The Tilt-A-Whirl Pattern is Here!

Can it be true?  The pattern I’ve been promising that I’d write for nearly a year now, is finally done??  Yup!  I buckled down this week and got ‘er done, and she’s up in my shop!  Whew.  CHECK.  Off the list.  My, does that feel good! Tilt-A-Whirl Quilt

PDF Pattern for 60″ X 75″ Quilt – $8

This is definitely one of, if not my single most favorite quilt I’ve ever made.  The simplicity of the pattern, and clean, crisp lines feel so fresh and modern to me, even though it’s an interpretation of a very old, historic- style of block.  I also love how it’s a fun way to showcase a favorite assortment of prints, without using up a ton of yardage from each (each pinwheel requires 1 FQ or 1/8 yd off the bolt, and you’ll still have leftovers to play with).

Tilt-A-Whirl Draped

Tilt-A-Whirl Close Up

Quilts On Display 01

This pattern is entirely paper pieced- so if you love paper piecing, you’re going to  love it.  And if you don’t love paper piecing….you should learn to love it.  Ha!  Just kidding.  Seriously though, it’s all paper pieced so just be aware.  Thankfully, the piecing is super straightforward so even the faint of heart should do just fine.  I did go ahead and put together a foundation paper piecing tutorial though, which might come in handy for those who are new to this or want a refresher.  I’ll be adding it to my tutorials page, and the link is also included in the pattern.

For those of you who’ve been waiting for this one- I hope you enjoy it!  It’s brought me so much joy, smiling at me from my wall every day, and I hope it does the same for you!



  1. Nancy Altizer says:

    So exciting. I have been looking forward to this pattern for a long time. Like I need something else to buy, but this is a must have on my list. Thanks! Yay!

  2. Ditto what Nancy said!!

  3. YAY! I have been waiting for this– it is such a gorgeous quilt, and I’ve been dying to make it ever since you posted that photo of it up in your house. Can’t wait to have a crack at it!

  4. As the other two ladies before me, I’ll just have you know that I have been so looking forward to this! Come next payday, this shall be mine, and as soon as I get my hands on any halfway decent used sewing machine (or go home and have access to my darling Lizzie over the holidays), thou shalt consider it done!

  5. Linda Mahoney says:

    Your pinwheel quilt looks very nice with your table and chairs. I also love the pattern!

  6. Love love love it! Can’t wait to do it!

  7. Nice Quilt!!

  8. Oh, I really like this quilt and when I read it’s paper pieced I like it even more ~ paper piecing is my favorite way to put together a quilt!

  9. Deborah French says:

    Amy – I cannot get the link to work, and I am new to Etsy. I am having trouble finding the pattern, and I REALLY want it!! Thanks for helping with my lack of ability this morning – think more tea will help (or something stronger at 9:20 a.m. – just kidding!!)

    Seriously though, the pattern (and quilt) looks beautiful and I am hooked on paper piecing, thanks to you – you created a monster!!

    • Stitchery says:

      Hi Miss Deborah! Can you try a different browser? This seems to do the trick every time I hear of someone having trouble with a link or button. If you don’t have Google Chrome already, give it a try- it’s the best one! :) xo

  10. It looks gorgeous!

  11. Linda Mahoney says:

    I am so excited – I just ordered the pattern. Amy – thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

  12. Amy! Amy! Where do I start? Ok, your kids are soooo crazy cute I can barely stand it. And before I even read a word and saw the shopping cart picture, I was thinking, “oh my! She’s shopping with all 4little ones!” Olympic gold for sure. It’s a major accomplishment to even get them all safely from the car into the store and figure out where everyone will sit! I remember shopping with my littles and being like-I have 70 lbs in the shopping cart and I haven’t bought a thing yet! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you made for my quilt!!! Like, seriously, love. Thank you so very much. The design is awesome and the fabrics are seriously some of my all time favorites. I know what you mean about bee pressure -it’s just that I want so much for the person to like what I make them! I am loving this traveling quilt process-each is turning out so amazing. What you made for Dana is stunning! That lantern! That campfire! Amazing! Thank you, my sweet friend, I am honored to create with you (maybe that sounds cheesy, but it’s true)!

  13. Whoopsies-previous comment supposed to be on other post! On this post I wanted to say congratulations! Love this quilt pattern:)

  14. Thanks Amy! The link came through later last night. I can’t wait to start it. Do I dare put 2 other projects aside to start this one? Hmmmmm——maaaaybe! Thanks for very entertaining blog and please keep posting those adorable kid pics. Can’t get enough of those.

  15. Jo Ann R. says:

    Hi Amy, just bought the pattern with credit card. I was wondering how will I receive the pdf pattern? Via email? Not sure. I just ordered it right through the link above. I did not go to Etsy. I just used your link about. I think there may be a little confusion on the best way to order this pattern. I am soooo excited. Thank you for inspiring us all, Jo Ann R.

  16. Mirka Mas says:

    Hey Amy,
    I was wondering about the material I have to buy for this quilt?! It is without backing and without binding, right? Any sugg. how much fabric I have to buy for that?

    • Hi Mirka!
      The materials listed are only for the quilt top- backing and binding would be separate, and might depend on what your preferences are. For a pieced back where your seam runs down the length of the quilt, you’ll need 4 3/4 yds, and then 1/2 yd for binding.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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