To All Who Are Waiting To Hear From Me!

Friends!  To those of you who have contacted me via a blog comment, direct email, or my social media- thank you for your patience!!!

Dare I pull back the Stitchery Dickory Dock curtain for a moment?  If you could only see me sitting here in my pajamas, in tears, feverishly replying to angry emails and comments from so many of you, as kiddos whine at my feet and tug at my legs.  After a week of visiting family in a rural area, with spotty internet…of trekking to Starbucks daily to try and keep up on emails, followed by a 24 hour cross country road trip that consisted of my husband driving and me replying to emails and trouble-shooting problems via my iPhone.
I love you all and am SO thrilled that you all are so eager and excited to quilt with me this year.  Some of you just signed up yesterday or the day before and are frustrated at not having received your emails yet.  I’ve even had a couple of folks ask to cancel their subscriptions after signing up the 1st and not having received their pattern yet!  Wow!  Friends, friends, I  beg of you!  I pray that we can start this year out with a slow, deep breath, and a fresh reminder that we are all human and doing our best….the clerk at the Post Office, the person in line in front of you at the grocery, the slow poke driving in front of you as you race to work in the morning…and yes, even me…all human and needing a bit of grace now and then.  And I’m as guilty as any- so quick to get frustrated and impatient in this lightening speed world.

To-Do List

Ok, I’m done ranting.  Thank you thank you thank you for signing up for the club, and thank you for your patience as I work through the growing pains of this launch!  Your overwhelming response is both a huge blessing and a unique challenge for me.

SO, all that said- here’s some info that might help:

  • If you signed up on or after the 1st, sit tight.  I am pasting your emails into my subscriber list literally at this very moment, and you can expect a welcome email and your first pattern by tomorrow.

  • The rest of you have already been sent a welcome email (which includes fabric requirements and other important details), and the January pattern.  If you didn’t receive either or both of these, please check your spam folder, and adjust your spam settings by adding my email address,, to your safe sender list.  Emails from high volume email services like Constant Contact (the one I’m using), have the tendency to be filtered out by your email provider in their efforts to reduce your spam, but you can overcome this by safe-listing my address.  More info on how to do that HERE.

  • I will re-send the emails out today to everyone, including a more printable PDF option, so please safe-sender me and look for the emails.




  1. Dear Amy, I know you are doing your best and hope all your subscribers allow you some leeway to get these glitches repaired. I am amazed at all you’re accomplishing with twin infants and two other children under your care. I for one appreciate your expertise and wisdom in the quilting arena. Thank you!


  2. Dear Amy,
    Wow, I am so glad to be a part of this fun project that you are putting together. It is a shame that there are some people that are so impatient that they spoil the mood so quickly. I wish I could bring you wine and chocolate and help feed the crying babies, but I’m afraid you are too far away :( Take comfort and breathe

  3. Please don’t take the time to answer this or any other e-mails because you and your husband and your four precious children come first. I can’t believe that some people are hassling you. I mean REALLY folks, you are too impatient. I agree – take a breath and wait. In this day and age of instant gratification (hey, I used to have to drive to a phone booth!!) we all need to learn to put away the electronic gadgets and look into the eyes of our loved ones right there in the same room. Turn off the TV, sit down and share a meal, have a conversation, read a book. By the end of January we will have the rainbow fabric and can get started on the first block. Some folks are going ahead with diverse fabric – that’s great. For the others who are so impatient, chill out!! I am just so grateful to have such a fabulous quilter willing to teach beginners like me how to create an heirloom out of fabrics…. (((Hugs)))

  4. Be Still, and know Who is in charge….All is well. You have a loving husband (went back to take pix of barnside) and 4 beautiful, healthy babies. I’m sorta taken aback by the negativeness you have received from quilters. Hmm…

  5. Deb Farrell says:

    Oh poor Amy! I hope you manage to get everything sorted. I have received my email….just haven’t had a chance to do anything with it……..I’m still working on last year’s ‘block of the month’! Good luck xoxox

  6. I feel so sorry for you!! Here in the Netherlands all is perfect, every email is coming just in time ;-) And I guess that there is no problem when you have to wait a couple of days. Everyone have UFU’s, so always something to work one ;-) So keep breathing and take a good night sleep!! A piece of chocolate will help too ;-) Greetings, Hanke

  7. Please try not to worry – we know how busy you are, and your family must come first. I for one am very happy with the Sugar Block Club. I received the first pattern and recipe without a hitch, and finished the block on day 1. My only problem is waiting until February for the next one! So, again, try not to worry.

  8. The first pattern was in my inbox as promised, it is fab and can’t wait to bake the recipe. You are doing a great job. Keep smiling, drink wine, eat chocolate and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Don’t let the whingers and moaners get you down. You are an inspiration to us all. xx

  9. Wow! I think you are amazing with all you do! Don’t allow the negativity to get you down. Hugs and prayers!

  10. My Dear Amy

    Look at your life and look at those 5 precious people who need you more than anyone else in the world… then dry your tears and tell the rest of the world to put a sock in it! I’m sure they wouldn’t cope as well as you have – especially with two little twinkles who had a delicate start to their little lives! Above all be fair to yourself and remember you aren’t superwoman, no matter how much we all like to think we are, and that those who judge you on such trivial matters as not receiving an email (that they WANT not NEED) are the ones with the problem!

    I’m so sorry that you’re down a little at the moment and am sending you a big hug from across the pond! Those of us that have been there and lived to tell the tale salute you and know that what you’re experiencing won’t last forever and things WILL get easier!

    Hang on in there girl! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Fiona from England!

  11. I, also, am surprised at the negativity. Quilters are the most friendly and helpful group of people I’ve ever happened upon. I apologize for them. Now, after that, I’ll add my complaint. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been watching for you on Craftsy. Haven’t seen you – now I find this block of the month. How do you spell duh? Is this what you’re doing now?? Is this a free BOM? And hurry up. I expect your answer yesterday. Just kidding. Being the mother of twin girls, (a very long time ago) I know your time is very limited. So, deep breath and carry on. lol

  12. Amy,

    Please forgive everyone for their impatience. I am reminded of the Bible verse – Romans 12:10 – “be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Come on ladies.

  13. Praying for you sweet friend!

  14. The best thing I could think of to do for you was say a prayer, so I did. BTW I received my emails just fine and can’t wait to get started. No need to respond to this, just keep doing what you need to do. Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

  15. It makes me sad that you had to write this post. I have been a HUGE fan of yours since taking your Craftsy BOM class. I loved that class so when you offered this, I signed up immediately. It was such fun having something to look forward to every month. In fact, I loved it so much that I am signed up for three BOM clubs/classes now and wonder when I will find the time to do it all. Amy, YOU and your class helped me through tremendously difficult year and I am so grateful for that. There is such a wonderful community of sewers, quilters and artists who inspire me every day. I look forward to the February 1 and until then, I will have fun sewing this block and hopefully eating whoopie pies!

  16. I have gotten everything right on time and you have scheduled a local class. I don’t see how you do half of what you accomplish. All will be fine. The very impatient can sign up for something else. My Craftsy 2012 BOM is ready for the quilter. It is wonderful and I am sure this will be too.

  17. I like on your list how it says feed crying baby, feed other crying baby, feed crying husband. :) You really do have a lot going on right now and I think sometimes people loose site of the humanity in others. Hang in there!

  18. Linda Crandall says:

    Dear Heart,

    I pray you will not be anxious of heart. You’ve bitten off a big chunk in launching this BOM and nurturing four little ones and a loving husband at the same time. BLESS your heart! Please just take everything one step at a time. All of us admirers of your talent & commitment to quilting can wait. I’m confident we’ll get our patterns in due time.

    In my previous email I mentioned that the subscription confirmation linked me to a no-longer existing blog.( . Perhaps this is part of the problem. I know in due time you’ll figure it out.

    Again, take heart, dry your salty tears, and keep on keeping on. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember, only Jesus Christ is perfect and as a believer, He was perfect on your behalf! :).

    Looking forward to this year with you!


  19. Jennifer Hoeting says:

    You’re my hero! I’m farther along the mommy path than you with a teen and pre-teen…and I know how how hard it was with two…spaced apart. Cannot fathom how you do it all with your little bitties….especially at this crazy time of year. Grace and prayers…. I’ve received everything on time and I think you are doing a fabulous job!

  20. Amy, you are doing a great job…hang in there, don’t overwhelm yourself, those little ones need you to be fit and strong. All of us out here in the wide wide world, can wait…those of us that are mothers can certainly understand that you have your hands full with Christmas, Family, Traveling and FOUR ADORABLE CHILDREN! No worries on my part ever! Sending you love and light, peaceful days and restful nights!

  21. “DON’T CRY “people need to remember patience is a virtue it’s holiday season everything takes extra time! Please don’t stress ! We are all friends;)

  22. Lisa McGriff says:

    Prayers for peace going your way! You got your priorities in perfect line! God and Family first!

  23. I hate to add one more comment to your crazy to-do list (certainly don’t reply back), but just can’t resist telling you what a great job you are doing. It sounds like an insane amount of work during a really stressful time of year (plus the four littles)! I hope you are able to get through your list and breathe a big deep breath : )
    I can’t imagine waiting a few days on a BOM pattern being something someone could get so upset about. Although I guess I am lucky to have my emails already. Just indecisive about fabric. Hope you get a few laughs in there amongst the work! Although it sounds like that might take some distance to get to!

  24. Amy! I am so sorry that this is such a stressful time for you. Please continue to breathe and make sure your hubby gets plenty of the wine and chocolate on your list! You are my wonder woman role model and I have no idea how you do what you do, especially given that there is so much for you to do! Hang in there and make sure that you get in some special time for yourself!

  25. Deanna Sposito Miller says:

    No negativity here. I received my email, bought my fabric and we have all year to work on this. People do need to relax and be patient. Deep breath, Amy. Thank you for everything. Plus, I am still finishing up the Craftsy BOM because I started late. Big hug to you…..I wish you peace, chocolate and good wine tonight.

  26. Keep up the good work—–I am totally excited by your quilting inspirations. Having done the Craftsy BOM and now the Sugar Blocks, I can’t wait to see each block that will arrive in my inbox—whenever it arrives. Your family comes first and it’s sad that some people can’t understand that!

  27. I’ve been busy cleaning closets and fighting a bug going around. I haven’t decided on fabric let alone started a block. And I got my pattern days ago. I don’t have the excuse of four kids and tons of e-mails. Since I retired last year I don’t have a job as an excuse. This is supposed to be fun! It is only the third of the month and the first was a holiday. Ignore those rude impatient people, have a cup of tea, snuggle your kiddies, (and hubby too) and find time to sew for you. We’ll still be here! Sending you sugar … HUGS! BTW I love the PDF option! So sew and don’t pay any attention to those so and so s!

  28. HokieKate says:

    Hugs. Everything is working fine for me. Hugs.

  29. Hi Amy,

    I have received all your e-mails and the January pattern. I am so excited. I have placed everything in a binder and I promise this project will travel with me if I move. Please take care as Diane is correct this is only January 3rd. I use to travel all the time and remember heading to Starbucks to receive e-mails. The holidays are a hectic time. Have a Happy New Years!


  30. Well I think you are just awesome! I hope you don’t let a few whiners get you down! For every one of them, there are hundreds of happy people that are so excited to be quilting along with you this year! Your to-do list made me laugh – it is so necessary to keep a sense of humor about things! I am so looking forward to Sew South and meeting you for reals :) Big Hugs!!

  31. Amy
    Breathe, have coffee/tea and know that this will get better. If you are having computer problems [spam, virus etc.] contact me and let me take that burden for you. I’m a computer geek who sews. And I’ve been finishing up UFO’s and haven’t done more than print the block and directions.

    Lastly as someone who would like to go back to the time of screaming little kids for a day or two, enjoy the hectic time while you can. Before you know it, they’ll be visiting you with their children!


  32. I’ve finished MOST of your Craftsy BOM, and it was so much fun (not to mention all the learning…)!! I’m definitely looking forward to this one. And, given my work/travel/life schedule, I’ll probably be months behind on this one anyway, so take your time! :) Thank you!

  33. Just want to let you know I think you are doing a great job. Your directions are clear. I made the first block and all the points lined up! (That has never happened before) So sorry to hear about the complaints. Just remember some people are never happy. Please don’t let them get you down. I appreciate all you do. THANK YOU

  34. elizabeth says:

    When my sons were babies I was lucky to get dressed every day let alone do anything else and I only had two babies not four like you. I loved your block of the month 2012 series and am looking forward to this year. I am not done with last year’s so in no great hurry this year so no worries.. My love of quilting is still going strong. Remember you are an awesome person and family must come first – believe it or not you will blink and they will all be out of the house. We are all mothers and understand days don’t always goes as planned. PS bravo to your husband for driving across country with four little people in a car – we all have images of what it was like and are all thinking glad it wasn’t me – lol. Thank you

  35. Amy,
    I’m so sorry that you are under this stress. I wish I could help you out some how, just know that when I was making my January Sugar Block Club block – I was so happy that I had learned so much from you last year and was so excited that I could spend another year with you!! Your doing a fantastic job – and yes there will be some little glitches but it will all work out! Those of us that are loyal followers know how much is on your plate and wonder how you do it! You are our hero! Hang in there my friend – and no tears!! You are loved and appreciated! Take care of your family and yourself – it will all work out just fine!

  36. Oh Amy! Consider yourself hugged! I haven’t gotten anything done this week and have no excuses for it! You are a miracle worker in my book, I hope you don’t let the haters get you down! Sending many hugs to you and your adorable family!! I am thrilled to be part of your BOM club and was so impressed it was in my inbox right away! I’m looking forward to getting to stitch it up and make some yummy treats! You’re the best!!! -Marian

  37. Donna Kauffman says:

    All I can say Amy is here are lots of hugs and kisses for you. Keep up the good work and remember those people who are so negative probably dont have anything positive in their lives, so I will also send positive thoughts to those negative one.

  38. Happy Camper here!!! Wishin’ I could send chocolate, wine, hugs and smoochies!! I’d love to rock and feed a baby – still leaving the emails to you tho – hee heee!! xoxo

  39. Cindy Burke says:

    Don’t worry…….be happy! We love you Amy. I recd my email on 1/1/13 and I’m so excited to start my block.

    Happy new year!

  40. people need to simma down now! Sending love your way (and virtual wine + chocolate)!

  41. Amy,
    I just want to say how proud of you I am for standing up for yourself. if anyone else did not say it, I want to say thank you for everything you do! You are so great for doing all you do!

  42. Lovely Lady, Please know, those of us that know you, know you are the kindest, most dedicated, beautiful person that would do something if she could. Hang in there! Glitches happen. (HUGS)

  43. Amy,
    I’m saddened that you are so stressed by all this and that many have felt angered over this. I have signed up for the Sugar Block Club and am so looking forward to it. I have not had any problem with receiving my emails, though I know there were glitches I know that they will be worked out, others just need to have a little patience. This is not something you wanted to happen, but sometimes unexpected things do happen and other people should be forgiving on their end too when those unexpected things come up. Besides we have a whole month to get that first block completed, there’s plenty of time left in the month. Amy, you are doing a great job! Take care of your family and yourself first! God bless you!

  44. Heather Shore says:

    O Amy, I hope things get better. I’m sorry you are having such a rough time.
    Can we join the club at any time?
    I will be thinking of you, have a great day!

  45. Sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed, and then getting picked on on top of it surely is no fun. You know what they say……You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!!! So have some chocolate, drink some wine, and take a deep breath. Just a thought, maybe new people just signing up aren’t aware of all that has happened in your private life, and all that you have going on at home. And yes Amy, you are entitled to have your private home life too. Sending you a big hug. Grace

  46. You are truly amazing!!! Keep calm and do what you need to do. You have been an inspiration to me through the Craftsy BOM…I have discovered I can do one more thing that I thought I could not do. You have accomplished so much and will continue to amaze yourself and others. Do not even think of responding to this, just take a deep breath, another sip of wine, another bite of chocolate, give and receive five kisses, and do what you can. Your honesty about your difficulties warms my heart and makes me want to a little more for those around me whose challenges are known only to them. Love and prayers.

  47. Georgia Fair says:

    I loved taking part in your BOM on Craftsy (I’m still completing it, whoops!) and I am looking forward to the Sugar Block Club. You are so generous with your time and expertise and also with yourself – you share so much on your blog I feel like I know you. Dont feel guilty, have another glass of wine and thank you for being so lovely!!
    Georgia x

  48. Thank you SO much for what you do to help people like me who have always wanted to learn to quilt. I like what a previous person wrote about how for every grumpy, impatient person there are hundreds who appreciate you and are reasonable and patient people. The charge for this class does not cover a 1/4 of the cost of what I learned from your 2012 Craftsy BOM (for free!). I’m sure people would stand in line if they could and thank you from the bottom of their hearts for what you do.

  49. WOW, I cant believe people are getting angry over this but they will anger over anything anyway. do not fret AMY! If you have ever worked over Wi-Fi, patience working out the glitches is a requirement! I am amazed at your talents for sewing and marvel at your trusting in technology. I would have tested a few months before unveiling a project this size, but now will work! Let’s go for it, chocolate and wine and all!!$%&#@^*(
    If there is anything I can do as a customer to help just email and I will be glad to test if needs be and as often as necessary! Im in my pjs too!

  50. Amen, patience has become a lost virtue. The cost of this program (less than $8.00) is nothing compared to the fun that I know I will receive from participating. I did the Craftsy BOM and loved doing it and looked forward to each pattern and even though I’ve been quilting for a number of years, I learned how to make blocks that I’ve never attempted before. I have also through the Sugar Block Club learned how to post a picture to Flickr – Yea!! and how to post pictures to Craftsy. I can only begin to imagine the complexity of creating a program and an emailer system to serve many types of email systems. I also know that I’ve been guilty of changing passwords and forgetting them and wondering why I’m not getting email after moving or changing an account without notifying senders of the replacement address. Things happen and glitches happen I hope the bad taste of this launch doesn’t keep Amy from wanting to do this again next year!! Next month will be better I’m sure of it :) Thank you Amy!! Keep up the good work!

  51. Lindy Nobles says:

    Amy, you are such an awesome person!!! You’ve got so much going on in your life and you will get no complaining from me! I have received everything you’ve sent right on time and its very clear and concise although I do have to say I miss your smiling face in the videos we had for the Craftsy BOM. It’s only the 3rd of Jan. and if you’ve got people putting pressure on you then they just need to chill. I started on my block and should finish it tomorrow. That means I’ve got to go through the rest of the month before I’ll get another block design and recipe from you! That’s the only down side. ;>)

    You just hang in there lil’ mama. Alls good.

  52. Wow. You are one of the most delightful presences in the craft world. I can’t imagine treating you with anything but kindness. Especially given everything you have going on. I know how life can get crazy. I forgot to even sign up! I will do that now, and then wait patiently for my email and pattern. People really need to learn that they aren’t the most important thing in other people’s lives.

    Hugs to you and your family :)

  53. Oh Amy! Kind sweet, wise Amy! You are a miracle worker! Be gentle on yourself. Skip replying to this email and hug your kids instead! They are precious! You gave given me so much instruction and inspiration on quilting. I treasure you and appreciate all that you do! Thank you most sincerely!

  54. Gabriele Yorlano says:

    So, sorry to hear that some people are impatient. You do have a lot on your plate. I’m sure you will find that more people are kind hearted than not. I have not signed up for your new class because I still need to finish my craftsy BOM…that, and find some extra $. The first block looks great! Bravo to you Amy…better to be overwhelmed with success!

  55. Oh Amy, I admire you for doing so much with 4 young children (still all babies, really). I learned so much from you last year and gained so much confidence in my skills with a sewing machine! I am so looking forward to this year’s blocks. Hugs and prayers to you:)

    PS, I still don’t know if I am sold on curved piecing:) I will give a good try if you include a block again this year……
    PSS Do not respond to this comment. PEACE

  56. Amy, I am so sorry that you have had nastiness thrown at you. Some people have a difficult time waiting and this time of the year brings out the good in some people and the nastiness in others. I am amazed that you get done all that you do. You are being lifted in prayer.

  57. I feel like I am one of your newest fans, but I’m also one of your biggest I think. I literally talk about you to my friends and family as if you WERE a friend or member of my family (please, don’t take that strangely). I am sending you all the positive vibes and energy that I possibly can. It should be there any minute now, I promise. ;)

    This will get better. You are an amazing woman and people are excited to be working with you. I know you are freaking out because other people are freaking out, but man… it’s all for this amazing BOM you put together! They are going nuts wanting to virtually hang out with you, right? :) The emails will get figured out. Technology is a bum sometimes. Take a deep breath and keep up the amazing work. xoxoxo

  58. Hang in there Amy! I don’t normal do a lot of posting or alot of quilt boards because of the negativiness. I did enjoy the Craftsy BOM last year and the postive posting that went on there. I know Amy contacted me a few times to take care of the problem I have been having getting the welcome email and the pattern. There is no rush it’s not like Amy won’t figure this out. This is suppose to be fun not something to get bent out of shape so easliy about. That’s why I had posted before about the spam problem and the safe list. Even though I don’t have the pattern yet that’s OK becasue I don’t get the freespirit bundle till the end of the month in fact just went out and bought to bold geo prints to go with for the blocks. Thing is I am sure we all have other projects we can work on. I personally have 10 going for this year and 4 of them are king size quilts and I am learning or trying to learn free motion quilting which I plan to do on all of them. So everyone needs to take a step back breathe and give Amy a break. Amy God bless and may His Grace keep you sane.

  59. Hello! I was one who only signed up yesterday (as soon as I discovered it…couldn’t resist!). Please take your time though! Really, there are dozens of other quilt-alongs out there if people are in a rush to start something. I haven’t a hope of ever keeping up with the blocks anyway. ;-)

  60. Toni Toth says:

    Oh Amy, if I could send you wine in the mail, I would send you a bottle of my favorite! (Sparks – Deep fork Red) I live in Oklahma and it’s frowned upon here. Anywho. Just remember to have faith as small as the mustard seed and all will work out.

    Hang in ther girl,

  61. Amy ~ Don’t sweat the small stuff! People seem to forget that we do not live in a Microwave Society! and some things – especially good things (like your BOM) are worth waiting for. Quilting is what we do but moms are what we are and if I may give a piece of advice – always take the time to enjoy your children because even though “the days are Long, the Years are short”. This comes from a mom of a 25 and 20 year old who very much misses the kiddo days! You enjoy your holidays, your children, your life and don’t let quilting demands overwhelm you – it will give you wrinkles!!!!

  62. Nikita Smith says:

    Well having two of my own I understand all too well what you are going through.. so I applaud and give you much credit for everything that you are doing. Because heaven only knows sometimes it’s a few days before I can get even sew a couple of stitches on whatever it may be I am working on let alone a class, followed by another BOM club.. hats of to you, and don’t let those nasty emails and comments get to you.

  63. Beverly Cotton says:

    Got my January 1st pattern & recipe right on time (January1st). After reading about comments from many of your Club members, i had a brainstorm. This is a BOM Club but that doesn’t mean the Block HAS to be ready on the 1st. I think that is a gift! Why not pick a mid month date or any date that works for you, to be YOUR date you will send it. Just make an announcement about the new arrival date. From date to date, it will still be a month span. :-). Who decided that all BOM’s arrive on the 1st. Where are all those negative attitudes coming from? Chill people! Thanks again Amy for all you!

  64. I love that your to-do list starts with “get dressed” and also includes eating chocolate and remembering to breathe!

  65. Passes 1lb bar of chocolate, supersize bottle of wine and a (((((HUG))))) Carry on…

  66. Val Wilson says:

    Amy, I just want to tell you that you are doing a terrific job and I am so sorry that there have been some who have not been patient or understanding of your busy life. I both laughed and cried when I read your email and wish there was some way I could support you with all that is on your plate. I so appreciate what you are doing and look forward to quilting with you again this year. Your BOM on Craftsy last year was so much fun and I loved how my blocks turned out. Recommend you sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy your family. Responding to emails can wait and should not be your top priority. Have a terrific and blessed day! Aloha

  67. Hi Amy. You’ve already gotten lots of positive responses so, hope you’re feeling better about everything now – including people. :) I too took your Craftsy BOM class and absolutely loved the class and you as the teacher. You have a lot of fans out here in cyber-space and hope that brightens your day. Seriously though, this was a really weird holiday season. This is the first year I encountered people seemingly with no Christmas cheer and wondering how many of those with hateful attitudes might have lost their jobs. So many awful things happened this year and maybe that’s one reason even fiber-loving people are recently less kind than normal. No excuse, really but, maybe it makes it a tad more understandable. I’m just sorry you’ve been the on the receiving end of others’ frustrations. You didn’t deserve that so, eat all the chocolate you want – it will make you feel better and things will look better tomorrow. :) Best wishes to you.

  68. Amy you’re the best! You are an inspiration! Take time for yourself and your family — that comes first. Everyone else can wait for their quilt blocks for heaven’s sake. I consider it a privilege to be one of your students :)

  69. Love the lists! just keep making lists and you’ll do great. I think you’re fab!!
    “those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”

  70. You are so fantastic! I have received everything and started the first block… And I live in Australia! No worries from down here.

  71. I have my pattern and fabric requirements right on the 1st. I did e-mail just prior to receiving it, sorry I guess I spoke a little too soon. Can’t wait to get started on it. Thank you so much for sharing with us this fun activity.

  72. You are doing awesome and I don’t know how you are doing it with 4 kiddos including twin babies! When my twins were babies it was hard to even take a shower and get dressed! I usually cried every night and I wasn’t doing anything else but taking care of my twins. LOL. You are doing great!

  73. Wow, I hope those people feel some shame I. The way they behaved. You have a life for heavens sake. It’s nice that you are organizing this, but honestly, for the price? What do these people want?

    Carry on…you are doing fine. I love your blog, I loved the first block and I think you are a saint with all those kids all the while carrying on with the quilting and blogging. I couldn’t do it. Very very many of us appreciated you. Is that enough sunshine blown up your butt for now? LOL. I can do more if you feel you need it. LOL. Take care and give those little bitties a squeeze from all of us.

  74. Good golly, the craziness! I, for one, am thinking our cocktail at Quilt Con can’t get here soon enough! As others have said, it’s amazing to me what you accomplish. Carry on-you have the full support of all of us! Hugs from NC:)

  75. I think some people need to take a chill pill, is a couple off days wait for a pattern really going to be the end of the world?

    I got mine by the way, just finished sewing it, now the wait till next months pattern.

  76. You’re great, so don’t fret!

  77. Well how sad is it that this was necessary. A big long sigh for the loss of humanity. I am super excited to have another BOM to look forward to each month. I’m sure you are excited too. I hope the sour lemons don’t ruin the fun for you! Let the meanies go. That’s more banana cream whoopie pies for the rest of us! I hope now you are bombarded with blessings and sweet supportive messages that warm your heart, seven fold the bad ones. THANK YOU FOR BLOG AND BOM!! Chin up. Keep sewing!

  78. Hmmmm, sounds like some people need to work on their patience for the New Year;) And need a lesson on gratitude for something I’m sure is very valuable to you….your time. All of the time you will be putting into this quilt along is a gift from you and no one should put conditions on it:) On the bright side, be glad they eliminated themselves early, thereby eliminating future headaches for you!

  79. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so glad you can see all of the support you have here! Funny how there isn’t one apology…hopefully those who have treated you poorly are properly shamed. You are giving so much with so much already on your plate. Please know how much we appreciate You!!

  80. Janet Autrey says:

    Hugs to you!! I’d send chocolate if I had your address!!! I can’t believe all that you do with new twins. Keep putting your family first and take whatever time you need for your personal life. Quilting can wait.

  81. Hi Amy. I must admit that I became angry when I read about those impatient people who would threaten to leave the club. I cannot believe that people can get upset with a woman who has a VERY young family and still offers amazing opportunities to us quilters. I mean it is ONLY January 3rd for Heaven’s sake. There is a whole month to finish the block. But then I decided that I would not let those kind of people ruin my day. You are a beautiful person who has MANY hats and still gives so much to us. Your family comes first on the list, as it should be. (Except possibly for the chocolate and wine ;-)) Please don’t let these people get you down, Amy. We love you. We really do.

  82. You are a very patient and diplomatic woman. Loved your to-do list. I hope you have eaten some chocolate, checked your blood pressure and started to breathe again. We truly do appreciate you!

  83. Dear Amy, you have a heart of gold – don’t let it be tainted by people who are negative – you are doing the most important job of all in raising those precious children of yours, and in being a wonderful wife too and all-round good soul. I cannot believe some people think you spend your whole life sitting by a computer waiting to respond to their whinges and gripes! You are so lovely to share your ideas and talents with us and I for one totally appreciate it – just yesterday I finished (better late than never) the last four blocks of your 2012 BOM and am looking forward to sashing it and quilting it with Leah Day’s class tutorials. I cannot do much for you from here in NZ but I CAN have a wine and some chocolate for you! Have a nice weekend!

  84. Dear Sweet Amy

    Please don’t be getting yourself all upset by people being nasty – they are not worth your energy and quite honestly don’t deserve it. WE ALL know you are doing your best to sort it out and we also know that you have four little fledgings to feed and water and the most lovely husband on the planet.

    It isn’t life and dead – it’s a block for the month of January – they should be ashamed of themselves for being so mean and do we really want them in the sugar block – I would say NO.

    Remember how many of us love and support you and think you are truly AMAZING, take a breath, a step back, a bit of fresh air and remember you are only human and can’t do it all.

    Big, big hugs K x

  85. Hang in there, Amy! You are amazing.

  86. Hello Amy….your list is very funny.
    Be quiet and do the best you can.
    From my part everything is ok.
    My best wishes

  87. Hugzz from Down Under Amy,
    The top 6 things on Your “To Do List” will always be Hubby, Bubbies and Self.
    I am honoured to be here and appreciate all you do for us. You is a “Super Woman” in all ways. When times are tight for you, just post a note “Life is happening I am on my way” We all understand and have those moments in our own lives.

    Cheers and Chockies and family huggzz galore. I miss having bubbies around, so extra cuddles and tickles for them from me.

  88. Hi Amy,
    feeling sorry about all of your troubles. So get well, soon, the BOM can wait ;-)
    Best wishes, Martina

  89. I thought a PDF would be asier to read, BUT, there is a line at the top of the e-mail that reads:
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here

    I clicked and it was a much better format for printing. Try it ladies, you might find it solves your problem without adding to Amy’s to do list.

  90. Have a hug!

  91. Debbie Pfaff says:

    Amy, I am totally in shock at how people actually continue to treat others all in the name of instant gratification. I am not only upset with those who do not live in the real world and think others should respond on a givens notice. YES, you do have a family and I, also, have often wondered how you accomplish everything you do in a given day. A very good friend of mine introduced me to your site last month and I am totally hooked. You are not only kind, patient, and self-serving in all that you share with each of us – but what I am learning cannot even be measured in words or numbers. Please do not let some people upset or dampen this new BOM experience for those of us who know what it is like to not only raise a family but work as well. And believe me when I say, what you are doing is true work and devotation to all of your followers. I look forward to each and every block, secret, tid bit that you share. Keep that great smile on your face and know there are those of us who appreciate everything you do. Thank you again and have a very blessed 2013.

  92. Good Morning, Love your note to self. I always have chocolate on my list! ;^) No need to respond.

  93. Sonia Plyler says:

    I thought quilters all had UFOs sitting around they needed to work on. I’m more frustrated that I already got my January pattern. I’m not ready! I still have two blocks to do from Craftsy BOM and then I need to put that baby together. So did every quilter but me finish all their UFOs over Christmas? Get a grip people. Hope this gives you a little chuckle, Amy. You’re way ahead of me and my baby is 21 years old! I have a suggestion for all these people who seem to need something to fill their time…grab a Bible and catch up on what God is up to and wants to be up to in your life! Spend some time praising the Lord Jesus for all He has done, and pray for our nation!

  94. Sonia Plyler says:

    AND head to Hobby Lobby tomorrow…they have Kona cotton solids, and they need your support!!

  95. WHAT?! It’s only January 4th, and that seems more than timely to me. Most businesses here aren’t even reopened yet! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard time with your internet and that people have no patience. When I moved countries last year and had no internet for almost a month, it was a wake up call to me that I depend so much on having access to it. I feel your pain at going to cafes in order to check up on things and put out fires. No worries, lady, do what you have to do and post when you get the chance. There will always be angry hotheads even if you did post “on time” on 0:00am, 01/01/2013. Have a happy 2013, and I’m so glad to be part of the Sugar Blocks Club… can’t wait to get my machine revving and working on January’s block.

  96. Amy –

    so sad to see that people have been so rude and impatient – shame on them! you are wonderful and so many love you and are inspired by you! Take care, spend time with your family :) We all love you!

  97. Well, welcome to the business world! I always said that 99.9% of the people I dealt with we’re awesome….it’s just that .01% one could live without. The challenge is…..learning to let that .01% go. It’s tough …my little type A personality!!! :)

  98. Sending you hugs…

  99. Sorry for the rough patch, you are so appreciated and enjoyed through your blog… Right in the middle of one of your patterns, so fun, can’t wait to finish it, and share it….

  100. As a mom to twins I am definitely sending you hugs right now. You need to focus on you and your family and deal with the emails when you get around to it. I do not have the welcome email or pattern yet, but I am not in a hurry to get started either. I have a ton of other things to do and will probably not be able to keep up anyway! Many, many hugs to you and I am sorry of all the stress you have been getting recently! Hang in there and know there are a lot more people who appreciate all the work you have been putting into this than the few negative ones.

  101. Marcia R. says:

    God bless you, Amy. People are crazy.

  102. Hey Amy,
    Sounds like folks need to chill out a little – BREATHE is right! Aren’t we all quilting for FUN? If we can’t wait a day or two for a new pattern, perhaps there’s another project (or three) waiting for our attention?! I think i have at least 10 on my to do list and several completed tops waiting for some stitches. And, by the way, it’s 10:31 am, I’m still unshowered in my pjs, and only have two kids to worry about/dress/send to school/etc. You’re doing great, thanks for communicating, and I like the new site!

  103. Jojo Bryan says:

    You are amazing;). ‘Nuff said!

  104. Terri Mosier says:

    Awe… I’m saddened by this. I hope this doesn’t ruin everything that you do for us. Please don’t let this discourage you, some ppl are just not happy even if you butter their bread for them. I for one, and I’m sure I speak for ALOT of ppl, appreciate all you do for us quilters, I love your style, your charm, poise and personality!
    Reminds me of a bumper sticker that a friend of mine had on her car back in college, it said:
    Amen Sister to that!

  105. Elizabeth says:

    Just more love and appreciation. Thanks for sharing your to-do list. It makes mine seem much more manageable somehow! Though I will add “send husband to store for wine and chocolate” to mine. ;)

  106. Margaret Schindler says:

    Amy I am so sorry that there is so many impatient people in this world. If they only know what it takes to put together something like you have for such a low price maybe they could control themselves. As for me I am very happy and look forward to your emails when they come. I loved your craftsy class and you taught me so much. I hope you just put aside any unfavorable comments and just focus on all the good ones. I have not started mine yet am waiting to buy the fabric that I want to use. You just put your chin up and have a wonderful day. Margaret

  107. Oh Amy, I’m sure those impatient people don’t know who you are at all! I really can’t believe any adult would react with anger at such a small delay. Oh, I just can’t find the words here. But you did. You addressed the situation well and with tact, which is more than those angry people deserve. Your family comes first, bottom line.

  108. Amy, I agree with the sentiment these posts: you are amazing. I hope you know how many fans you have.

  109. Kate Berry says:

    Amy, everything you’re doing with the courses and blogs and tutorials and all you’ve achieved is amazing! Please don’t let the moaners get you down. You’re fab and everyone on here knows it! Keep calm and eat Chocolate!

  110. I wanted to reply yesterday and couldn’t get back to it. When I received my ‘block’ email I was pleasantly surprised to receive it so early in the month. With the holidays and your family travels I certainly didn’t expect it so soon. That being said I’m so sorry to hear that others were upset when you were not immediately responded. I wish I could come send your emails for you do you could go tend to your family. I think you should start at the bottom of your list and first just BREATH! And know you do awesome things for your followers!

  111. Amy, It looks like all of the people before me said all that was in my heart…You are soooo amazing and I admire you so much. Keep your chin up sweetie and all will work out in due time. Love to you and your sweet family…Hope 2013 brings you all you wish for.


  112. I don’t know how in the world you are able to answer each person that writes you. You don’t need to reply back to me. I’m excited to begin the new year of blocks with you. I’ll miss you on video, but will enjoy the e-mail lessons (and the dessert recipes). I always enjoy the e-mails you send with pictures of your beautiful family and the projects you are working on. I don’t know how you do it all. I do hope others who were later joining will have the patience and thoughtfulness to allow you the time you need to get back to them, especially during the holidays. Not everyone would be able to raise their young family and get all accomplished that you do. I didn’t start quilting until my children were grown. But I do feel I missed being able to make as many quilts as I could have. Hang in there and know you are much appreciated by so many of us and we are looking forward to a great year together.

  113. I wanted to send you a note of encouragement but see that 114 others felt the same way!! Mainly, we are just so anxious to continue what you have started with us on Craftsy and don’t want to take a chance that we may be missed. I for one, was glad to hear from you and that I’m not the only one who hasn’t received their BOM. I don’t mind waiting since I know you are working on it. I’m a tax consultant and probably won’t have time to start a block yet anyway:) But I don’t want to miss a minute of getting to see the block, instructions, and see what others are doing. Anxiously waiting, but not “sick of waiting!” and definitely not angry about it!! I work with computers enough to know that not all things work as easily as we would hope!!

  114. You are a ray of sunshine don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Smile and carry on!!!

  115. Amy, I’m taking the BOM class at Fancy Tiger tomorrow- and now I’ll plan to bring chocolate with me. And I’ll take you out for a glass of wine after if you still need one!

  116. Paula Chaffin says:

    I pray for you Grace and Mercy. Everyone needs grace, especially with twins and other children, husband, business, house to run, etc.
    I’m so sorry that his happened to you. Slow and steady wins the race so hang in there.

  117. Your price for this course was not worth to grief you have been subjected too. Please continue what you do there are only a few of us who aren’t grateful.

  118. Amy,
    So sad that people think others are at there call 24 7. I have not signed up , still have 4 blocks to do from crafty’s BOM my first quilt. I do not want to start more until it is done or soon I have 100 unfinished ones. Take time for you! Cry if you need to I know sometimes the tears seam to wash the stress away. Learned so much from you last year.
    Thank You, Karen

  119. Happy New Year AMY and Family! I gotta say I’m happy with all that you do. Your skills in teaching me new and fun quilting ideas are great! Others may just need to sign up early and not complain. LIfe is too short! I also understand the frustration of not having good internet connections as I had the same during the holiday’s and was at the local Starbucks just so I can get your email pattern. I was excited. I’m glad to hear that you will be doing a PDF that will make it easy when I’m in AZ with no internet besides Starbucks. Thanks for all you do! You are a very amazing and organized gal! Thanks again.Sharon

  120. Grace….a small but powerful word. We all want it but are selfish at sharing it. Looking forward to another of your great classes. xo

  121. Know that you are loved, appreciated and so very special!

  122. Oh for crying out loud! You received angry emails? SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE! Just goes to show that it takes all kinds. Although you could look at it as a blessing too – You’re gaining popularity and success. And with success comes unforeseen pressures. Amy, all my kids are grown and gone, yet I still work full time outside the home and have a demanding husband. There is NO WAY on earth I could do all you do with infant twins in the midst and 2 other little ones running around. Sweetie, you just ignore those people and do your best. It’s the fact that you are kind and considerate and a giver, that you strive to make everyone happy all at once and make everything perfect. Well life isn’t like that. And if those people want a refund? Give it to them with a happy thought to be rid of them. Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes and the less static and noise in our lives, the better. If it makes you feel any better, I was hoping the email would be delayed a couple more days until I had a moment to breath myself because as soon as it arrived, I knew I’d be under pressure to find fabric, make heads or tails out of the directions, get it put together, and keep up. So you just do your best, forge ahead, and keep the important parts of your life foremost and forefront – your relationship with Jesus Christ, your husband and your children – in that order. Did you notice I didn’t mention us, your loyal followers? :) Hugs Amy and Happy New Year

  123. Diane ebel says:

    To all those nasty people who mad you cry-SHAME ON THEM!! I hope next time you get an angry email you look at the kiddos or awesome hubby and remember there is so much more than stupid people. You can’t fix stupid. I can’t wait to start the club and actually was getting on here to say thank you so much for the new email that had a pdf link…you just made an awesome club even awesomer!!! Hang in their kiddo, you’re a superstar!

  124. Josie Passell says:

    Thank you for the brilliant craftsy bom and thank you for the Sugar block club.
    A big hug to you and your lovely family.

  125. Dot Shimamoto says:

    You are my inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog and all that you can accomplish with your busy family life. You are the bomb. I enjoyed your BOM on Craftsy and look forward to your monthly Sugar Block and Recipe.( I did receive the 1st email and am anxious to start.) Thanks for all your efforts. Make your mind strong and don’t allow negativity to bring you down.

    All my love to you and your wonderful family.

  126. Natalie Huffman says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am happy and pleased to be a part of the Stitchery Dickory Dock BOM – super excited. So super excited that I was sort of deflated when I saw the block on Pintrest yesterday. I am not upset with you, more at the person who posted it (don’t know who it was at this moment), so maybe yet ANOTHER thing you can add to your list is to “block” the pictures of the BOM, so as to not be used on Pinterest. Does that make sense. I realize we can’t control everything but I do think there is a small sense of “exclusivity” amongst people who were willing to pay for the patterns and to be part of the BOM group. I don’t know how you could maintain the integrity of the BOM other than making it so that people cannot Pin the images of the block. Am I making any sense? I don’t want to come across as bratty or snobby but I was slightly irritated when I saw something out there for free that I had to pay for (which I AM SURE has happened before with and without my knowledge) :)

    • You are correct Natalie. While Amy may not be able to block others from posting the block on Pintrest, it might be possible to add something to each email urging those who purchased the block not to share with others who didn’t – or provide the instructions to them. But once something is out on the web, it’s very difficult to constrain it.

      Did you know that if you post a photo or image on FB or Instagram, you no longer retain the rights to the image? In fact, if either company wants to use “your” image to make money off of it, you don’t get a dime of that. Could you imagine your face in a TV commercial advertising something you purchased at Target, then Target purchased the image from FaceBook for advertising? It could happen. Pintrest is still a separate company from FB (who recently purchased Instagram), but who knows what the allmighty dollar will bring one day?

    • Christine Slaughter says:

      OMGOSH, it was me! I thought I put the flickr link to my private board for my WIP’s. In NO WAY did I mean to put that out there for everyone. I just deleted it!! I am so sorry, for upsetting Amy, or you Natalie, or anyone else!

  127. Just {{{{HUGS}}}}}. You are amazing!!!

  128. Kerri Gowley says:

    All the best Amy – Family comes first. Thanks for putting this block of the month adventure together for all of us. Cheers Natalie

  129. Christine Slaughter says:

    I know I am quite a few days late, but also just wanted to add a quick note of encouragement. Everyone else already said how I feel: You are amazing, family always comes first, it’s disappointing that quilters (of ALL people!) would act this way, I’m sorry for your stress and tears over this, and THANK YOU for another chance at an amazing experience in creating another quilt top with you! I will add you and your precious family to my prayers.

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 You’ve SO got this! :D

  130. I’m sorry to read this post! You are amazingly kind and professional. I signed in and got my first block in time the first of January but haven’t started yet. I never expected you to answer all your comments and you have always done it. No other blogger I follow does it. I suppose we should all understand that you are a mother of four, that you have family and a life to live. I’m so grateful for your blog and for your creativity. Thank you, thank you very much!

  131. Mimi Fridie says:

    Hi – Entered your giveaway (Tuesday, April 1) and checked “Comment”, but I saw no way to comment. Hope you get this, as I wanted to say how your “Be present” hit home with me. Thanks!

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