I want to toot my little ol’ horn today, but I have to be honest…why does shameless self promotion feel so horribly shameful?  Yeesh.

So Craftsy is hosting a contest this month…it’s The 2013 Craftsy Blogger Awards.  And I woke up this morning to a couple of sweet friends sharing on Facebook that I’d been nominated and am in the final voting round for Best Craftsy Instructor Blog!  OH MY!!!


I need to share 2 things:

A) THANK YOU to all of you lovelies who nominated me!  Gosh, I’m so humbled and honored to have been included.  Seriously, I don’t think I’m really the “best” anything, but being nominated feels, well, loverly.


B) Can we I cut past the guilt, and just admit that, now that I’m in the running, I WANT TO WIN THIS PUPPY!

There, I said it.  Now that wasn’t so bad after all, was it?  Nothing’s imploded and my integrity is still intact. :)  I’ll ask you, completely shamelessly, to please take a sec, if you’re so inclined, and hop on over to Craftsy’s blog to give me your vote!  2 weeks- winners announced Oct 29th.  WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE!  {wink wink}.

Vote for Me!


Slightly Shameful Self Plug: Check

And now off to enjoy a fall nature walk, steaming coffee, and the sound of 10,000 cake sprinkles hitting the floor of my pantry.






  1. Anne Ogletree says:

    Go for it Amy!!

  2. Voted!
    (As if I’d vote for anyone else, honestly…)

  3. What Alison said ;)

  4. Kathy Fair says:

    Voted you are the best, and made me laugh out loud “the sound of 10,000 cake sprinkles hitting the floor of my pantry”. I don’t even need little ones for that to happen.

  5. Voted. Your October paper piecing lesson was fantastic. I was very quickly paper peicing with confidence and have put the lessons into practice many times. I refer anyone whpo wants to learn paper piecing to your class.

  6. Lol, good luck!

  7. Well deserved:)

  8. Jo Ann R. says:

    Hi Amy, Congrats on your nomination! I just voted for you since you do have the best blog online about quilting. All of your tutorials are so easy to understand and follow. Plus you always respond to any question I throw at you. Please vote fellow followers………….Amy deserves this award.
    Best of luck, Jo Ann R.

  9. just voted!! And you are well ahead!! I would take every class you taught if I lived near you!! I love your enthusiasm, and style!! Good luck!!

  10. Go Amy, Go Amy!!! Good luck, dear!! :)

  11. lol Just voted! Good luck! :)

  12. For the most vibrant, bubbly and most pregnant instructor – Amy you have/had my vote. I tell any quilting aspirant I come across to take your class in craftsy!

  13. I voted! Girl, you are blowing away the competition! Well deserved!

    It was so cool to see bloggers I follow in nearly every quilting or sewing category.

  14. You were my choice also, Amy!! Hands down.
    My daughter says this to me all the time, and no it’s not shameless – you deserve it. She has a provost over her that doesn’t like writing letters for raises, awards, etc and so tells her to; He is the director over her & has NO idea of what she really does or her responsibilities…….. however they just had a photo shoot yesterday and she (for every 16 yrs she’s been there) has been in the million dollar club (bringing in over a million dollars in revenue for UCF).
    So Amy toot away, girlfriend!! Wish I could vote again!

  15. Done and Done! Toot Toot!

  16. You can have my vote any time! Congrats and good luck!!

  17. of course I voted for you too! good luck!

  18. Nominated you and voted for you! You are awesome—I anxiously wait for the next new post! Good luck!

  19. Deborah French says:

    GREAT!!!! Of course we all want to vote for you! Thanks for letting us know, would have hated to miss the chance. Good luck – you deserve it!

  20. farmquilter says:

    Went there yesterday and voted for you!!! Hope you win – you were way ahead when I voted :)

  21. Didn’t need to look at the rest. Know what I like. Hope you –no we know you will win.

  22. Congrats – there’s no shame in letting everyone know how awesome you are. I, too, was honored as a finalist in the Best Quilting Tutorials category. I feel like such small potatoes but it was like a virtual hug!

    Good luck – I think you are in the lead and I hope you win :-)

  23. I just voted for the 2 that I follow, sure there are lots more I could learn from but no time.

  24. I am glad that you mentioned that you were in the running for an award at Craftsy. I do not go over to the Craftsy blog very often so I had no idea. This is wonderful that you are in the competition.

    I went straight over to the Craftsy blog and voted for you.

  25. Voted! crossing my fingers and toes for you!

  26. Nominated and voted. Happy to see you in the running. Well deserved.

  27. Laura Hall says:


  28. Don’t feel ashamed, you deserve to win! I voted for you. Absolutely!

  29. Kim Coffey says:

    Done! And, would have done it sooner but I just found out :)

  30. I voted for you, Amy! You’re the best!

  31. Amy L Appleton says:

    Good Luck Amy you deserve it… Honesty who else can work and juggle babies at the same time my hats are off to ya!

  32. Congratulations on your WIN!!!!!!

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