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What I Make With My Hands, I Give Of My Heart

I’ve always been a craft dork.  I remember a childhood filled with painting classes and beading looms…with hours and hours spent between the tall bookshelves of my local library, always in the craft aisle, hunched over and devouring a fat stack of books on the floor.  Far before the internet had come on the scene, I absorbed every craft book I could possibly get my hands on.  Embroidery, flower drying, jewelry, crochet, pottery, and of course, sewing…goodness knows I spent many a dime in library fines when I just couldn’t bare to drop my favorite books into the return slot.

I officially caught the quilting bug in 1992, though I know it had rooted much earlier.  Perhaps it was all those Sun Bonnet Sues who sweetened up my nursery as a young child.  Or all that secret digging through my grandmother’s mysterious sewing box, tightly packed with threads of every color and more tomato pincushions than a person could possibly need in a lifetime.  Whatever it was, it resonated in me more deeply than anything I’d ever known.  Quilting is like painting and fabric is my paint…mesmerizing shapes, endless colors, limitless possibilities.  But this painting is made to be snuggled.

In addition to designing and making quilts, I have an even more joyous job!  I’m a wife, and a mother to 4 amazing children.  They are my inspiration, my light- they make me laugh every single day, and never cease to remind me why it is I love to quilt- it’s beauty, it’s joy, it’s comfort, it’s love.

My Loves

Kids Collage

Russell's Quilt 7

Kitchen After 11

Adventures 01

Chicopee Quilt 11

How I actually find time to quilt is a complete mystery.  Somewhere amidst the wonderful craziness of motherhood and household managing, I manage to find time to sew, or rather perhaps it finds me.  I think it helps that I’ve finally created sewing spaces that are thoroughly part of the main areas of our house, rather than tucked away, like the secret cave sewing rooms of my past. There’s no denying it, there’s no sneaking away…it’s a part of every day, so why not bring my sewing out where the rest of the family is?  I think this helps to make the sewing less of “my” thing and more of a family thing.

Sewing Room 1

Sewing Room 3

Sewing Room 4


Well, that’s a little about me!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my site!  Wishing you a most delightful, colorful day, and hoping you’re doing what brings you joy.




  1. You have a loving family, Amy! I really enjoyed the 2012 BOM of Craftsy, and look forward to your BOM 2013. Let me tell you that I am not a native English speaker, but Spanish, but hearing your videos has really helped improve my English learning because your pronunciation is very clear.

    • Eva Rasmussen says:

      Wow finally i think i am doing this right i hope im not riteing on some one elses post.Amy the babys are just beatiful.You have a sweet little family.I took your class and i was wondering when is the cut off date for your next one.I did finish my quilt but never did figure out how to send you a pic.Well I just stoped by to say hello

    • I’m rearranging my sewing room and your sewing room inspires me! Thanks!

    • Jenni jones says:

      Thanks for sharing Amy, I remember watching great grandma, winding wool , making doll clothes, but mother would not buy me a sewing machine aged 10, I had to learn how to make doll clothes by hand… Little tiny twitches, she had a motto, ‘take it out and do it again, she bought me my first machine when I was aged 11…..a beautiful singer, which died about 5/6 years ago, my mom in law let me have her husqvana Viking … Could not really bond with it,… Got myself a new machine, and she sings like my singer, she is a silvercrest…. I can quilt on her to… And a whole heap of tuff…. I reall have been enjoying your 2012 BOM… Can’t wait for you to do another session…

  2. I love seeing your sewing studio. I was particularly attracted to the wall shelf with all the nooks and crannies for supplies. Thanks so much for sharing your darling family with your sewing fans.

  3. Lynn Zdanko says:

    Amy, I am looking forward to the “Sugar block series” when does it start?
    You have a beautiful family, thank you for sharing. But, lets hear about that handsome angel husband too!
    Have a great holiday season too.

  4. Vicky Adams says:

    I did your block of the months in 2012 looking forward to 2013 Sugar Block series.
    Had a very wonderful time watching your videos and being able to go back and see if i missed something.Your family is so darling.
    Also what kind of machine do you use on the show its a husquavarna viking what?
    Thats a quilting machine right?

  5. Are you going to have new lesson for the new year or will you have time? You have a nice family.

  6. wonderful! thanks for sharing!

  7. amy, on your snowball quilt, if you stitch a second line next to the first one on the corner blocks, when you cut in between them, you will have little HST’s from the 4 corner blocks. so you stitch 2 lines per corner. does that make sense the way i explained it?
    mary :)

  8. Thank you Amy and belated congratulations on the twins’ arrival! Just wanted to express to you my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for sharing with quilters worldwide (I am a US expatriate living in the heart of Europe for the last 30+ and still counting years) your passion and your knowledge about making quilts. I love it and look forward to checking out your news every month. God bless!!

  9. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    I sure like your sewing space. I like the white. Congratulations on your family. You will be a very busy Mom.

  10. Wonderful studio! I have the same quilt frame and really enjoy it. It allowed me to finally get all my quilt tops finished!

  11. Adrienne Schmidt says:

    Your sewing room is fantastic; it’s inspired me to redo mine so that I like the colours better. I can hardly wait for January so we can start the Sugar Block quilt. And along with the others, thanks for sharing the pics of your darling family. My children are grown, and I now have 4 grand daughters, for whom I’m making quilts this year.

  12. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Loved your BOM quilt for 2012, and very much looking forward to 2013! Thanks for all the tips!

  13. Oooohhhh. I love finding a new interesting blog. Would love to keep my work surfaces as tidy as yours.

  14. Lyschel Burket says:

    All I’m going to say it WOW! Love that you have space to quilt with 4 little ones. I have 3 myself and only get to look at my sewing bag from afar most days. #2 I LOVE your craft space…we all need a woman cave! Well done! Oh, and your work is amazing, but I hope you already know that. After all, it’s from your soul.

  15. Ornella Ibba says:

    Hello Amy ! First of all, Happy New Year to you and to your nice family ! I’ve just discovered your videos on Craftsy, so I’m new in quilting…. I will start soon to make blocks, thanks to your explanations… and I can’t wait ! Quilting is traditional in your country, and not that common in Europe (not like in US)….I have been sewing for longtime, recently I had an exhibition with some dolls and plushies (some of them crocheted, amigurumi style)….Well, just to say thank you so much for the experience you’re sharing with all of us, you’re amazing ! Take care, Ornella

  16. Debby Bawkin says:

    Hello Amy. What a beautiful family. Four little ones all at once. I can relate. My son and his wife have three little girls right now and his wife just had back surgery. So I understand how busy you can get. Those little ones don’t slow down for anything. I just finished your Craftsy Block of the Month course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I just signed up for your Sugar Block of the Month. I’m a bit late but hopefully I can catch up. I’m looking forward to continuing to quilt along with you.

  17. Cindy Lowder says:

    What memories your pictures brought back. I quilted with three “stair step” boys…I often quilted 8pm til midnight so I could keep up the momentum without interruptions. My husband was a sea captain and gone months at a time. Loved the 2012 BOM project and will post hopefully today (Eastern Quilter). I have so many quilts I want to make…ideas are endless! Now I am thinking of your new BOM course (see that…I should not have looked! LOL). Lovely family! Thanks for sharing what you do ;)

  18. Christine Berrafato says:

    Hi Amy. I’m so inspired by you. I love sewing but sometimes need the motivation to get started. I loved doing the BOM 2012. Haven’t finished it yet but I will. Got side tracked with some other projects I was doing for a class. I am also working on a hexagon quilt which was inspired by one of the blocks last year. The ladies in quilt class love it. I’m not sure how to finish it so I just keep making it bigger and bigger. If you have any suggestions on that I’d love to hear them. Thanks for being here. Keep up the great work.

  19. Sandi Adger says:

    Amy!!!! you are best girl!!!! that great smile. And your method of teaching is so relaxing and challenging at the same time. I’m so enjoying BOM 2012. Great blocks. Thank you.

  20. Please tell us about your quilting frame! I have been interested in this type of frame for some time but never been able to find someone that actually has one. Are you allowed to tell me the make? You have a wonderful family, enjoy every minute !! They grow up so fast!

  21. Amy, purchased the Craftsy 2012 BOM last year, and am finally getting around to sewing. Am on July now, and having a blast, love your enthusiasm, and you do an awesome job presenting new techniques. Your family is beautiful, bet they keep you very busy. the best to you and family
    Debbie Day

  22. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us and that sewing room is just so super tidy!


  24. Judy Currie says:

    Hi from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada .You are an inspiration. What a lovely family! I have been quilting for quite a while & love it. I just started BOM 2012 . I am learning so much. Thanks. Judy

  25. Hi Amy-
    I was looking for a way to say how much I enjoyed the online shop hop so here I am! Thank YOU for connecting us to it. What fun! Secretly, I wish more of the sewists/quilters owned Viking machines b/c I do love my Husqvarna Designer SE. I discovered you through your BOM on (loved it!) and will continue to follow you. As a 60-ish relatively new quilter in Indiana, it’s a thrill to know that you youngsters are keeping the craft going AND that you’re willing to teach us oldsters a thing or two. Merci beaucoup!

    • Just recently got a new machine after many years and have always loved my Husqvarna Vikings too. My new one is a Sapphire 960Q so can hardly wait to quilt with. I’ve been viewing a lot of online videos to get me up to speed again after five or six years away from quilting. I’m very excited! My name is also Sherry.

      Happy quilting!

  26. Barbara Molenda says:

    Dear Amy, I have completed my Quilt from BOM 2012 which I ended up quilting one block at a time and joining up with the ingenious method of binding shown by Leah Day. I finished it off with my first attempt at free motion quilting thanks to Leah day’s great tutorials. It is on my bed now and I am so happy with it. I am rearing to go with this year’s block of the month . Thank you both for your generosity in sharing such valuable knowledge.

    Cheers from Australia, Barbara.

  27. Sandra Geisler says:

    Hi Amy, I went to that new quilting shop and I really like that they have flat rate shipping and it is not real expensive.. They have a good price on their cotton solids.. Loved your pictures of your family! I just finished my craftsy quilt.. I decided a couple of weeks ago to do it and now it is finished.. I so enjoyed doing those blocks.. I have tried to learn paper piecing a couple of years ago and got frustrated.. You teaching it made it so clear… I just love it. It is like something finally clicked in my brain. Ha!

  28. beautiful family!!

  29. Hey Amy!
    I just now heard about craftsy and watched your whole course! I’ve been quilting only for a few years but there’s always awesome stuff to learn. Glad you offered this class and I hope you’ll be doing another one–I know Laura Nownes is doing this year’s BOM, but could you do something with paper piecing specifically? I really want to know more!


  30. Hi Amy, in case you have had the baby, what did you have, and congratulations, is it possible for you to do another BOM, must say that I prefer you to Laura, and the fact that you are left handed, and I am in spite of a hand injury, am mastering the log cabin .. thanks so much.. for showing us your sewing room, must arrange my sewing/craft cupboard the same way, was surprised to see just how big my stash was…
    I am a beginner to quilting, as you might remember, and I love the way you explain the procedure..


  31. Amy, it was very nice to meet you and Melissa at the DAM today. I checked out your blog and bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me about my possible tension issues with free motion quilting. I will tackle it some day. Julie

  32. Bette Kilts says:

    Amy, you have a beautiful family. I learned to love your teaching style while doing the 2012 Craftsy BOM. I just signed up for the Sugar Block of the Month. Just a little behind time but will catch up quickly cuz I’m retired and can spend as much time in my sewing room as I want to. I also signed up to recieve your newsletters. Happy quilting…

  33. Amy, would you share with quilters on how you get everything done? With all the commitments you have, four wonderful children and husband, a move into a new house, just how do you do everything? I think you need to share with others your organizational ideas and how you plan your day or week.

    Also, do you have plans on showing quilters your new quilting room?

  34. Cindy Singer says:

    Just wanted you to know that I love checking in on your blog!! So many great ideas!

  35. Hilda Palma says:

    Love your craftsy class, I am from Guatemala and have a 20 year old daughter who lives in the US and enjoys quilting!


  37. Can you tell me more about your pressing table? dimensions? diy or purchased? and details on the diy – did you use a tutorial on line? or where purchased? thanks! I’m on the lookout for one and am trying to hammer out the details of what I want – yours looks perfect.

  38. Susan L. Westfall says:

    Have a great time at International Quilt Market. I hope you will offer the pattern you used for the Lulu fabric for sale in your shop. I loved the scrappy backing and can’t wait to see the completed quilt.

  39. Beverly Cotton says:

    Well I just entered a picture of my 11 Sugar Club Blocks. Right beside it is a picture of me. Somehow I misunderstood how to get to my block picture but I first selected me and BAM! Can’t seem to be able to remove it. If someone there can – please do. Does that mean I’m a block head? Lol

  40. Amy, Love your blog, it is delightful how you make it look so easy. I wish that my sewing area was as nice as yours, but at the moment it in a shamble. Maybe I will get motivated after the holidays to get it organized so that I can start sewing once again. I miss it the last few months, but I am determined to get back into it. Your inspiration has inspired me. Love your blog and enjoy reading it from time to time. Have a wonderful holiday with your lovely family, can’t believe you had twins and two other kids and still have time to quilt… WOW!!!

  41. Eileen Morison says:

    I love your family and your sewing room. Mine is just along one wall of my bedroom but I am thankful for the space I have. I have joined you quilting blocks for 2014 and am looking forward to it.

  42. wendy Carter says:

    Thanks for your insight. I have really enjoyed reading them so far and the insight you have. I do the monthly newsletter for our Relief Society at church, the w omens group, and I hope you wont mind if I pull from your thoughts. You are so right about giving others the benefit of the doubt. I try to do this but am not always successful. But every time I am behind an elderly person going 20 miles under the speed limit I think of my grandma and grandpa and am able to be patient. Now to master everyone else!!! Have a great day!

  43. Beautiful!

  44. Seeing that picture of you as a little girl with the white blanket is like deja vu. My sister has the exact same one! I believe my grandma made it for her when she was born. Crazy!

  45. Thank you for sharing the pictures of you growing up, they are wonderful! And you have a beautiful family!

  46. I am recovering from surgery, and found CRAFTSY.COM and decided I would watch the 2012 BOM class and have enjoyed it. Saw you mentioned your sight and decided to visit. You have a lovely family. I know they keep you hopping. My children are older now. My daughter and her son, age 3, are moving out soon, so I can have their room for my sewing room. I love how yours is set up. I hope to be able to bring my fabric in from the garage once we get the room set up. It’s in tubs now. Surgery, BTW, was rotator cuff and I have another month in the sling before I can begin therapy and begin sewing again.

  47. hi amy, this summer when I am in Colorado, I would like to stop by your shop I would need address of. I grow up in Denver and 2 yrs ago when I drove thru without my gps I would never have found my way Loved seeing your family, how old are the boys now, must be about 2,
    I do hope to see you this summer in person.

  48. I found myself devouring your blog today. You are an inspiration, Amy. Your family is beautiful. Your sewing room is cute, cozy, and quite an inspiration, as well. I love the neatly folded fabric on the white shelf. Hmmm…thanks for that. A simple idea, yet colorful.

  49. Hi Amy, Love your blog and your family. I had 4 kids too, so I know how crazy it can be at home. I never did any sewing when the kids were little. Started a second time when my baby was 6 yrs old. NOw I’ve been quilting for 30 some yrs. I babysit for 3 my 7 Grandbabies ….but still find time for my quilting. I love the blue quilt that you made or your husband? YOur patterns are great too.

  50. Amy, love your blog, you are truly an inspiration. You’ve encouraged me to become a better person and my challenge this month is to put down the iPad and enjoy visiting face to face.

  51. Amy, to be honest, I am not of a blogger. However, the one thing I changed to spend more time with my grandchildren is:

    1. I am teaching the oldest one how to sew. She is 8. I pick her up on Saturday mornings (twice a month) at 9:30 and she spends about 2 1/2 hours with me. Adalie and I sew, play games, and watch movies. She really loves sewing.

    2. The other two grandchildren (a boy and a girl) come once a month. Aithen is 6 and Aryssa is 3. We play games, read stories, and watch movies. They also play with some toys.

    3. The baby is too young yet to spend quality time like this with granny – he is a year old. I watch Anson and Aryssa on Mondays at their house for 1 1/2 hours while mommy goes to Aithen’s school and helps the teacher.

    I love them with all of my heart as any granny would do. I truly enjoy the time I spend with them.

  52. I am almost finished with the 2012 BOM you taught on Craftsy which I started around January of 2014. I am in love with how you teach and you have such a vibrant and caring way about you. I just bought a pattern from your store and joined the 2014 Club. I’ve been quilting for over 15 years and I have learned so much from you — you are so inspiring and fun. Your teaching has helped me to transition into a whole new style of quilting. And your blog is so sweet and absolutely makes my day! Thank you!!!!!

  53. I’m quite new to Crafty and I happened to run into your 2012 Block of the Month recently. I loved it! And I loved your teaching style. I just subscribed to your new Block of the month and I can’t wait for my first installment. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Audrey Hale says:

    Amy, I am in total agreement with many of the ‘responders above’ about your teaching style. I get such a calm, soothing feeling when I am listening/watching your tutorials. I truly appreciate the ‘free’ items that you provide for us and I KNOW that I am not the only ‘sewist’ living on a VERY limited income. BUT the best part is that you make everything so ‘understandable’ and easy to follow. THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE and for being so Down-To-Earth. Now – to get back to some of my many UFP’s and UFQ’s. Stay “REAL” for the rest of us. . WE LOVE YOU (and especially seeing your family surrounding you). Hugs to you and your family (Keep that good Man . . . .)

  55. Hello, I’ve stopped by from a class with you on Craftsy. I love this post about you, your family, and where the time to sew…”finds you”. =)


  56. Cynthia Van Schalkwyk says:

    Your family is very lovely and I think it is amazing what you are doing. Keep it up and they will be so blessed! Glad that I have found your sewing teaching .

  57. What is your long arm machine?

  58. I appreciate finding your site. It’s been quite a bit of help. Blessings, Lorij

  59. Your sewing space is absolutely beautiful. I don’t sew, but I want one just like it :)

  60. suzanne challacombe says:

    Hi Amy, I sure enjoyed your informative tuitorials. I was wondering how the nieces’ quilts came out.

  61. Just purchased the 2016 Sugar Block Club BOM and have printed it off. Somewhere on this site it told me the approximate amts of fabric needed but of course,now, I can’t find it. Can you email me with that?


  1. […] 2013, I joined Stitchery Dickery Dock‘s Sugar Block Club BOM. I made 2 complete sets of blocks- one for me (in purples and blues) […]

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