‘Tis The Season

What a joyful time of year it is!  I’ll admit, I may have been caught listening to the Christmas station as early as October this year, but now it’s December and I’m in the don’t-give-me-anymore-crap zone…Christmas is officially here.  It’s during this time of year, especially, that I’m extra thankful to be able to stay home with my kiddos everyday…mmmmm, on the days like today, Michael Buble sings us carols while we make pumpkin pancakes & hot cocoa, decorate gingerbread, cut out snowflakes, and maybe throw in a load of laundry or sort the tupperware in between licking spoons from every single batch of holiday cheer.

When a house is full of littles, every day is filled with wonder, and none more so than these.  From my 3yo pointing out every light display from here to Target, and my babies feeling snowflakes on their big eyelashes for the first time, to my 5yo wrapping up everything we own and putting it under the tree (today she gifted me a bobblehead and one of my wisks)…it’s magic.

Deck the Halls 01

Deck the Halls 02

Deck the Halls 08

Deck the Halls 09

And maaaybe I’m a little bit of a kid at heart as well.  I was just giddy to trim our house this week…

Deck the Halls 05

Deck the Halls 03

Deck the Halls 04
Deck the Halls 06

Deck the Halls 07
Deck the Halls 10

Deck the Halls 11

Oh, and my favorite new trimming of all is this homemade porch sign to welcome guests!  It’s an old window that I rescued from a back alley trash heap.  I painted the top window with chalkboard paint, and added a festive bow and some bright poppy flowers.  Eeek!  I adore it!!!

Deck the Halls 12

By the way, I found this Youtube tutorial so helpful on making the bow.  I’m a novice bow-maker, but my confidence really got a boost after this one!

Deck the Halls 13

Deck the Halls 14

And speaking of holiday trimmings, I suppose it’s not too late to share about my Thanksgiving table.  I know…awkward random add-in, but I can’t not share about it, and each day that goes by is a day further from Thanksgiving!  Ah!

I was so honored to host this year, and it was such a joy to get the table all set and ready for the big meal.  This was our first holiday meal in this new house, and we salvaged this big fat farm table just for this purpose- big family dinners- so this was extra special Thanksgiving.

Deck the Halls 15

My inspiration behind the tablescape was honestly just to use what I had…I collect the pretty white milk glass, as well as the silver candlesticks…paired with some natural greens, and a few mason jars with candles, and it really felt lovely to me.  A bit lighter and fresher than I typically do for Thanksgiving, but I loved the change, and could envision this equally lovely for Easter with a pretty white runner.

Deck the Halls 16

Deck the Halls 17

When I spotted these aqua burlap roses at my local craft store, it was love at first sight.  You must come home with me, pretty little blooms!

Deck the Halls 18

They were just lovely tied up in some twine on my grandmother’s precious antique china.

Deck the Halls 25

And lastly, a little something special for my old yellow chairs.  Really made the meal feel even more special…almost like a wedding dinner.

Deck the Halls 19
Did I mention I love the holidays?  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, and every day in between, ’tis the season to be jolly!



  1. Your home looks so festive. All fabulous decorations. You have a beautiful family. What sweet memories you are creating for your little ones. I have that same exact nativity.

  2. Wow everything looks so wonderful, love the real smell of Christmas and you out did yourself for Thanksgiving. Love the photos of the children, Christmas is all about the children, I don’t need any gifts (well I will always give accept fabric).

  3. Merry Christmas Amy and family! Your house decorations are beautiful!

  4. Absolutely lovely, Amy. Isn’t it fun to decorate for the holidays the first year in a new home. Finding just the right spot for all our treasures. Honestly, any time we’ve moved I have looked at a house thinking “Where would I put the Christmas tree?” Yours is lovely. Enjoy the holidays with your lovely family.

  5. Once again you have inspired me to do a bit more. I’m decorating the house today and hosting a beer tasting dinner on Saturday. Hope you don’t mind but I’m totally stealing some of your table dressing ideas. Mason jars with candles and flowers here I come. With red raffia bows I think!

  6. Everything is so lovely. You do a great job at making a house a home. I’m thankful for being able to stay home with my little ones too.

  7. What a lovely home you have. The kids will remember all the festivities. Have a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. I feel so special to be a tiny part of your world.

  8. Everything looks great. I love the roses. Oh to have help with decorating cookies mine just eat them :-).

  9. Wow, you really are inspiring. I adore the way you wrapped the chairs in burlap and large flowers. The use of the old window as a door greeting is so neat. Your gingerbread man, did you pick it up from Ikea? The size and shape is something that I would imagine that Ikea would carry.

  10. Love this post my friend. Like peeking into your daily life and having a cup of coffee with you in your kitchen with your family. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and home with us! xo Merry Christmas!!

  11. You have a natural gift with decorating and spreading joy. Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy every second of the season!

  12. votre décoration est magnifique pour le prochain noël enchanteur

  13. Fantastic door wreath. Love the chalkboard greeting sign!! And your bow is fantastic. Your thanksgiving table was lovely!! You are an amazing decorator! I get such great ideas, so keep sharing!! Thanks

  14. Ooh, you just arrived in an avalanche in my reader for about 3 weeks! Lovely decorating all round though, have a fab christmas :o)

  15. Amazing pictures, makes me wish we had Thanksgiving here in England, although we do have Guy Fawkes Night which I am pretty certain you don’t have :) Big bonfires and jacket potatoes wrapped in tin foil, roasted in the ashes (although most people cheat and do them in the oven now) Loving the wraps on your chairs. I’ve been wondering how I can tart mine up and this is just perfect, cheers.

  16. What sweet family pictures! I love all of your decorating touches, especially your letter wreath!

  17. Laura Hall says:

    your joy makes me happy-enjoy those little ones and yes, it’s okay to be a kid at heart ESPECIALLY at this time of year!! Your Thanksgiving table was lovely!

  18. Happy Holiday Amy- your home looks beautiful and I agree, wee people make the Magic in Christmas. Enjoy!

  19. Love your entry today. I love all holidays too and enjoy the trimmings and decorations. I would also like to congratulate you on winning the best instructor award from craftsy, you surely deserve it!. Wishing you a merry, merry Christmas for you and yours!

  20. Wow! Your table spread is stunning! It looks like it came straight out of Homes & Gardens or something. I’m sure your guests absolutely loved it and felt so special sitting at such a pretty table :o)

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