Woeful WIPs

So, my quilt guild is doing a WIP commitment this month- I mustn’t start any new projects, and must strive to finish some existing ones. Good thing I’m the absolute queen of getting all hot ‘n bothered about a project, and then getting horribly distracted by something even more exciting and pushing it to the bottom of the pile.

Well, first I have my Anna Maria Horner pinwheel quilt….MUST PICK UP THE PACE!

Soooo want to submit this one to the Quilt Show at QuiltCon, and the due date is Nov. 30. But, of course, I also want to make it big enough for my bed- 20 blocks- so I have my work cut out for me, seeing as I’ve only made 3. I know, I know. Ambitious, not to mention the fact that it’s 100% paper pieced and I have 4 young children terrorizing the house 24/7. Please just tell me I can do it, ok? Top priority.

If only this were my only quilt in process, then I might not be so horrified at myself. I made this sampler last year and fizzled out around block 14. Need to decide how big it’s going to be, whip out any remaining blocks, and just get the dang thing finished.

Hmm, what else? My Swoon is only 2 blocks in. Sad. 7 to go and I’ve pooped out already. Probably because I found out I was preggo the week I made these and nausea set in quick. (Just one of my many creative excuses for abandoning un-finished projects). This one might need to wait a couple of months though…I need to build up some motivation.

And my 30s hexagon quilt…the one I might have a panic attack over if it ever does actually get finished and leaves it’s basket home.

Oh, and this second mini wall quilt has been patiently waiting to be quilted for weeks. Ran out of steam after I quilted the first one, since I seemed to pick the single most time consuming quilt pattern of all time. Ugh.

See what I mean? This is just getting ridiculous. I need to buckle down and tackle some of these. Perhaps all good candidates for Christmas gives this year? Nothing like a hot deadline to get me in gear.

I hope I’m not the only one in this sad state of affairs! Fellow woeful WIPers: conquer we must!



  1. Nycole Crow says:

    After you have the beautiful mini wall quilt quilted how do you get it onto a canvas or framed or whatever you do. I had a wonderful idea for a christmas present for a dear friend of mine but I have no idea how to turn the fabric into something she can hang on her wall.

    Thanks Amy your a wonderful teacher. I have loved taking your Craftsy block of the month class and have learned so much. You are a fantastic teacher and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us newbies.

  2. Sarah Rothe says:

    If you’re the queen, I’m the Australian queen! I completely understand.

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