Teenie Tiny Scraps: Trash or Treasure?

Today’s post is all about those itty bitty scraps…you know, the ones that seem worthless, and usually end up in the trash at the end of a project. (For those of you making your August BOM blocks right now, that means the scraps left over after you trim your flying geese for the double star block!)

I promise you- save them! They are perfect for a myriad of little crafty projects! Here are a few fun ideas to get you thinking.

1) MAKE A MINI! Newsflash: a quilt doesn’t have to cover your bed! It doesn’t have to hang over a baby crib, and it doesn’t even have to keep you warm. Quilts come in all shapes and sizes, and can serve so many purposes- think mug rug, snack mat, book cover, cosmetics bag, eye glass case, napkin rings…tiny scraps are perfect for these mini quilt projects!

I made this cozy little coaster using the leftover scraps from the Double Star block in August’s lesson of the Craftsy Block of the Month series.  Just stitched my triangles into tiny half square triangles for a mini quilted mug rug.

Triangles Post 2

2) GARLANDS! I love love love garlands! But they don’t just have to be paper rings or popcorn- chain stitch fabric scraps together to make shabby chic garlands for holidays, parties, or even as permanent home decor. Can’t you see these hanging in a cute little sewing room or a precious vintage nursery?

Vertical or horizontal, ya just wanna eat em up!

I decided to add this strand to our playroom, and was met with enthusiastic “Ooooooooh”s and “Aaaaahhh”s. My little ones were ecstatic!

3) GREETING CARDS & GIFT DECOR! A couple of years ago I came to the realization that I hate store bought greeting cards. I mean, no offense if I’ve received one from you- I’m sure I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it. But for all us crafty types, c’mon, why overpay for something generic when you can so quickly and easily make a card that’s sure to be saved and cherished??

I call these “quilt cards.” I keep a stash of blank cards on hand, that I machine stitch scraps to, to make super custom, memorable cards. No need to fuss with changing your needle or settings- you can stitch fabric to paper in the exact same way you’d sew 2 fabrics together. I love the modern look of the raw fabric edges, and never bother to back tack, so they’re very quick. Make set of 6 or 8, and you have a lovely handmade stationary gift that your recipient will surely drool over (let’s hope minimally though, just enough to close the envelopes!).

And don’t let your scrap happy creativity end with cards. Grab some glue stick or a glue gun, it’s so easy to adorn gift packages and bags with pretty little scraps too. I actually find this to be a money-saving practice, as I’m able to just use brown paper as a base, and then just let the scraps give an understated wow-factor.

Do you have more ideas??? I’d love to hear them! Share about your favorite tiny scrap project!



  1. Love your ideas for using the fabric scraps!

  2. Very nice. Thanks for the ideas. I think I’m supposed to take note of this as it’s the second page I’ve come across today about using up the “crumbs”. :-) I’ve almost always saved much of my scraps and recently I’ve been thankful twice!

  3. So glad I came across this post. I don’t own a lot of fabric so I tend to hold on to even the smallest pieces and no idea what to do with them!

  4. karen caswell says:

    I also picked up a tip in one the training classes I listened to somewhere on one of the wonderful quilting sites. Use the little scraps to be the beginning and ending of sewing sections. You will waste less thread. It truly works.


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