot of extra work that I’d rather put into quilting.

  76. Hi Amy
    Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic day we have all had here.
    We made the scrumptious January recipe and I sewed up the block.
    It’s wonderful.
    I blogged about it here
    Thanks so much

  77. Barbara Mayhew says:

    I did not received the supply list after I signed up in mid December. HELP!
    The first block looks like fun! Can’t wait to start.

  78. Hi Amy, I signed up a little late (a few days ago) so I never received the info about fabric requirements. If possible, could you please send that info to me at your convenience? I did receive the email with the first block and recipe. Thank you. I am going to hold off making the first block until I get the fabric requirements for all the blocks.

  79. I’ve just finished my first block!
    Now what am I going to do for the rest of the month? Lol.

  80. Checked out some of the blocks on flickr they look great.

  81. BeckyJoles says:

    I signed up for the Sugar Block Club in November. I was hoping to get an email with instructions, etc. When/how will you be sending information on this class? I recently finished Craftsy BOM and LOVED your class. Thanks!

  82. Ahhh… I read all the comments and found the requirements. At least 17 different fat quarters and 1 1/8 neutral backround fabric. I might make mine with prints so I can use something from my stash.

  83. Marisol Cuevas says:

    Good Day and Happy New Year to all, Help can someone point me in a good tutorial for cutting the 2 7/8 squares, i seem to be having some trouble getting exact measurements.

    thank you in advance

    • Elizabeth says:

      Try using a 3 inch square and then cut to size after you sew. 1/8 should not make that much difference if you trim after sewing. It might make it easier to complete.

      • Marisol Cuevas says:

        thank you, will give it a try

      • Marisol Cuevas says:

        Elizabeth thank you so much, it all work out i just posted my picture in the flickr group i am kids6787. check it out, completed block measure 12.5

        again thank you so much

        • Elizabeth says:

          I’m so happy that worked for you. Gee I learned something in Amy’s BOM club last year. Looking forward to this years blocks and learning more. Thank you for letting me know it worked for you.
          You are so welcome. Happy to assist.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Your block is wonderful and I love the colors. I have still yet to complete my block. A few other things came up I plan on completing today. I am bluefly48, I think if not it is bluefly. So many sites to sign into.

  84. Steffi Buedinger says:

    Hello Amy,

    first of all: Happy New Year 2013!

    I joined on Nov,3rd,I only got the PayPal receipt but unfortunately no other confirmation or e-mail. Also yesterday I did not receive the mail…. Would you please check what happened.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  85. Hi Just wondering if anyone has recieved there block this month?

    • Brenda Caplette says:

      yes I received mine, but Amy was having email problems and has stated below that they should be cleared up tonight or tomorrow. hope this helps :)

  86. I am sure Amy will be getting with those that had trouble getting the pattern email. I know she contacted me yesterday and we were finally able to get the welcome email sent to my email address. Next will be the pattern. For those that haven’t recieved anything you might need to check your spam or check your contact list. Although Amy & Stitchery Dickory was in my contacts I needed accept and email from her and put her on my safe contact list. Hope this helps. Looking forward to getting started. Have a good day.

  87. Just joined yesterday and I’m looking forward to starting this BOM!

  88. Looking forward to this !

  89. Elizabeth Benedict says:

    Amy, I RECEIVED my first month e-mail. Tho I am old you are using the colors in the first block that I really like. You modern quilters are the best. Thank you for doing this for us. Elizabeth

  90. Is there really supposed to be 6 cups of flour in this months recipe?

  91. Denise Roberts says:

    Hi Amy,
    I signed up and paid for the Sugar Block Club on Nov 6th. But to-date I have not received any form of notification from you. Please advise what I need to do to active my membership on your end.
    Thank you,
    Denise Roberts

  92. Hi Amy,
    I have not received an email for the first block yet but it shows that the payment has been received. Is there something else I should do? Safe travels!


  93. Anne Higgins Murphy says:

    Hi Amy, Like many of your other followers, i absolutely loved the Craftsy BOM, and also like many others im only half way through it, i did however enjoy doing it along with you, you have a real natural flare for the teaching of the block. Thank you so much for that. Ive also just signed up last night with your Sugar Block Club and look forward to that also, could you tell me when i will receive the pattern for the first month? Congrats on your twins their beautiful.

  94. Angelica Longo Diepenbruck says:

    Hi Amy!
    I just joined the BOM in the beginning of the year and I didn´t receive the e-mail with the instructions to do the block and recipe, could you send me, please?
    Thanks from Brazil.
    Angélica Longo Diepenbruck

  95. crafter611 says:

    I’ve not yet received my instructions on the 1st block.

  96. Gretchen Clare says:

    Happy New Year Amy! I signed up and paid (received payment confirmation through pay pal) yesterday. I am anxiously waiting for the email with directions in how to get started that I haven’t yet received. Thanks so much and here’s to another wonderful year of quilting with you! Craftsy BOM was fabulous :)

  97. Amy, I,ve just received the first email from you but without any details on the instructions etc.. Looking at all the comments from your subscribers, I think you should at least explain how this SBC works.

  98. Donna Felts says:

    I joined the sugar block club yesterday. Paid for it on pay pal. Haven’t gotten a confirmation as yet. Will we be notified by e-mail about the blocks each month on the first? So far I haven’t recieved anything.

    • Stitchery says:

      Sugar Block Clubbers who joined on the 1/1/12 or 1/2/12 should receive their emails (Welcome and January Block) later this evening or tomorrow. We were incommunicado for the 1st and 2nd traveling cross country with our brood. And my in-laws only had intermittent internet access during our stay.
      Thank you so much for your patience! I’m working furiously to get all the added Sugar Blockers in the mass email system and posting instructions for making the future emails “safe” with spam filters for those of you who signed up in December or earlier

  99. so confused with this club so far. Should I be concerned? Join and paid with Pay Pal but no confirmation as yet.

  100. Brenda Caplette says:

    Oh Sweetie, don’t fret. I am so sorry that you were swamped with emails from people that have nothing better to do than complain. We all understood when we signed up that you were a very BUSY mom with little ones that come first. Tell the complainers that they must wait their turn. If they had signed up before the last minute they wouldn’t have to wait! You are doing a great job. Relax and take a deep breath! Life is too short :)

  101. Finally got the pieces cut and ready to sew tomorrow. It was getting late here and didn’t want to wake hubby. My house will just have to wait. :)

  102. I cant click on the flickr group at the bottom of this page, do you have a group?

  103. Amy, You are doing such a GREAT job. Because of you I was able to accomplish a goal of mine, making a quilt. I followed the BOM on Craftsy and loved every minute. Thank you so much for the time you give us. I, too, live in Denver. A perfect day for me is to go to Fancy Tiger, Sewn and finish with lunch at the Hornet. I hope things settle down and smooth out, but please know you are doing a fantastic job and helping people like me fulfill a dream.


  104. Darlene Contadino says:

    Hope it is okay to be a late comer to the project. I just ordered today. My granddaughter did Craftsy Block of the Month in 2012 (except for the paper piecing). She saw this and wanted to do this BOM this year. We are doing it together.

    • Darlene

      Hello I also joined on the 4th have you received your welcome letter yet i cant start anyway until my material comes in but was just curious. I am a new quilter and excited to start. and look forward to making new friends.

  105. Kathie Yancey says:

    I’m a member of the club but am looking to see if there’s a place where there are finished blocks posted. I’m stumbling with colors and wanted to get some fresh ideas. Am I overlooking the link? Appreciate any suggestions.
    THanks, Kathie

    • HI
      I believe you have to go to the flicker group the teal flower at the top part of this page and sign up and join the group The Sugar Block Club then you can post pics.;)

      • Cindy Lowder says:

        You are correct…I just posted this morning. You have to set up your Flickr acct so you have a place to store your pics, hen you can post over to the Sugar Block Club. Good luck!

  106. Donna Kauffman says:

    Have a pic to upload of my first block, but dont see where to do it. HELP.

  107. Amy L Appleton says:


    Just joined but was wondering if my stuff will go to my husbands web site and if so can i get it to my emails.

  108. Valdean Charlier says:

    My e-mail address has changed since I signed up for the Sugar Block Club. How can I receive the information about the club?

  109. Rosalinda Call says:

    Dear Amy, Just wanted to let you know you’re doing s great job. I really don’t know how you do it with 4 kids. I’m doing 5 BOM this year using what I have in my stash and it still won’t make dent in the fabric I have. I promised myself I would not buy anymore fabric in the year 2013.(or until I see something I can’t live without)Well I a great week and don’t let anyone upset you. Rose

  110. Rec’d the email about fabric but no instructions or ? Did I miss something ? I too have paid for this Plwase let me know … thank you

  111. Darlene Contadino says:

    have not received my welcome letter or first block yet.

  112. I just signed up for Sugar Block Club, I am so looking forward to getting the first block. I took your class in 2012 @ craftsy. The block of the month. i loved the class.

  113. Amy L Appleton says:

    Yeah!!!!!! I received my email and my block,can’t wait to try that recipe i also love to bake

  114. Hi I signed up and paid however have not received an email or anything – how do I access the info for the block and stuff. Thanks!

  115. Heather Bannister says:

    would like to share a photo but not sure how

  116. What a runaround I have had to try and get all my fabrics in place. We have wonderful cotton fabrics in India, but shops don’t sell it in the same was as specialised quilting shops do it in the West. So one buys one piece in one place and then have to hunt for colours to match it with!!! Anyway have got my stack in place and will do the first block before the month end!

  117. I am a new quilter…took one course in quilting a couple of years ago. But, still find myself struggling along. My first block of the month is finished, but not what I would expect as being perfect. Will try another this week. Thanks for all the step-by-step assistance.

  118. Nancy Van Landingham says:

    I am so impressed with Amy … WOW … “They” say “the busier a woman is the more she accomplishes”. (Something like that LOL) I am getting ready to MAKE HEXIES … Amy mentioned Sashiko … Looking that up … And also going to google Exxens linen … I have to look at her blog again … Some kind of Lenin … Ha … Learning so much. …

  119. I read about your BOM on Pat Sloan’s blog and I signed up today. This will be my first BOM and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  120. I just joined really late, hope I can still do January’s BOM :-) and like many others here enjoyed doing the BOM on Craftsy with you! Carol

  121. I saved the January block as a PDF, but it won’t open.
    Would you please re-send? I was preparing several quilts for a quilt show (including 2012 BOM on Craftsy) and couldn’t get to it in January.
    Thank you so much.

  122. Got my fat quarters today will have the 1st block done this weekend! Yeah.

  123. Biz Burgess says:

    OOOOH LA LA February block is the prettiest thing I have ever seen! Can not wait to make it repeatedly. Thank you so much Amy.

  124. February drove me nuts. My background has a right and wrong side that are hard to tell apart but show when the block is done. RIP, REDO! Then I used the main fabric on the wrong petals. I do big complicated paper piecing, but this super-simple-seeming one was a challenge.

  125. cheryl Vourvoulas says:

    I lost my email with the February block. Any way I can get it resent.

  126. Ciao, ho ricevuto i due blocchi ma quando cerco di caricare il pdf non ci riesco, ci prova ma si blocca verso la fine. riusciresti a rimandarmelo sulla e.mail . Grazie buona serata Laura

  127. Ciao. Ho bisogno di aiuto non riesco a caricare il pdf dei blocchi, come posso fare? Riesci a mandarmeli via e-mail? grazie buona giornata Laura

  128. Jannie Foy says:

    Hi Amy.
    I hope it’s not too late to join this club.
    I clicked on the JOIN tab, but it seems my Pay Pal account didn’t work.
    I hope i can use a credit card ?

  129. KellieMarie Plumlee says:

    I swear I am a door post! I know I printed my instructions for block one and I can’t figure out how to see block two. Life is so crazy. I don’t remember if I was supposed to watch for it to be emailed or just keep checking the site. I know I am making this too hard.

  130. I just signed up for the Sugar Block Club, how do I get the 2 missed months of blocks?

  131. I just joined the club, yes I know it is a month late, but I saw Pat Sloane’s post and had to join! I have a set of printed fat quarters that are calling my name. I assume I will get an email or something from you????

  132. love this block amy!

  133. Ashley Spitler says:


    In the past you have made reference to a slip-proof product for your rulers. I can not remember what it is called, but have now decided I don’t want to ruin anymore cuts because my hand slides the ruler. Thanks!


  134. Does anyone have some advise on the February block in making the center star with the points?
    I have not been able to understand the directions of leaving 1/4″ on each end and that will match the points. I tried like 3 times, and it makes one side short so the points wont match. What am I dong wrong????? I finally gave up and was gonna use it as is.

    • Hi Kelly! Sorry you’re having trouble! To be clear, be sure to look closely at the photo where I point out the 1/4″ adjustments that need to be made when lining up the pieces…it’s not a 1/4″ directly from the edge necessarily. Hard to explain without having the picture in from of you, but on one side, it’s 1/4″ from the top edge to where the fabrics cross, and on the other side it’s 1/4″ from the side edge to where the fabrics cross. Once you pinned it to match the photo exactly (I have arrows showing exactly where the 1/4″ should be), then you can open up the piece to check and see how it will look once you stitch- ie, where the 1/4″ seam will end up- then make tiny adjustments if necessary. Let me know if this seems unclear once you’ve looked at the alignment photo again, and I’d be happy to help you more with troubleshooting. Nothing worse than giving up on a block due to frustration! :)

  135. Kiki Myers says:

    I have already joined but I cannot find where to get February’s block that I failed to download. I know that I have mention this before and received a reply but I have deleted the email response. Thanks for your help.
    Kiki Myers

  136. Kerry-Anne says:

    Hello I love your BOM series and so I have just signed up for this quilt project. Will I receive the January, February and march blocks??

    Thank you

    Kerry :)

  137. Jacqueline Spivey says:

    Hi Amy. I signed up and paid the fee for the Sugar BOM on Feb 8, 2013, but have never received anything yet. Is there something else I need to do?
    Thanks Jackie

  138. I suggest you contact Amy directly rather than through this posting because she may check her email more often. I started March 1 and got an email for March and another email giving me access to the February and January blocks within a day of joining. Kay

  139. Amy L Appleton says:

    Happy Easter Amy and family cant wait for the next block April 1 that’s no fool haha.

  140. Stitchery says:

    Hi there- Simply click on the highlighted words that say “Templates A & B” to open the template PDF for April.

  141. Just signed up yesterday, have saved all the patterns, printed all the foundations and look forward to getting all caught up!! As soon as I decide on my fabric! lol

  142. May I still join? I won’t be able to sew along just yet, moved house and machine still in storage but so I started sewing up the Craftsy BOM 2012 by hand!!!
    Thanks heaps!

  143. patricia frappier says:

    I have been trying to print out the April block of the sugar block club and it keeps telling me its a “page error”…. so what can I do now? your children are so so so cute

  144. Bonjour,
    Voilà ! Je viens de faire mon inscription ;-)

  145. Patricia Frappier says:

    i still cant get into the club either. I click on member block and I get “page error”

  146. Joanie Schwarzbeck says:

    I am working on February (North Star) and the directions mention a tutorial from the December 2012 BOM on Craftsy… can’t find it anywhere : ( suggestions??!? thanks in advance! I NEED to get caught up!

  147. I just finished my April block! I am IN LOVE with this block!! I reversed my orange and yellow though just for something different since I have basically copied your colors (but you do them so well!!). I think I will be making a whole quilt out of this block! And I am NOT a paper piecer!! But maybe I will become one yet! Thanks Amy!!

  148. Karen maffina says:

    Hi amy, I joined up to your club yesterday and still haven’t recieved anything… I have clicked on your email button and it wont let me send you an email either so was just wondering if you could help me to figure out whats going wrong…

  149. Hi Amy!

    I’m a big fan! I just joined up for the sugar block club. Will the confirmation email include a link(s) to the previous block patterns?


  150. Rosalinda Call says:

    Hi Amy, I know you’re busy with your new home, but you don’t have June’ s block on SBC club page so I can’t print out instructions. Thanks Rose

  151. Hey! I paid for my membership but haven’t gotten any of the block links! I got a confirmation email but that was it.


  152. Andrea Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Amy,
    I have sent an email and I have been checking my junk as well everyday, but I don’t have any blocks after February. If you could resend them or let me know if I am doing something wrong…. Thanks again,
    Andrea Kirkpatrick

  153. Cathy Koehm says:

    I don’t know to sign into the Sugar Block Club. It’s been awhile (hand in brace). please let me know… Cathy

  154. Karen Kluwin says:

    i joined the sbc,,,,and am trying to click on the link in this post….got an error….where do i look?

    • Stitchery says:

      Hi! If you’re getting an error, it’s probably a glitch caused by an outdated browser. Try switching browser to see if that doesn’t solve it. I usually use Google Chrome, Explorer, or Safari, and haven’t had trouble with any of those. Let me know if you still have trouble….

  155. Cathy Koehm says:

    Amy, I did sign up and get your emails and blog updates. I’ll wait for the first of July to see!
    Thank you, you are such a sweetheart! Cathy

  156. Willie Dell Weaver says:

    How do I access the paper piecing pdf files for the blocks? I have downloaded the pattern instructions, but can’t access the template to make copies except for the Lime Sherbet template

  157. Hi! Just found your blog and love it! I also fell in love with this block club! I have a few stacks of Kona solid cottons that would be perfect for these blocks. I have a whole lot of catching up to do!
    Barb –

  158. Amy, I’m signed up and have made my first block (January). You are awesome girl!!!!

  159. July block has a mistake in the cutting directions.
    It should only be 6 squares of the print 1 fabric, light purple, not 8.
    Thought you may want to update this in the pattern.

  160. Sorry, I meant the August block.

  161. Nancy van Landingham says:

    So there is a mistake on the July block? Please tell me … I need to save the info … Thanks.

  162. Christina Annette Dixon says:

    Hello Amy is to late to buy into the Amy’s Sugar Block Club so I can follow your classes again.

  163. Has the September block been sent? I looked in all of my mailboxes and can’t fine it.

  164. Hello, I remember getting an email mentioning the Sugar Block Club, but I did not see the email for the September block. Can you resend?

  165. I’m still working on finding just the right spot on my machine for the “scant” quarter inch seams. I had been using The Angler 2 and was having some success so I decided to try the 1/4 patchwork foot that came with my Janome. So this month’s block turned out too large rather than the usual just slightly too small size which meant that squaring the block left me with some places where the points will be cut off when I sew the blocks together. I’m going to put my Angler 2 back on my sewing machine base and try sewing another one to see what happens. As a newbie, I find there are some situations where a scant seam makes a huge difference but in other cases like paper piecing the seam has to be an accurate 1/4 inch. Makes for good practice, I suppose, which is what a sampler is all about.

  166. If anyone has trouble finding the email for September, it was sent out on September 1 and for a lot of us, went into the spam folder. I don’t have a spam folder on my computer, but when I did a search in my emails for Stitchery Ditchory Dock, I found out I really do have a spam folder, it is just hidden or something…

  167. Deborah Andry says:

    I am just starting the Sugar Block Club and can’t wait to get my information and begin my journey. I did the 2012 BOM, on Craftsy, with Amy and loved it

  168. hi Amy – love the october lucky star block and can’t wait to put it together :)

  169. Marion Knights says:

    Amy, I also realized that we are almost at the end of the year and the Sugar Block Club. I am hoping that you will be doing another one next year. I am sure that with a young family you have a great deal n your plate, but I am sure that many of us look forward to a 2014 version.

  170. Amy L Appleton says:

    Congrats!! on the win you deserve it what an awesome class for a new quilter.

  171. Phyllis Bates says:

    Amy, will you be doing a Sugar Block Club for 2014? If so, I’d like to join.

  172. I love your layout. The colors are just perfect and framing them with the white was an excellent touch. I wish to be so creative and also that far along with my blocks. Had to stop after a few months but now trying to catch-up so I can start the 2014 blocks. Have you thought about how you are going to quilt your blocks? I’d love to see what you come up with.

  173. well I was just on flicker, looking at everyone’s blocks from 2013. Everyone did such a great job. I kind of got side tracked along the way this year. then stole the fabric I was using to put into another quilt. But maybe some day make a runner or something. Is there going to be anymore info about 2014s? it says something about a challenge.

  174. Dear Amy,
    for 2013, you did a wonderfull job, I loved receiving your BOM-Mail at the 1st of each month and trying out your yummie recipes! Fo 2014, I’ve yet joined in the fun, needless to say, that I love your blog ;-) Have a wonderful Advent time, take care, Martina

  175. Just joined. This looked interesting. This is the first block of the month I’ve ever tried. I am looking forward to this new adventure in 2014

  176. Diane Comstock says:

    Just finishing up quilting the BOM 2012. I must say it is looking awesome for my first quilt. Thanks to your great instructions. Question for the BOM 2013 – I was given a pack of fat quarters of batik fabrics last Christmas and would like to use them for the BOM 2013. Do you think this will work? Or will it be too busy?

  177. Amy L Appleton says:

    what is the size of the quilt cant find it anywhere not sure if it was provided.

    • Hi Amy-
      The blocks are each 12″, and there will be 12 of them. I actually left out a finished quilt size purposefully, since I like to encourage folks to stitch their blocks together in any way they please…some people like sashing, some don’t, some like a border, or multiple borders, and some don’t. I offer the block patterns only, but leave the finishing part open-ended so that there is no “right” way to assemble it. Hope that makes sense! Here’s a recent post I did with ideas for different ways to put your sampler blocks together:


  178. Andrea Thalmann says:

    I have signed up for the 2014 Sugar Block Club! I would like to use fat quarters — how many would I need?

  179. Man, i cannot believe that I may have already deleted the first email for 2014! I’ve been waiting for the new year to get here to start this, and I’m still waiting.

  180. I received the email for SBC ~ on January 1, 2014 ~ was so excited. BUT … my email is gone and I don’t have a clue where it went. What do I do?

  181. Stitchery says:

    Hi Shana-
    Have you checked your spam folder? Another common problem is that some folks are not checking the same email account that’s associated with their Paypal account (that is where I sent your Sugar Block email, unless you instructed me otherwise). Thank you for your patience as we get through all of these kinks, which are unfortunately inevitable on the first day of the club. I can assure you that you were sent an email in the early morning of 1/1, but it takes me time to troubleshoot individual cases like this since the groups is quite large. Thanks for your patience as I get through all of these today. -Amy

  182. Ok,..all because of a post by Pat Sloan about selecting fabrics for a mystery BOM, – – on her blog – (since I’m doing her Globetrotting: Free Mystery BOM and following her blog), I happened upon this very fun looking BOM of yours as well and just made my purchase so I can join in too! I love BOM’s…so this will be so much fun!

  183. I’m a month late to sign up for this BOM, but happy to participate! Will you send me last months block to catch me up? Thanks!

  184. Tami Paul says:

    I seem to have miss placed my Jan2014 block direction/email

  185. Ann Stokes says:

    I’ve joined the Sugar Block for 2014 and wanted to take the Sugar Block 2013 for the 9.95, but was unable to get the join button to work. Could you help with that?

  186. Arlene Slotter says:

    Hi Amy! I shared your “Be Merciful” today with my church’ sewing group. I doubt if there was a dry eye among the dozen ladies. They really appreciated your inspiring challenge. They are looking forward to your remainder challenges. Personally, I think it was the first time I really understood what “merciful” meant. Thanks so much. Currently machine quilting 2013 BOM.
    Arlene Slotter

  187. Phyllis Bates says:

    I clicked on the link from your March email for this month’s block but now I cannot find where the instructions for the previous two months are. I didn’t print them out, although I meant to, because I thought they would stay on the site somewhere. How do I get to them now?

  188. Phyllis Bates says:

    I found the instructions for January and March.

  189. Loretta Kramer says:

    Need to change my email as well as password as I am receiving your Sugarblock Club for 2014 and do not want to miss April’s and my code for the membership does not work.Frustrated wiyh MSN please help.Loretta Kramer

  190. Judy Keys says:

    Amy, I am a member of 2014 SBC, but my password doesn’t let me sign into the club. I do get the e-mails for each month, but don’t understand why my password won’t let me go to them from your site.

  191. Love your blog and SBC. A challenge in April that I will tackle will be leaving my phone in vibrate mode while the family is together for meals and family time. I have also been slowly getting addicted to screen time. Thanks for all you do.

  192. I did not receive my May block, it’s usually in my email first thing in the morning. Anyone else not receive theirs.

    • Stitchery says:

      Hi Mary! I’ve actually not sent it out yet (hectic evening last night!). You can expect it shortly…. Amy

  193. Not a problem, I understand. Thanks!

  194. Donna Mendenhall says:

    I mistakenly deleted the 2014 May pattern by Amy Gibson you e-mailed on May 1st. Would you please resend so I can complete the pattern?

    Thank You

    Donna Mendenhall

  195. I have not received the July BOM pattern, was it sent out?

  196. Teri Ralph says:

    Amy, I need to update my email address for the Sugar Block Club. I managed to get it updated for Stichery Dickory Dock, but can’t figure out how to change it for the other. Please email me so I can give you my new email and I can keep getting my beautiful blocks of the month and your fabulous recipes!! Thank you, Teri

  197. I saved all my Sugar Block club emails with links to all my 2014 block patterns except January? and May. Otherwise I am all good for the patterns. Is there a way to find those two months here on the website? I am sorry I don’t know where to navigate to go find them. You can contact me at Thanks! Kathy Aho in MN

  198. merenda heady says:

    I’ve done both the SBC 2013 & 2014 loved the colors & blocks of 13 but really love the Beyond the block for 2014 although some of them were hard to do then others. A lot of the desserts looked really great and the ones I tried were good. Are you going to continue in 2015 with the Sugar Block club?

  199. Amy, don’t ever apologize for speaking your mind and sharing your thoughts and beliefs. I mean, if that’s not what a blog is for, then what is? I read a great book a long time ago, which of course I gave to someone and now can’t remember the title, but basically the idea was to look at what is stressful about your holidays. Are you doing things because you feel you have to – traditions that must be continued, for example, or because you want to? Choose those things you really want to do, and do them wholeheartedly. Many years, I have just let go of activities or decorations or events that would cause me frustration or stress instead of pleasure. Some years I add them back in, other times I choose to spend my time elsewhere. Merry Christmas to you – have a blessed holiday, and thank you for a year of wonderful patterns and thought provoking commentary.

  200. I haven’t seen, but are you doing a Sugar Block Club for 2015? I’ve just loved participating in 2014’s! I also loved the honest and challenging words your provided this past year. I know you got some negative feedback about having a “bible study” but I’m proud that you held firm to your beliefs and were a great witness. His Word will not return void (Isa 55.11) May God bless you and yours this year!

  201. Just finished my last 2013 Sugar Block Club block. I had four left to do. So for 2015, I will begin the 2014 session. No hurry, no pressure. I enjoy Amy’s work and thank her for sharing with us.

  202. Lois PIpkin says:

    Help. I can’t get in to my 2014 subscription and I NEED the DECMEBER block. I have all others made. I either don’t correctly remember my password or the site is not working??

  203. Amy, are there instructions for putting together the 2014 BOM? I’m cutting out December’s block and looking for help on finishing the quilt. Thanks!

  204. If some one wants expert view about blogging afterward i propose him/her too visit this weblog, Keeep up the pleasant job.

  205. Silverlining says:

    Hi Crafty Quilteer: I just joined the SBC. You never know I might need your help/opinions sometime. I am also in the Craftsy BOM as well; so this will be fun. Be well.

  206. Carol Snyder says:

    HELP, I subscribed to the Sugar Block Cube (paid my money), and received the welcoming email. This morning I received an email about the January block, however, I cannot locate a link to the instructions for the block. How do I find the instructions?
    Carol S.


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  49. […] means it’s time to sew the final 2013 Sugar Block Club block… So far, I’ve gotten one done of my two. I’m in crunch mode! I’m knitting […]

  50. […] Alchemy line to make a sampler quilt from Amy Gibson’s 2013 Sugar Block Club found here. On her website now you can sign up for her 2014 club […]

  51. […] If you follow me on pinterest then you can see how obsessed I’ve been getting with sampler quilts. I intend to make quite a few this upcoming year. As I was looking I found these block of the month clubs and they seemed to be so fun. Each month you get a new tutorial for a new block. 12 months, 12 blocks and next December you put together a quilt and share your pics with others who have been doing the same. I love the idea. So I signed up for the Sugar Block Club. […]

  52. […] of this year was in the sewing/quilting part of my life. It was participating in Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club. When you ask me who my quilting idol is, I am quick to answer with the name Amy Gibson. I first […]

  53. […] I see a handful of people who have one foot in the door, and I’m watching to see if they put in that other foot, elbow and hip. I’m watching to see if they make a business out of it. Nobody is an overnight success; it takes time and hard work. I’ve enjoyed watching Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock since her Craftsy block of the month course. She has taken that opportunity and grown her community and continues to develop exciting projects for quilters like her Sugar Block club. […]

  54. […] I did (and gave as gifts) were the SkillBuilder BOM by Alyssa of Pile O’ Fabric, and the Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock.  I truly learned a lot sewing along with the BOM’s […]

  55. […] you are interested in joining the Sugar Block Club, you can do so here. If you want to read all my posts on this club, you’ll find that here. The flickr group is […]

  56. […] Gibson’s Sugar Block BOM Club for 2014. You can join here….it’s only 7.95 for the whole […]

  57. […] 2013 ended. But still! All 24 blocks, to be made into a total of 2 quilts, are DONE! The final Sugar Block Club installment of 2013 was a lovely paper pieced star. You saw the other one a few weeks […]

  58. […] for 2014 I decided we should all do the Craftsy 2012 BOM taught by Amy Gibson. Amy’s blog is Stitchery Dickory Dock and she hosts the famous Sugar Block Club. The Craftsy BOM class is free and has great videos and […]

  59. […] and then staying up-to-date with my Blocks of the Month – from the Fat Quarter Shop and the Sugar Block Club over at Stitchery Dickory […]

  60. […] I finally felt more comfortable with paper-piecing. There were a few chances to practice with the Sugar Block Club and with the Virtual Quilting Bee during the last year. When I signed up for the 2014 Lucky Stars […]

  61. […] as it’s called) club to help myself create a full size quilt this year. It’s the Sugar Block Club from Amy Gibson. Along with the directions for each monthly quilt square, she goes “beyond […]

  62. […] a little behind in the Sugar Block Club, and I decided to skip to February. I was inspired to build a block around this little Amy Butler […]

  63. […] Then I decided to get up to date with my blocks for the two Block of The Month quilts I’m working on, and which had, sadly, fallen by the wayside over the past few months. First up, Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club over at Stitchery Dickory Dock. […]

  64. […] decided to join in again this year with Amy Gibson at Stichery Dickory Dock for the 2014 Sugar Block adventure. I wasn’t sure I was going to participate, but I’m […]

  65. […] Proverbs- for Lent as well wearing snow boots, unfortunately making I was gifted a subscription to The Sugar Block Club a monthly quilting square challenge. I am two squares in and loving it. watching old episodes of […]

  66. […] think it’s very interesting that this month’s Sugar block (a fun BOM over on Amy Gibson’s sweet little blog) was an elaborate pinwheel which even included some paper piecing.  She called the block […]

  67. […] the past two years I have subscribed to Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club. Each month Amy posts a block pattern along with one of her delicious recipes. What could be […]

  68. […] I got into paid classes. Then I found out about a great (and economical) block of the month called The Sugar Block Club, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Last year’s cute blocks are in […]

  69. […] I’m a little late posting these… but here are my February, March, and April Sugar Block Club quilt […]

  70. […] Sugar Block Club […]

  71. […] Go check it out, it's over at Sugar Block Club. ~ Anna ~ My Pinterest Reply With […]

  72. […] with sewing news….. I put together the January Block for the Sugar Block Club hosted by Stitchery Dickory Dock.  Yes, I am a bit behind but figured putting quilt blocks […]

  73. […] enough to be going to. Can’t wait!! I’m also considering joining these SAL’s: Sugar Block Club with Amy Gibson Lucky Stars BOM at Don’t Call Me Betsy Ange has also hinted at […]

  74. […] quickly, as I had the blocks finished already. These blocks are part of Amy Gibson’s 2014 Sugar Block of the Month club. I love the fabric and the colors are perfect for a sweet little […]

  75. […] Let’s take a look at my block! If you are interested in being a Sugar Block Club member, go here to get more […]

  76. […] my last post I gave you all a sneak peak at the completed Sugar Blocks from Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club of 2014. This was the last photo I shared with you. Well, I told you all to stay tuned for what I […]

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