Two by Two

Well, my two little boys turned two today and what a precious time we had celebrating it.  Just an old fashioned party…family, neighbors & friends, simple homemade food, simple cakes, green grass, a treehouse, paper lanterns, & old quilts…what could be better?!  Life is full and these days are warm and vibrant.  I tried to soak in every little smile, every sweet sip of wine and tight hug, before the day slipped away and we’re off to another full week of school, work, and…you guessed it, laundry (4 loads to fold, hastily hidden in my closet, if you must know).  Ahh, so grateful.  Thank you, Lord, for summer, for good times, and for my sweet little boys.  The happiest of 2nds!

Two by Two 01

Two by Two 02

Two by Two 03

Two by Two 04

Two by Two 05

Two by Two 06

Two by Two 07


  1. Awww!

  2. Congratulations! Adorable kids!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful family! :)

  4. Wow where did those two years go? What happy lovely times your so right to cherish them they pass so fast. Your blessed with such a great family.xx

  5. Happy Birthday Sam and Sawyer! It looks like you all had a wonderful day. xx

  6. joyeux anniversaire à vos jumeaux
    C’est une belle journée

  7. Well Happy Birthday boys and many more! It seems just yesterday I was following along with your mom while she sewed and blogged in her hospital room waiting for your arrival. God has truly blessed you with a loving family!

  8. happy birthday boys, love the photo with the cake face

  9. Enjoy! It goes by so quickly.

  10. And that’s how you have a Birthday party! BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Love your old fashioned birthday party. Family and friends, and a backyard picnic fun! That’s what it’s all about! Good for you Amy! Keep the family grounded in these traditions. I truly enjoyed all the happy smiles.

  12. Looks like a great day. I love your use of quilts. Nice to see people enjoying them instead of just displaying them. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  13. Thank you for sharing and for the fun pictures. Love the pics of your boys — so cute!

  14. Tana Lewis says:

    Thanks for sharing. Those little guys are growing up fast. Wonderful memories being
    made. :-)

  15. farmquilter says:

    Perfect way to celebrate such a special birthday!! Our twins (one of each) turned 22 on the 22nd of the month – cherish these crazy, fun days because before you know it, they are grown and gone!!!

  16. Marsha Kestner says:

    Awww They are growing up toooo fast! They are going to be lady killers! So cute!!!!

  17. They are sooooo cute! You amaze me, that you have all the energy to party and work and raise such a beautiful family. We are celebrating our youngest great grandson’s 1st birthday this weekend. His birthday is actually 9-5, but Labor Day provides time for his Yia Yia (grandma) and her husband and daughter ( JR’s auntie) to drive up from Colorado. I will try to have pictures next week.

  18. So cute! They certainly stayed clean!

  19. Cheri Fleming says:

    So adorable! You are a very lucky lady indeed!

  20. ylmommyx4 says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet boys. Wishing them many blessings

  21. Mary Ann Stafford says:

    What a lovely post. Those young years fly by way too quickly.

  22. Jodi Wyss says:

    Fun fun family activities!! Continue to celebrate life’s many blessings!!!!

  23. Happy birthday to your boys!! Looks like it was a wonderful day :)

  24. Thanks for sharing your party how great to have it at home and homemade the best.

  25. Laura Hall says:

    Thanks for sharing such splendid moments in time….love on all those little ones all you can-they grow up way toooooo soon. And I enjoyed seeing the quilts!

  26. Looks like a fun home-made party! Happy Birthday to the boys.

  27. Sweet. Happy birthday little ones. Love that under-the-table picture.

  28. Love the birthday photos! I loved the one under the table picture!!

  29. What a wonderful time for you and two precious 2 year old boys. Two is the best! The years go by so fast – I remember my son’s 2nd birthday like it was yesterday, but it was over 10 years ago. Wow!

  30. So cute, as always. I never thought to use a quilt as a tablecloth. I guess I better get sewing pretty quick then!
    Bouncing Through Life in First

  31. So precious! And I love the idea of using quilts as a tablecloth. The thought just never occurred to me!

  32. Happy Birthday to your precious gifts!!

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