It’s March, and I’m feeling a bit crazy.  I’ve got a zillion QuiltCon photos to share, Russ still wants to guest post this week, and we’re neck deep in moving, but what the heck, here’s the March Sugar Block!  We are having such a blast making this quilt together, that I couldn’t resist letting everyone in on this month’s pattern & recipe.

And that’s not all…how about an awesome members-only GIVEAWAY?!  Once you’ve stitched all 3 Sugar Blocks (Jan, Feb & March), post a photo in our Flickr group, then hop back over and leave a comment on this post, for a chance to win a $75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!  Yipeeeeeee!  Thanks Fat Quarter Shop!


This month’s block is called Forget Me Not, and I just love how springy it is! (I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warm weather right about now).  The inner block is set on point, meaning on the diagonal, and if you haven’t made an on point block before, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.  This one really comes together smoothly.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Forget Me Not- March Sugar Block

March Sugar Block- “Forget Me Not”

As usual, all seams are stitched right sides together, with 1/4″ seam allowances.

Forget Me Not 1


  • 1 Fat Quarter (or 1/8 yd off the bolt) of background fabric (white)
  • 1 Fat Quarter (or 1/8 yd off the bolt) of print 1 (yellow) 
  • 1 Fat Quarter (or 1/8 yd off the bolt) of print 2 (plum)
  • 1 Fat Quarter (or 1/8 yd off the bolt) of print 3 (green)


  • From background fabric: cut four 3.5″ squares
  • From background fabric: cut two 3 7/8″ squares, sub-cut in half diagonally
  • From background fabric: cut one 4.25″ square, sub-cut in quarters diagonally
  • From print 1: cut one 3.5″ square
  • From print 2: cut four 3.5″ squares
  • From print 3: cut four 3 7/8″ squares, sub-cut in half diagonally

Forget Me Not 2

First, cut out all of your squares, and then sub-cut the 3 7/8″ background, 4.25″ background, and print 3 squares, into half or quarter square triangles as shown.  Do take extra care when handling your triangle pieces, as they have raw bias edges and are prone to distortion.  Consider starching your fabrics before you cut, to help them maintain their shape as you piece.  I recommend Faultless brand, Heavy Starch.

Forget Me Not 3

Forget Me Not 4

Next, construct the 3 center rows using prints 1 & 2, as well as your largest (3 7/8″) background fabric triangles, right sides together, and stitching 1/4″ seams.  You’ll notice that your triangles don’t appear to match with your squares- don’t fret, as this is necessary in order to account for your seam allowances.  Just be sure to align them so that they match up along the inner edge- not the pointy outer edge.

Forget Me Not 5

Stitch these 3 rows together, matching and pinning at seam intersections.  Press seams toward the flower.

Forget Me Not 6

Next, stitch the smaller background triangles to the corners of this piece.  To be sure they are centered, fold both your corner piece and your triangle in half and finger press, then match the creases and pin.

Forget Me Not 7

Forget Me Not 8

Press the corner pieces open, then trim off the dog ears (ie, those little pointy seam excesses hanging off the edge).

Forget Me Not 9

Next, make the triangular corner units that will turn our center block on point.  Take your 3.5″ background squares and your print 3 triangles, and stitch one triangle to a square along a shorter side of the triangle.  Press open.  Now add a second triangle and stitch to the adjacent side.  The long sides of your print triangles should meet to create one long line.  Trim the dog ear.

*Tip:  Chain piece these units to speed up the process, stitching one side on all four pieces, then pressing, and chain piecing the other side.

Forget Me Not 10

The final step is to stitch these triangular units to all four sides of your block.  Start by positioning and pinning opposite sides, then press those pieces open before moving on to the remaining two sides.  You may want to fold in half and finger press to aid in centering as before, or just keep your eye on the center block (yellow) to check the alignment.

Forget Me Not 11

forget Me Not 12

Stitch on your remaining two corners, and press open.  Square up your block to 12.5″ if needed.

Forget Me Not Block 640

I hoped you enjoy stitching up this month’s block!  For those of you who are new, the Sugar Block Club is a block of the month pattern subscription series I’m offering this year.  This month’s block was a freebie, but it’s just $7.95 to join the club for the whole year, and you’ll receive 12 monthly block patterns by email, paired with 12 of my family’s favorite dessert recipes.  Join now, and I’ll send you January & February’s patterns right away, as well as a new pattern each month for the rest of the year!  More details here.

Announcing The 2013 Sugar Block Club 01


In January we stitched up “Snow Blossom” and baked up some banana cream whoopie pies, and then in February we stitched “North Star” paired with some decadent flourless chocolate cake.  YUM!

Jan, Feb, March Collage

This month we’ve got “Forget Me Not” blocks to stitch up, paired with some good old fashioned Peanut Butter Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies.  Ya know, I’d planned to do something a bit more elaborate this month, like 7-Layer Caramel Cake or Tiramisu, but my husband was begging for these cookies and I couldn’t say no.  These are a staple in our house!  The recipe I use is from his mother (hence the addiction).  Truly, if these aren’t in your sweet-treat arsenal by now, you don’t know what you are missing!

Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

Well I hope you enjoyed March’s surprise block and recipe post- and for those of you who aren’t in the club yet, hop on board with us and make the whole quilt!  Granted, you might gain 10 lbs in the process, but we’re sure having fun, and I know our family’s are grateful for all the baked treats too! ;)

And don’t forget to come back and leave a comment once you’ve got all 3 blocks made, because some lucky Sugar Blocker is going to win a $75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!!!  I’ll leave the contest open through March 15th, so you’ve got some motivation to get stitching!

**UPDATE**  This contest is now closed.  The winner was announced here.


Happy March everyone!



  1. Es muy bonito, muchas gracias

  2. You were at Quiltcon?? RATS! I almost went last Saturday but my travel buddy backed out and I decided to take advantage of our weather and work in the yard instead. I live about 75 miles from Austin and now I wish I’d of gone! I should have guessed since you didn’t post last week. Oh well, maybe next year!

  3. swissangel68 says:

    I have that recipe from my mother & we have it down to an exact science with my budding chemist-son. :-) We love it. I’ve just recently joined the Club so I’m sure you’ll excuse me for dashing off now…I have some stitching to catch up on! lol

  4. Janet Green says:

    I have just posted all 3 blocks so far I love them and I think my quilt will be very bright when finished I am soooo excited to be doing this This is gonna be my new movie night quilt, I so don’t want to rush the year,(I have a new grandson 7 days old!!) but I am so impatient for next month. March’s block may make it into a quilt all by itself!!!

  5. I’m pretty sure I saw you at QuiltCon a couple times, wanted to say hi, but it was just very cool to see you there… :)

  6. Gale Lavers says:

    Wow!!! You sure know how to get a girl sewing (fat quarter shop certificate) Hope I am lucky. I have my blocks done posted under bro3ther, I am using batiks and solid white background. I made the Chocolate cake from February and served it with cool whip and fresh raspberries, it was a total hit. Looking forward to making the cookies today.

  7. I have all three blocks posted individually. I haven’t quilted the last one. Not sure how I’m going to do it yet. I’ll figure it out in the next day or two. :)

  8. I LOVE LOVE This Pattern!!! I have the perfect color material to make this. Thanks for motivating me. Money gets tight, I get a bit sad, and well you know then I put off what is fun to do!

  9. Stephanie Williams says:

    Awesome block can’t wait to get to the sewing machine and rock it out!

  10. Posted my three photos today in Flickr under Crafting NC (after setting up my account and joining the group). Resizing my blocks to 8″ so North Star was a bit of a challenge.

  11. My first three blocks are finished and posted on Flickr as Joannb2012. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I took a color risk for me, but I love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Good luck with your move. Looking forward to April :)

  12. Tabitha Moss says:

    Thanks so much for posting this for FREE!! It twisted my arm just enough to SIGN UP! Can’t wait to start!! I am a sucker for a good sampler!! Again so excited! Since I’m 4 months preggers I can NOT pass up a good sweetie!! Thanks again!

  13. jennifer beltz says:

    I love it!! Nowe to figure out what I will spend my gift card on!! lol…happy weekend!!

  14. wow… I just looked at the ingredients on your receipe… yikes, there goes my index! ohwell…sigh… working away on the blocks! have fun packing and take pics!!!!!!

  15. Yummy! Hope the move goes well :o)

  16. Barb Setterdahl says:

    Hi Amy,
    I feel so computer challenged. I did add a photo of my Sugar blocks, finally. And I finally figured out how to add a comment. I am trying to do my blocks similarly to your solid colors. dddThis month was much simpler than Feb. Phew! Hope your move goes well.

  17. Hi Amy,
    Jan, Feb and Mar blocks are posted! I think I’m going to retry the February block…someday ;)

  18. Just posted my third pic loving this thanks for all your hard work

  19. Sue Kelly (aka SueK or the ole chook) says:

    G’day Amy,
    I have just posted the March Block – so all 3 of mine are now posted.
    Wishing you a great week from a somewhat rain drenched Queensland

  20. I just love this block!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us. Those cookies sure look yummy!!! You can do it all!!!! Good luck with all of the moving activities. I’m really looking forward to the hubby’s guest post. :)

  21. Carol Bell says:

    All 3 of my blocks are done and posted on Flickr. This month’s block was a snap compared to last month. Thanks for the break!

  22. Janice Corriher says:

    Just finished March B.O.M. I posted on Flickr. January and February blocks are on there too. I enjoyed making this block so much! I agree with Carol, it was a snap compared to last month. The recipe this month is my all time favorite!!!! Chocolate and peanut butter are my weakness! LOL!

  23. Sharon Appleton says:

    I have just posted my March block plus all three together i am loving how they all look. I can’t wait for the next installment. I go under the name of mrsbot on flickr. Thank you so much for all the work.

  24. I added my photos to the stream!
    I am loving the way the blocks are coming together!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. I have posted my three blocks. Thank you.

  26. I’ve stitched and posted my 3 blocks (kimyank)

  27. Hi I have made my blocks and posted the picture in Flicker. Thanks for the give away. Lynnie

  28. Kathy Clark says:

    I just finished my March block! So excited to work on these blocks. I’m making three!
    My finished blocks are on Flicker, “Crazy Quilt Lady” Love the recipes too!
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! you are an awesome teacher!!!

  29. Mary Jane Chicoski says:

    Loved sewing all three blocks and have posted to Flickr. It’s fun to see all the others too so thanks for setting this up.

  30. I just finished my March block and uploaded all my pictures. This has been fun and I can hardly wait for the 1st of each month to come around so I can make another block. Thanks for the recipes and hope to win the give away.

  31. tami East says:

    Hi Amy, I got March done. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to do separate pics or not. So, I put them all together and snapped a pic. So far I am just loving the way it is looking. I was a little scared with the dots and civil war material but so far it seems to be working. Cant wait until April to see what is coming next….
    PS My pic wasn’t showing up. I couldn’t remember but it seemed it took a bit for it to show up before. I will check back and make sure it is there. Thanks again for all your work. I was wondering if there was any pics with the book? I would be curious to see them if they is…Tami

  32. Debbie Weishaar says:

    I completed the March blk and have it posted in the Sugar Blk Club Flicker Group as well as the January and February Blks. I also posted one pic of all three blks together so you can see the FQ Bundle colors taking shape in each blk. My 4yr old grandson enjoys picking out the numbers each month for the FQ’s needed (I numbered each FQ randomly) and then wants to see the colors he picked out as well as the finished blk. He’s doing a great job with the numbers/colors! Thanks for the chance to win a $75 GC to the FQ Shop!

  33. Katherine Harris says:

    I have completed the Jan, Feb and March squares and am having so much fun. I have posted a pic of all three. I love your color combinations but used small prints instead of solids. Cannot wait until April!

  34. I love this March block. It is cute and easy to put together. I’ve posted my three as LynnLHyman. Haven’t tried the recipe yet, but it looks good. Thank you!

  35. Thanks for the contest, I hadn’t even been able to get my February block started, so this gave me the motivation to finish both today! They’re all uploaded under my user name joannarm22 :)

  36. I did it, all three…

  37. Amy L Appleton says:

    My three blocks are finished and posted I really enjoyed the March block favorite so far cant wait for the april block.

  38. Hi- I’ve completed all three of my blocks and posted them on Flickr. This is such a fun block of the month and it is so much fun seeing what everyone is using for their fabrics.

  39. Amy, I am LOVING this block of the month, and this one went together fairly quickly! I’ve posted all of mine on Flickr. It sure is interesting how everyone’s blocks look so different. Can’t wait to put all of these blocks together. Thanks for hosting! We have a very similar no-bake cookie recipe from my husband’s family, and we LOVE them! Thank you!

  40. I have posted a pic of all three blocks. Now to win the drawing! Seriously, thank you for hosting this BOM. Love the patterns and love the recipes.

  41. I just post a picture on flickr of all three blocks. Nice to see all the blocks!!
    Thank you for the fun!

  42. All three pictures are posted on Flickr. Love all the patterns so far. Can’t wait for April.

  43. You are a pretty amazing gal, new babies, children, husband, quilting, blogging, new home, moving in. Ah, the energy of youth! I remember the first home my husband and I purchased, we only had one baby, a new born. It was exhausting, I remember stacking a couple cords of wood for our fireplace while my husband was at work and then having to go to the hospital afterward. Not a good thing to do after a C-section…LOL. I remember crying a lot, being so tired, up late at night feeding a baby, sitting in the rocking chair staring at the fish tank…LOL OMGosh…good times! Please take care of yourself, you are doing a lot here. Make sure you are getting some me time and some rest, put your feet up for a bit and have a cup of cocoa. Sending you lots of love and light. Thank you for making it so fun for everyone. It’s obvious that we are all enjoying your efforts and it has to be rewarding for you to see the progress that is being made. Blessings in your new home!

  44. Biz Burgess says:

    Joined and posted in the Flicker group – turns out you are teaching me tech ed besides quilting. Thank you for all you do.
    Biz Burgess

  45. Nancy Gross says:

    Just finished my March block, it was so much fun! I posted my pic of my 3 blocks on Flickr. And like everyone else, I sure hope you pick me. I would love that GC, Thanks for the chance to win and thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop!!! Can’t wait for April’s block :)

  46. La Verne says:

    I have finished my March block and posted it, so I now have all three posted on Flickr. I have been slow getting my block done each month — I always seem so busy — and in January and February it was the end of the month before I did them. However, the lure of a contest motivated me to jump right in the day after I got the pattern, and I’m so proud of myself. Amy, I love your classes on Craftsy and I love the Sugar Block Club. You are so talented! I was at QuiltCom in Austin, too.

  47. I just finished my March block :) My sewing time has been limited lately, and all I seem to make time for are your blocks. Thanks for making them fun to stitch up!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Kathy Hassig says:

    Finished all three blocks and used up a little of my yellow and orange scraps. Thanks. Kathy

  49. My blocks are done and posted on Flickr. Looking forward to the April block!

  50. Cindy Dickinson says:

    I just posted a picture of my three blocks on Flickr. I’m loving it so far. Can’t wait until the next. Thank you.

  51. Had fun with all 3! Thanks for the chance the win. Angie

  52. Finished my three blocks and posted them to the Flickr group. Loving this group! Thanks so much for adding us to your already overwhelming list of activities. You are one amazing lady!

  53. Beverly Cotton says:

    Hi Amy! March is in the books. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this pattern after last months. That paper piecing can be tricky – you have to be on-guard. One flip and you flop the technique! Lol. Needless to say, my 3 blocks are on Flickr as “Ladybev2″ and I am going to take a photo of all three to post tomorrow. I don’t know how to get my current 3 blocks to show up with the group and stay there. They come & go. Is that normal? Got to tell you – hearing your voice & watching you on video is very missed. I appreciated having all your photos & detailed directions. Did you know that this month’s of wonderful instructions copied as 17 pages. Boy was I surprised! I used them all! Thanks again!

  54. Got all three blocks posted! This one was fun, although I made sure to go slower than normal and use my starch so I didn’t warp the bias. Thanks for a great BOM, Amy!!

  55. Morgan Anderson says:

    Posted my 3 blocks, I’m still a beginner and the paper pieced one was really challenging! which seems odd, you would think it would be the easiest one lol :)

  56. I just posted my photos of Jan., Feb. and March blocks. This is a fun BOM. Thank you so much for putting it together for us. You are amazing! Looking forward to April!

  57. Okay, it’s after noon on my day off (should be running errands!) & I’m still in my pajamas, but I joined the group, stitched up the 3 blocks so far, put them on flickr (I’m zipper 10/6) & I’m loving this sugar block group!!! Your instructions are great. I would love to be able to spend some dough at Fatquartershop.

  58. Just finished block #3 and am loving these so far! It’s fun to pick out the colors and see how they come together in one unique block! My grandma always makes these cookies and they are so delicious! Can’t wait to try your recipe :)

  59. linda j wilson says:

    Since I’m a fairly new quilter (started in earnest with your Craftsy BOM) I am loving the Sugar Block Club! It almost took me as long to finish the March Block as it did to post the photo on Flicker–I’m very new to doing this. I can’t wait for next month!!

  60. Janet Siler says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Sugar Block club and the recipes. They are an added bonus.

  61. You ROCK Amy!! Gotta love a giveaway! I am really having a great time with your Sugar Block Club. I love the patterns and your well written instructions as well has the designs of the blocks themselves.
    I posted my pic of my first three blocks in the Flickr group and I blogged about it over in my “Craft Room”. Have a great week!

  62. Done and done! WHEW!!! Thank you Amy for the blessedly easy Forget Me Not. After that brutal paper piecing February, I needed an “instant gratification” block. I’m learning so much from you! I already had Jan’s block on there and Flickr wouldn’t let me upload it again. But all three of them are posted – and adding to my blog on Oh, and hubby LOVED the cookies. He said they were almost as good as his mom’s. :)

  63. March Block done! I posted all three together in one photo, even though they have all been posted on the Flickr group site individually:) After February’s block this one was a nice treat:) Would love to try this month sweet treat, but I started an exercise and healthy eating program last week…….so the sweet treat will have to wait.

  64. I’ve got all three months done, for both versions that I’m making. Would have been more fun to do March’s @ Fancy Tiger ;-) But I got them done- and posted into the Flickr group…

  65. Teresa Higginbotham says:

    I got all of mine done. I found this block went together much easier than the first two.

  66. Completed the March block over the weekend. I photographed it alone and in the threesome set. The colors of the block show up much better in the single shot. This block went together faster than deciding on which fat quarters I wanted to use.

    I made these no-bake oatmeal cookies for Valentine’s Day and sent some out to my kids and my mom. While I was growing up these cookies were always included in the assortment of Christmas cookies that were made each year. With my own my children the no-bake cookies were always a favorite. These cookies could always bring calm and harmony to a group of active children.

  67. Amy, I finished my March block tonight, while the snow flies in Colorado. Enter me for the Fat Quarter giveaway, please. Thank you… Smoochies and appreciation, Lyn

  68. Robin Gustafson says:

    Amy, so excited to participate in this BOM 2013 and thanks for the opportunity to win the FQ giveaway.

  69. iris330 says:

    Amy – Thank you for the Sugar Block Club – great instructions and beautiful pictures. Thank you also for your sweet comment on my March Block. Looking forward to some new FQ’s!

  70. Thank you for hosting this block of the month. I just finished my march block and posted my pictures!

  71. I just posted my three together. Since our “teacher” is using more bold colors, I decided to go with a more subdued look with mine. And I needed a project to use with a long time layer cake tenant.

  72. Brenda Tooke says:

    Brenda(beesdodo on flicker) just posted my three blocks. Love this Sugar Block club. Am learning lots. At the end of each pattern I try to write what I have learned and it always comes back to this– cut accurately and scant 1/4 inch seams.

  73. All 3 in Flickr…and congratulations! You are the only BOM that I’m keeping up with at this point:) 1 out of 3 in March…not exactly the track record I had hoped for! Maybe I’ll get caught up this weekend…or not:)
    beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

  74. Hi Amy,
    Just posted my 3 blocks on Flickr! So fun to see everyone’s fabrics and blocks! Loving the Sugar Block Club!

  75. I posted my three blocks! It was so fun getting to know you at quilt con!

  76. Just posted my third block as well as a pic of all three! What a fun giveaway.

  77. Elizabeth Kirksey says:

    Just posted my March block but not the other pictures since they were posted in January and February. I hope that will be okay. Loving the Sugar block club but not cooking the cookies since I’m trying to diet. However they will be great this summer.

  78. Jacqueline Mings says:

    All three of my red, white, and blue blocks for January, February, and March. I am also doing another set of blocks in left over fabric from another quilt I am working on with Parson Gray fabrics. I am so thankful I signed up for the Sugar Block Club so I can create a beautiful quilt that is different by the end of the year!

  79. Karen K says:

    Hello Lovely Amy

    Hope the move is going well, so enjoyed the post from Russ, what a great quilt, I don’t know how you guys fit everything in with all the fledgings too. I loved this months block, we had a real sense of being “one” which I didn’t have with the February block, so much so I think it will be one that I use in the future. I will be making it into something in due course but heading back to my Lynette Anderson quilt to move it on a bit. I have the block up on flickr so all three of my blocks are showing. Thank you for the opportunity for the gift certificate and thank you for a being a great teacher – your instructions are fabulously easy to follow. I was so worried I would not be able to do it without a video to watch but I need not have worried. Thanks again K

  80. All three blocks have been posted. I have to say it has been most difficult not to make the recipes. I have been on weight watchers and oh how I want to eat No Bake cookies!!!!

  81. Adelle Lashbrook says:

    Posted all 3 blocks on Flikr! Thanks for the great giveaway (an dthis awesome BOM series!)

  82. Posted my blocks on Flickr at Tboyes. Fun times. Look forward to making these blocks every month!

  83. Jay (Nijada) says:

    Got all caught up and my blocks are all posted! I am Nijada on flickr.

  84. Sheryl Miller says:

    I have tried to post my photo to Flickr but am obviously experiencing “operator error”. I am not sure what I am doing wrong so I emailed you the photo.
    Sorry about that.

  85. dianna Eickhorn says:

    Yeah! I accidently made all three blocks and four North Star blocks….love that block! What are we going to do next??? LOL! This has been a whole lot of fun for me. I have been doing some serious sewing!!!! and really and truly needed something f-u-n to do. Can’t thank you enough. AND, it looks like it’s going to be fun all year long! Just what I needed. Nice to meet you all.

  86. mary harmon says:

    have finished all three months blocks. I found the Feb, paper piecing very challenging. I did 4 different ones and was not pleased with any of them. None of the blocks came out ot 12 1/2. I loved doing the Jan and Mar ones. I am doing three different ones each month- browns, blues and a bali.

  87. Dee Bills says:

    Hi Amy! I have finished all three blocks and am excited by the results so far! I am so glad that I found your quilt-along as this is giving me some much needed experience outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Hi Amy, I finished the block for March last night, and I loved it! It turned out perfect,you hear me, PERFECT! I have posted individual pictures of all three blocks so please enter me in the drawing! My flickr name is MsSpy. Thanks for all your doing!
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  89. I love the March block…actually I love them all so far. Mine are posted on flickr as Devoted Quilter. I also posted about them on my brand new blog. I hope your move is going well.

  90. Kimberley Gavrus says:

    Hi Amy, Thank you for doing The Sugar Block Club…I am really enjoying making the blocks…I’m lovin them all and all three are posted on Flicker…(Kimberley in PA). The recipes are wonderful too. Looking forward to the next block. I enjoyed the post by your Mr. Dock…nicely done! Nice job on his quilt! Best wishes with your new home.

  91. Doris Millar says:

    Hiya, Greeting from Scotland! Posted all three blocks on Flickr. Really enjoying doing them although I did find the February one a bit of a challenge! I did your Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 which was great. I used lots of leftover fabric. This time I am being very lazy and copying your fabric colours. Looking forward to April, May, June ….

  92. Hi Amy, I posted my 3 blocks on the Flickr group – figured out how to do something new ;o) Thanks for the Sugar Block Club. I enjoy being a member and already look forward to my new block email on the first of the month – you spoil us ;o) Thanks! Darcy-SewFunDay

  93. Bethany says:

    Really loving Sugar Block Club and I look forward to it each month! Thanks Amy, and thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway! I made the no bakes yesterday! You can’t go wrong with those!!
    I just joined flickr to join the SBC group and post my blocks! (The blocks are like cute little quilt babies!)
    Thanks again :)

  94. Hi Everyone! I finished March’s block tonight and I have posted all three month’s blocks on Flickr under the name MeghanKeiri33. Having a great time with this club and crossing my fingers in hopes of winning the prize;)

  95. Sherri Delmonico says:

    HI Amy,
    Joined late in mid-February when I happened to stumble across your awesome site…I finished Jan., Feb., and March and posted to the flickr…I am really enjoying this, it is helping me learn..Thanks Sherri

  96. Jennifer Cook says:

    I finished all 3 blocks and posted them last weekend but forget to post here so I could be in the running for the freebies. I was so excited that you replied to my Flickr post, I don’t know how you find the time. If I could quit teaching kinder and sew full time I would be the happiest woman on the planet! My blocks are posted under jennylynn763.

  97. Greetings: All three blocks are posted under Sew Pank! The blocks have been fun. February was a challenging I will have to redo someday. I think it shrunk somehow in the sewing machine! Not sure why it came out smaller. But I loved the Jan & March very cute design! Thanks for the fun!

  98. Done ! Having fun with it… Posted on flickr… 2 times… Black&White and colored version !

  99. Rachel S says:

    Hi Amy,
    I post all three blocks on flickr. I look forward to the beginning of each month!

  100. Just posted all three blocks in flickr under dansgram
    I think I love the March block the best. So neat.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win some goodies.

  101. I just posted my three blocks under the name Sudio143. Thanks for the inspiration to get caught up! I’m really enjoying making the blocks!

  102. Johnna Sengdara says:

    Hi, Amy, I just finished the block for March and I have all 3 posted on our Flickr group. I am liking the colors in the blocks and how they are coming together. Thanks for a chance at winning an awesome gift certificate. Johnna

  103. So much fun! I just posted my three blocks on the flickr group – thanks for the great block AND motivation this month!!

  104. Linda Hartley says:

    I’ve posted a picture of all three of my blocks. Just finished the March block this afternoon!!
    Sure hope I win the Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate. I love that shop!!!

  105. Hi Amy! I am just loving this BOM! The blocks have been so much fun to make. I just finished up my March block today, and got all three blocks loaded to the flickr group (under Miss Little Fish). Now I can’t wait for next month’s block :)

  106. Margaret says:

    Finished my 3rd block tonight and took a picture on our pool table which occasionally transforms into my design wall and posted it,in the Sugar Block Flicker group.

  107. I love making the Sugar Blocks! I have made all 3 but for some reason the March Block was more of a challenge for me. So I challenged myself and decided I’m going to practice that one again. I want it to be perfect and there are some flaws in mine that just big me. Thanks Amy

  108. Three blocks done. This is wonderful fun, firstly getting the new block email each month, and then watching to see how it looks in the vast array of fabric choices. Making my blocks has been great fun as well. Looking forward to the next 9! My Flickr name is I Love To Stitch.

  109. All three posted–I had the March block done the first weekend. but needed my son’s help posting the pictures. Hopefully next month, I can do it myself! I do have to say your step-by-step pictures and detailed descriptions make it so easy to assemble these blocks. I can hear you talking to us like in last year’s Block of the Month at Craftsy. Having such fun with this project.
    Posting with our Maltese in my lap (as I also sew),

  110. Joyce Wanamaker says:

    I am enjoying these Sugar Blocks. This is my first experience using solid colors in quilt blocks. When I see the photos from others using printed fabrics, I am almost wishing that I had chosen prints to use too. MAYBE I’ll have to make each of the blocks again using prints?

  111. I’ve completed all 3 blocks and uploaded my photo of the 3. I’m definitely going to have to re-do month 2. The paper piecing went fine, but somehow the assembling of the block didn’t. I love the blocks! And I don’t work with solids often, so the fabrics are fun for me!

  112. Eileen DiPietro says:

    Finished the first three months blocks Amy and posted them on the Flickr group. You inspire me!

  113. Teri Fowler (krissiesmom) says:

    Jan., Feb. & Mar. Done.

  114. I just posted my blocks for January, February, and March. This is so much fun. Thanks for putting this together.

  115. I just posted my blocks. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for April!

  116. Gloria Servant (Gramglo) says:

    Thanks Amy for another great BOM. Feb was tough but I loved the challenge. I posted my first 3 blocks on Flicker as Gramglo. Can’t wait for April’s block!

  117. Kathy - kat550 says:

    I really enjoy working on these blocks and have learned much. Just finished my March block today and posted pictures of all three. Also, love the addition of the recipes. Thanks so much Amy.

  118. All three of my blocks have been posted on flicker now. I really liked the third block.

  119. Becky Allen says:

    I am loving the Sugar Block club and the fun blocks that I have already had the opportunity to create! Can’t wait for all the blocks yet to come! Just posted my blocks on Flikr! Thanks!

  120. Hi Amy! My three blocks are posted in the Flickr group. Can’t wait to stitch up the rest!

  121. Amy…I posted my pics of all three blocks on the Flickr page and in our groups page here. Thanks for the great patterns!!! Can’t wait to see how all of these go together!!

  122. I just finished posting my February and March Blocks to Flickr as well as re-posting my January block just in case! I LOVE how the paper piecing block turned out, you have mad skills so thanks for sharing them with us!!

    Flickr ID: Sparrow In Flight

  123. I just posted my March Block to the Flickr group and you can see my three blocks here :

    I also made the Peanut Butter cookies and they are just perfect ! I could eat the whole batch all by myself !!! Thank you Amy !!! I’m loving this fab BOM !!!!

  124. norma benz says:

    I’ve made Jan and March blocks so far, both turned out well. Now to paper piecing! I did download the finished blocks, new experience for me.

  125. Margaret says:

    Even though I am not expecting to win, having the incentive was good as I had not done any of the three blocks before this past week. I decided to do the first and third in 2 table runners (in colors requested by my mom), and then the 2nd I made in a Christmas color scheme that I am not too sure what I will do with yet.

  126. I love participating in your Sugar-BOTM. :) It keeps me sewing and happy!

  127. Debbie Pfaff says:

    Amy, I just posted my 3 blocks to the Flickr Photo group under debbiepfaff. You will find a group photo and 3 individual photos. I am having so much fun working on this quilt. I cannot wait till the end, and it is only March. I will be using this for my new cuddle quilt. Please enter me into the Fat Quarter give away. Thank you for everything you share with us. Take care.

  128. I did it! I finished all 3 blocks and got them posted, which is pretty good considering I just joined the BOM a week or so ago. I am really enjoying this and have now learned to paper piece. Imagine that!

  129. so glad I checked this post !! I’ve made all three blocks and loving them – thanks for the chance to win the gift voucher from FQS :)

  130. Wow! I guess I’m late to the party! Just finished my March block this evening and uploaded to our Flickr group to join my blocks from the previous months. Good work so far everyone! I love seeing how everyone is approaching all the blocks.

  131. This is so much fun and I love seeing all the different blocks all in one place. What an inspiration! I’ve posted my three blocks as “tinyfists”. Thank you, Amy!

  132. Just posted pics of my blocks on Flickr (Flickr name: QuiltingLodge). I’m really enjoying this BOM and can’t wait for April. Thanks so much!

  133. I just finished my march block and I think it is my favorite of the three! My Flickr name is courteous. Thanks!

  134. Joni Keskey says:

    Thank god for quilting! It’s keeping me sane thru this looooong winter!

  135. Becky Greene says:

    I have posted all three blocks in the Flickr group under the name alphabecky. March’s block was so fun to make!! Thanks for all the fun and for the chance to win!

  136. Teri Ralph says:

    Amy, I had a rough time with the Feb BOM, since I had never paper pieced before. However, I did finish it yesterday, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I then followed up with stitching March’s block today. I just finished posting all three blocks, Jan, Feb, & March on Flickr!! I was bound and determined to get all three blocks stitched and posted so I could at least have a chance of winning that wonderful gift certificate! Thanks for all you’ve taught me this year and last!

  137. Hi, I am a very new quilter… So new in fact this is my first set of quilt blocks, so… Go easy on me! I started quilting when my dad was diagnosed over a year ago with terminal cancer. My sisters decided to make a quilt with all of our pictures on it to wrap my dad in love with for all eternity. It was the first time I had sewn anything and it was literally a straight line, I just pushed the pedal! When it won an honorable mention ribbon in the local quilt show I was hooked and bought my sewing machine right then and there. My dad passed in June and my love of quilting was his final gift to me just by making his quilt. To make a long story short, I joined this sugar block club to learn, and learn I have. My first three blocks taught me a lot! I think they turned out pretty nice. I posted in flicker under gogreen1980. Please check them out!
    Thanks for everything.

  138. Barb Hampton says:

    Three sugar blocks now complete and pictures uploaded just in time!

  139. Yeah!!! Got it done!! – Teresa

  140. I have completed my first three blocks. Please include me in the draw. Justlikegrandmas.

  141. My 3 blocks are posted as Denver Knitter. Sorry I had to miss the gathering at Fancy Tiger this month.,

  142. Sally Dixon says:

    I finished all three blocks and posted pics on Flickr under the name of Grandmasal49. Thanks for the give-a-way! That has inspired me to “Get er done!” So far, I love them all!

  143. HokieKate says:

    It’s nearly bedtime on March 14th, but I FINISHED MY BLOCKS! They can be seen on Flickr.

  144. I am LOVING the Block of the Month. I have always wanted to do a Block of the Month club, but just couldn’t bring myself to commit to many of the clubs that cost so much. Thank you for creating a BOM club that is both very affordable and fun!

  145. As is my usual style, I have completed all three blocks in the eleventh our (at least here in NJ!) They are pretty and I love them and I can’t wait to make the rest! They are posted to flicker, so hop on and take a look!

  146. My March block is now posted in the Flickr group along with Jan and Feb! I love the blocks so far, but then I loved your Craftsy class too! Thanks for the giveaway! See you at Sew South next week :) Can’t wait!

  147. Elsa Hagner says:

    I’ve posted my 3 blocks (elsapurple1) on the Flickr page! I hope I win! By the way, those no-bake cookies are soooo good! We ate them all before I could snap a pic for Flickr! Thanks, Amy!

  148. I stitched at my machine all day ( can you picture me ! ) to make the deadline for your giveaway . All my blocks are done and in the Flickr pool . Thank you , Amy for the push I needed to get them done . I have been very busy lately . I’ll try not to fall behind again .( pinky promise )

  149. Thanks for all the wonderful block patterns! I’m loving them….I posted my pics under Windsor and Main……it might be kim@windosrandmain, but you get the idea! I’m having a blast, thanks for all your hard work!

  150. Good morning Amy… thank you for the freebie block. I just signed up for the Sugar blocks and look forward to receiving the Jan & Feb block instructions… and of course the recipes too! Thank you

  151. woohoo. I made the cutoff :)Posted my pics today.

  152. Katie Harrop says:

    I have made all three blocks and am loving it. I also finished my Craftsy 2012 BOM this month as well. The Sugar Block Club blocks are destined to be 2 wall hangings so am will be able to make one up as soon as June comes.

  153. Diane Ebe; says:

    Nothing like getting in under the wire! Got all 3 blocks done and there was quite a lot of bitchn during the stitchin for sure! Hopefully the luck of the irish will be with me and I get picked! Thanks for the awesome lessons and recipes Amy!

  154. I posted my three blocks in one pic and I think they are really starting to come together and are melding well!

  155. Jude Jones says:

    My three blocks are on the flickr account! I just learned how to doit! Thanks, you are so fun!

  156. I posted my three blocks. Not sure how I feel about the fabrics, it’s not looking the way I expected. I’m enjoying the block patterns, really honing my skills!

  157. Katty Dotter says:

    I know it is March 17, but I posted my photos three days ago – I hope I didn’t miss the drawing. But, even if I did I love looking at all the photos and reading the various postings from everyone. Next time I will read the date more closely… Katty Dotter

  158. Darlene Buck says:

    My 3 blocks are complete. Posted under misskitty95_122.

  159. Rita Sannar says:

    Having fun with the Sugar Blocks. Probably will end up with more than one quilt since I can’t seem to stop sugar blocking.

  160. I know–I’m doing the same thing! I’m doing a Christmas one because I didn’t want to put the Christmas material away and I find myself trying Sugar Blocks in different colors and rearranging some pieces-viola–a new look. For a different quilt.


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