My New Craftsy Class!

I was digging through storage this week, looking for something, a needle in a haystack no doubt, and I happened upon a couple of boxes I hadn’t seen before.  “For Amy” was neatly written on the side in my mother’s dainty cursive.  She must have dropped them by when during her recent basement purge.  I lifted the dusty lid to find the box filled to the brim with all of my old 4-H ribbons.  Clothing construction, ceramics, crochet. home environment…even a unit called “Decision Making” (my husband will be extremely amused).  I couldn’t help but sift through them, and as I neared the bottom, I picked up a wrinkled pink ribbon that read “Reserve Champion Speech Arts, Colorado State Fair” and on the back, in my awkward pre-teen handwriting, “Irish Chain Demonstration.”  I was 12.

Irish Chain Class 00

What a strange, timely discovery.  I can’t believe I’d forgotten!  An awkward, gangly, four-eyed middle-schooler stood on stage in the arts pavilion at the Colorado State Fair, and gave a demonstration on how to make an Irish Chain quilt, and now, over 20 years later, I sit here and write to you about the launch of my  latest Craftsy class, The Twisted Irish Chain.  Life is so funny sometimes.

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Irish Chain Class 01

Yup, a brand new class!  And apparently I’ve been preparing for it for over 20 years- ha!  Seriously though, I’m so excited about this new class, and I can’t believe the day has finally come when I can post all about it!

Irish Chain Collage

So what is is all about?  Irish Chains of course, but what about them?  In addition to the informative basics surrounding this historic design- singles, doubles, triples, and all that jazz- we dive into 3 quilt projects that are a bit “twisted”- refreshed and modernized, but still firmly rooted in the elements that make this design timeless.

This first quilt we make in the class is called “My Favorite Things” and it is MY FAVORITE!!!  This quilt was born out of my desire to showcase my little collection of prized Japanese import fabrics, and what better “frame” than a subtle, elegant chain?  I just love how the focal fabrics “float” on display, while the soft single chain adds just the perfect context.

Irish Chain Class 04

Truly, this one is all about the negative space- those white areas between the chain are like a heavenly blank canvas to color to your hearts desire.  And there’s a little treat for Sugar Blockers and sampler addicts alike: I specifically sized these alternating blocks to fit a 12″ block perfectly, because I think it’s a lovely option for showcasing sampler blocks.  The full pattern, of course, is included in the class.

Irish Chain Class 05

The second quilt we’ll stitch up in the class is called “Granny Squares” and we’re really going to have some fun playing with color placement on this one.

Irish Chain Class 07

Irish Chain Class 09

The construction is a bit of a puzzle- the best kind of puzzle though!  If you like crosswords, you’ll love this one.  We’ll walk through all of the steps and tips that make piecing this quilt a snap.  Love the fabrics?  ME TOO!  They are the new True Colors from Westminster Fibers, and this one is available through Craftsy as a kit as well!

Irish Chain Class 11

And lastly, the third quilt in the class is the “Cross My Heart” baby quilt – a blown up chain version that’s oozing with old fashioned scrappy sweetness.

Irish Chain Class 12

Irish Chain Class 14

Irish Chain Class 13

I had so much filming this, and spending some quality time revisiting the never-out-of-style Irish Chain.  It’s been a favorite of my since, well, since forever.  I hope you’ll join me in stitching up these quilts, as we spend some time playing with negative space, fabric selection and placement, size & scale, secondary patterns, and even design tips on how to create your OWN unique Irish Chain design.


Sound like fun??  How about a chance to win a free enrollment in the class?  That’s right- A GIVEAWAY!  To enter, simply click this button.  One random winner will be chosen Thursday, 1/23/14.  Good luck!!!

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  1. Yay! This is so exciting!

  2. Becky Thompson says:

    Congrats on the launch of your newest class! You’re right about how the center squares truly pop against the white space and chain background. Beautiful! And I just received a mini-charm pack that will work perfectly in the Cross My Heart. Oh no…I feel another WIP coming on! Ha!

  3. Good for you Amy! Your quilts are gorgeous!

  4. That’s so cool that you found your old ribbon! These are some lovely quilts, too! Congrats on your latest Craftsy class!

  5. Teri Ralph says:

    What a great, and timely, find Amy! I’m so excited about your new Craftsy Class! I love all three of the quilts you made for it! It would be awesome to win the enrollment in your class! Keeping my fingers crossed and thoughts positive!!

  6. Janet Green says:

    Here comes another set of quilts from Amy!!!! My list just keeps getting longer I better live til I’m a hundred!

  7. You are too cute! All three of your quilts are amazing. Congrats on another class!

  8. Amy hello, Wow and wow again, for all your beautiful quilts. Well we have something in common now. I too are about to start an Irish Chain with Sawtooth Stars Quilt for my best friend. I found the pattern in the Australian Country Craft and Decorating Magazine several years ago and eventually made up my mind that I loved to make one for my best friend for my major project of this year. So I will be looking up the Crafty’s site to join in on your action for tips and pointers. Julie Beard

  9. Great looking quilts. I am especially fond of Granny Squares!

  10. I’d love to know what year you did your demo at State Fair — I might have been the judge!

  11. I always worry that I hoard too much stuff. It means a lot when you find treasures like that! :-)

    I do love Irish Chain quilts and really admire your work. I’m crossing my fingers that I win this one! Have fun and good luck with the class.

  12. That’s the next quilt on my list. Did I see Pueblo, CO on that ribbon? My grandparents lived down the road a ways in La Junta. Those quilts are beautiful by the way.

  13. Hi, sweet friend! Just stopping bye to say hi and apparently at the perfect time–to get my breath taken away!!! Oh my goodness gracious, is all I can say about these quilts. Holy moly. Oh my word. Strzeszewski OUT.

  14. That baby quilt is really cute. Well they are all really cute and creative Bonus I’m looking to see how to create my sugar block blocks from 2013. Congrats on your new class.

  15. Thrilled you are having a new class. I so loved your BOM.

  16. beautiful quilt ;)
    ciao Maria

  17. Hooray!!! Congratulations dear! So excited for you that this class is out!

  18. Ooh! This looks fabulous! I’ll put it on my list :-) I always love a good irish chain design, LOL!!

  19. Yah! You’re back on Craftsy! Added it to my wishlist. Looks like fun and I love the modern twist to the pattern.

  20. yay! can’t wait

  21. Such beautiful quilts! I especially love the Granny Squares Quilt!

  22. Sandra Louise says:

    They’re all terrific, but the Granny Squares, I think, is my favorite!

  23. This IS timely! :) I was just looking at the Irish Chain quilt pattern in Modern Quilts by Denyse Schmidt and wondering to myself if other contemporary quilters had taken this historic pattern on to make new interpretations too. Here you are! Each of these are so beautiful and unique, but I especially geeked out on seeing the true colors prints used in such a fun way and with such a dramatic setting too. Congrats on the new class!

  24. YAY

  25. Awesome!!! And I love how you used the Kokka swap squares! :)

    • Stitchery says:

      Thanks Amy!!! I wondered if you might recognize those squares!! :) So funny- I remember mentioning my quest for the perfect quilt for them when we were fabric shopping in SL last year. ;)

  26. This is a test comment, submitted by technical support, to test your notification emails.

  27. I am so excited for this class. I have always wanted to learn the irish chain quilt. They are so classic, but you have given it a fun twist. I love the negative space, I have recently learned to applique and I am going to put some applique blocks in those negative spaces…Oh how fun! THanks for the opportunity to win.


  28. Amy what awesome quilts ,need to put it on my wish list. Maybe I can get it for my B-day along with time to do it : ).

  29. Christi P says:

    I just love Craftsy!! And to top it off my very first quilt class I took was at my local library in the basement and we did a double irish chain. Love your modern take on the pattern!

  30. So excited for another Amy class—–love all of the quilts!

  31. Becky Greene says:

    Love the Sugar Block Club, so I know your Craftsy class will be amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I love that it all started with a 12 year-old giving an award-winning 4-H speech!

  33. Omg! Yeah for a new class with Amy! And how exciting it’s on a quilt design that is on my bucket list…thank you for filming it and look forward to getting it! Got to do my sugar block first…..=:)

  34. The Irish chain has always been one of my favorites too! This looks like a fun class. On a side note, for some reason I am not getting your feed in blogger anymore. Do you know how I can change this? I’m not very good with tech stuff. Thank you.

  35. darlene macdonald says:

    Congrats on new class! I loved having you teach the Block of the Month on Craftsy! You are wonderful as a teacher. Hard to believe it’s been 2 years already huh? Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  36. I love all three of the projects well done.

  37. Amy, I just love that puzzle quilt.

  38. Maryann Laux says:

    I love the Irish Chain Quilt…..and love your twist on this obols favorite!!!!!

  39. These quilts are so cute! I think I would start with that sweet baby quilt

  40. Terrie Scharf says:

    Love your quilts Amy and your classes.

  41. Shelly S. says:

    I purchased this class at craftsy over the weekend and so far am enjoying it!!


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